The Sneaky Fees Businesses Charge and What to Do About It & The Fascinating History of Slang
Published September 13, 2018
41 min
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    What could be simpler than washing your hands? You’ve done it a zillion times. And yet you are probably not doing it correctly. With cold and flu season nearly here, it’s important to get this right so we begin this episode with some expert hand washing advice. I am sick of paying fees, Are you? There are fees for everything and the result is that nothing really costs what the price tag says – it’s the price PLUS all the fees. Bob Sullivan has been spreading the word about the stupidity and unfairness of fees for a long time. He is author of the book Gotcha Capitalism and he joins me to explain why there are so many fees and how you can fight back!  By the way, Bob is also the host of podcast Breach which you can access from his website ( or wherever you listen to podcasts.  Are overweight people discriminated against in the workplace? We like to think we judge people by their character but this research proves that is not always true. And in most cases this discrimination is perfectly legal. Slang is fascinating. How is it that some slang words work their way into the language while others fade quickly? Who starts these words? Could you create a slang word and have it catch on? Tom Dalzell has been studying slang for a long time and has written several books about it including The Routledge Dictionary of Modern American Slang and Unconventional English He joins me in a fascinating discussion about the slang in our language and why it is important.  This Week's Sponsors Warby Parker. For your free home try-on of 5 pairs of glasses go to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. To redeem a free $100 LinkedIn ad credit and launch your first campaign, go to Ancestry  For 20% off your Ancestry DNA kit got to and use the promo code: something Hoka One One Get free expedited shipping on your first pair of shoes by going to use the promo code SYSK
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