How to Be Beautiful and Why it Matters & Small Inventions that Rocked Your World
Published June 18, 2018
42 min
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    When you search for something in Google does it matter what order you put the words in? What about punctuation – does that matter? We start this episode with the best ways to optimize Google searches to get the best results. ( What makes someone beautiful? Can you really become more beautiful? These are important questions because beauty and attractiveness have some clear benefits for everyone. Rachelle Smith, associate professor of psychology at Husson University, is author of the book The Biology of Beauty ( Rachelle joins me to explain the importance of your own beauty and how to maximize what you have.  If you are going on a job interview it matters whether you are the first person interviewed or the last person or better yet, the fourth person. I’ll explain why. ( Seemingly small inventions like the razor blade, the TV dinner and paper money have had profound impacts on our lives and the economy in ways you never knew. Tim Harford, author of the book Fifty Inventions that Shaped the Modern Economy ( joins me for a fascinating explanation of how these innovations have transformed our lives.
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