The Art and Benefits of Wasting Time & 45 Billionaires Share Their Secrets to Success
Published May 17, 2018
38 min
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    You know what is one of the most common decorating mistakes people make? It is hanging art on the walls incorrectly – usually too high. I’ll explain a simple rule that art galleries and museums use and you should too. ( Imagine asking 45 successful, billionaire entrepreneurs what made them successful. That’s exactly what Robert Jordan did for his groundbreaking book, How They Did It: Billionaire Insights from the Heart of America ( Robert joins me to discuss how we can all put these principles to build our own success. What if I told you that one-third of the fish in your store could be mislabeled? And that you may not be getting what you think you are? That is just one of the interesting facts about supermarkets I share in this episode. ( How often have you been told to stop wasting time? Well it turns out that is often really bad advice according to Professor Alan Lightman author of the new book, In Praise of Wasting Time ( Alan explains the problems created by scheduling every moment of the day as well of the benefits of simply doing nothing. And those benefits are pretty impressive!
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