Should You Start Your Own Business? & The Dangers of Medical Myths & Health Misinformation
Published May 7, 2018
45 min
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    What color lipstick makes a woman most attractive? Do women prefer a beard on a man or not? What can anyone do to make themselves more attractive? We begin this episode by exploring this. ( Entrepreneurship is alive and well. So should you start a business? Maybe you already have. When you think about it, people who drive for Uber or rent out a room in their house on Airbnb are being entrepreneurial. So are people who simply decide to go freelance and do what they have always done – but do it as a consultant or contractor rather than as an employee. There are many ways to be an entrepreneur – but is it a smart thing for most people to do? Here to discuss that with me is Scott Shane. He is a professor of entrepreneurial studies at Case Western University and author of the book, Is Entrepreneurship Dead? ( I hate waiting in line. I imagine most people do. It turns out there is a whole science and vocabulary about waiting in line. Listen and discover how to make waiting in line less annoying, if that is possible. ( Health fraud is a topic I’ve been interested in for a long time. I am fascinated by so many of the false health claims that people believe even when there is no evidence to support them. Nina Shapiro, M.D., is also fascinated by this topic. She is the author of a new book called Hype: A Doctor's Guide to Medical Myths Exaggerated Claims and Bad Advice ( She joins me to discuss what health information is true and not true – and how dangerous it is not to know the difference.
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