Why Time Seems to Fly & The Secrets of How Great Teams Work Together
Published April 30, 2018
39 min
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    In my house, whenever we turn on the microwave oven in the kitchen – it screws up the Wi-Fi. Why is that? And is there anything you can do to prevent that? We start this episode by exploring the microwave/Wi-Fi conflict. (http://io9.com/why-does-your-microwave-oven-mess-with-the-wi-fi-connec-1666117933)  Time sure flies when you are having fun. We’ve all had that experience but have you ever wondered why that is? Why should time seem to travel faster at one time and slower at other times even though time is constant? Is it possible to deliberately make time seem to move faster or slower? Alan Burdick is a staff writer and former senior editor at The New Yorker who spent 10 years researching this phenomenon. The result is his book, Why Time Flies (https://amzn.to/2rd4Rlg) . He joins me to reveal what he discovered.  If you have some vodka around the house, you should know that it is good for more than mixing cocktails. For example, it is an insect repellent and it’s great for washing windows – and that’s just the beginning! (http://mom.me/food/18977-top-10-unusual-uses-alcohol/item/washing-window/) . Listen to discover all the great uses for vodka. We all have to work in teams. Whether it is your family or a team at work or in an organization you belong to. So what is it that makes great teams work so well together? Daniel Coyle, author of the book The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups (https://amzn.to/2HCdGMe) embedded himself in some highly successful groups including the U.S. Navy’s SEAL Team Six, Zappos, the San Antonio Spurs, and several others and he discovered what makes great teams – great. He joins me to share the secrets of highly successful teams.
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