How You Can Be More Powerful & Elastic Thinking: A Better Way to Solve Problems
Published April 26, 2018
35 min
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    When you go grocery shopping it is hard to resist the urge to buy things you know you shouldn’t. Temptation is down every aisle! So what can you do? There is a simple yet very effective technique that will help you resist those urges.  (  You probably know someone you would consider powerful. So how did they get their power? Where did it come from? And can you be more powerful? Listen to Jeffrey Pfeffer is a professor of Organizational Management at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and author of the book Power: Why Some People Have it and Others Don’t ( He explains how anyone can be a much more powerful presence.  Do you like kale? It has been called a super food and it now finds its way into all kinds of salads and other dishes. But a few years ago hardly anyone ate kale. So why and how did it become so popular? Is it really so great? You won’t believe the story. (  There is logical thinking and then there is “elastic” thinking. Elastic thinking is a different way to approach problems. Leonard Mlodinow, author of the book Elastic Thinking: Flexible Thinking in a Time of Change ( reveals how this different way of thinking works and how it can often be a better way to solve the problems you face at work and at home. Leonard is a fascinating writer (he co-wrote a book with Stephen Hawking!) and I know you will find his insight enlightening.
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