How to Be a Better Risk Taker & Mysteries of Science That Affect Your Life
Published April 23, 2018
41 min
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    One way to blow your credibility in any conversation or in anything you write is to misuse or mispronounce words or phrases. So this episodes starts with some commonly misused words and phrases to make sure you are using them correctly. (   Taking risks can be good – or bad. It’s all in how you approach the risk and it also seems to depend on how old you are. Kayt Sukel, author of the book The Art of Risk: The New Science of Courage, Caution, and Chance ( joins me to explain how important it is to take risks but also how to be a better risk taker so that you win more than you lose – and also how to learn from the risks that fail. Do you neatly fold your towel after a shower and place it on the towel rack? Or maybe you hang it on a hook? Well those are terrible things to do if you plan to use that towel again tomorrow! I’ll explain why. (  Do you like science? How can you not? Science is everywhere and governs everything you do and explains why our world works the way it does. Scientist Scott Bembenek author of the book The Cosmic Machine: The Science that Runs our Universe and the Story Behind It ( joins me to explain some fascinating principles and mysteries of science. One mystery he talks about is why you will often see an egg fall to the ground and break but never see an egg jump back up on the counter and reassemble itself. But according to some equations – it should. You have to hear him explain it. So come listen!
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