How to Sleep Much Better & The Ways Virtual Reality Will Change Your Life
Published April 19, 2018
42 min
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    Of course you know better than to talk on your phone while driving – but you should also tell other people in the car to stay off their phones as well. This episode starts with a discussion on why passenger’s phone conversation can be trouble for the driver. (  How well do you sleep? Before you answer you should know that you may not HAVE the answer. So many people sleep so poorly, they don’t even know what good sleep is – or feels like. For some real insight into how people sleep and how we can all sleep better, listen as I speak with sleep medicine specialist Chris Winter, M.D., author of the book The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep is Broken and How to Fix It (  Anyone who spends time on Facebook knows that feeling of, “Why does everyone else’s life seem so wonderful compared to mine?” There is now research that proves this happens to everyone who goes on Facebook and that actually people’s lives aren’t any better than yours – it just looks that way. Listen and I’ll explain. (  Do you know much about virtual reality? You are about to. Peter Rubin, senior editor at Wired magazine knows a lot about it. In fact he is the author of a new book on the topic called Future Presence: How Virtual Reality is Changing Human Connection, Intimacy and the Limits of Ordinary Life ( Peter joins me to explore some of the fascinating and fun parts of virtual reality and also some of the concerns about how it will impact how we humans live our lives.
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