How Your Money Actually Works & How to Rewire Your Brain for Happiness
Published April 9, 2018
40 min
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    I recently appeared on a different podcast to talk about the evolution and success of Something You Should Know. To listen to my appearance on "On Mic with Jordan Rich," follow this link: Confident people just have a way about them. The way they act and talk draws people to them. So how can you be (and appear) more confident? I begin this episode with some expert advice on how to project confidence. ( How does your money move around? In other words, you write me a check, how does the money get from your account to mine? What makes a $20 bill worth $20? And how does Bitcoin work? These questions and more are answered by my guest Charles Wheelan, who teaches economics at Dartmouth and is author of the book Naked Money (  You probably have an ice maker in your freezer. If so , you should be aware that your ice maker has its own heater to keep it from freezing and that little heater is costing you. (  One reason that happiness can be so hard to find is because our brains aren’t wired for happiness – they are wired for survival. Rick Hanson, author of the book Hardwiring Happiness ( reveals how, with a little effort, you can rewire the brain so happiness becomes part of who you are
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