Secrets of Peak Performance We Can All Use & Fascinating Math You've Always Wondered About
Published March 26, 2018
40 min
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    Your homeowner’s insurance (and renter’s insurance if you have it) covers much more than you probably realize – and it is worth knowing. For example, if you receive counterfeit money – your homeowner’s insurance may likely cover you for the loss. Who knew? And that’s only one thing we will discuss that your insurance probably covers. ( How do peak performers get to the top of their field? And what separates a peak performer from everyone else? High performance psychologist Dr. Michael Gervais has some interesting answers that can help you become a peak performer. Michael works with top musicians, action sports stars and athletes including the Seattle Seahawks. He is also the host of the podcast, Finding Mastery: Conversations with Micahael Gervais ( The number of people who are near-sighted has grown dramatically over the last 20 years or so. Why? You’ve probably heard that it is because we do so much “close-up” work like looking at computer screens and reading books. But that is apparently not it. So what is the reason? Listen to find out.(   Is zero really a number? What is so important about pi? These are just two of the fascinating aspects of mathematics I explore with mathematician Ian Stewart, retired Professor at the University of Warwick in England and author of several books including The Beauty of Numbers in Nature ( Even if you are not a math lover, you will find this conversation fascinating.
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