Why Complainers Complain and How to Stop Them & Using Games to Accomplish Your Goals
Published March 1, 2018
41 min
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    Why is Stephen Hawking still alive? Most people who are diagnosed with ALS die within 5 years. Stephen Hawking was diagnosed in his 20’s and today he is in his 70’s. We begin this episode by looking at his amazing longevity. (http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/stephen-hawking-als/) Do you know a complainer? It’s a trick question because you probably know a lot more than one. In fact, you might be a complainer without realizing it. Cianna Stewart has studied the subject of complaining in great detail and even wrote a book on it called, No Complaints: How to Stop Sabotaging Your Own Joy (http://amzn.to/2CNYU1M). Listen as she reveals why some people complain about every little thing and strategies to stop yourself from complaining and to stop complainers from complaining. Look at any print or web ad and you will likely see the images on the left and the text on the right. There’s a reason for that – it is one of the techniques advertisers use. I’ll discuss several more you should be aware of. https://prezi.com/if57qeh9nw7a/key-to-advertisement/ Have you heard of the word “gamification”? You do it with your kids when you make cleaning their room a game instead of a chore. Fitbit is a good example of gamification. They make a game out of fitness. Other businesses do it as well – and you probably also do it in your life. Dave Eng is an expert on gamification. He is an adjunct  professor at St. Thomas Aquinas College and he joins me to discuss how gamification works, why it’s go effective and what some of the concerns are. Dave’s website is www.Davengdesign.com
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