How Your Friends Influence What You Think, Feel and Weigh & Why It’s So Hard to Ask for Help (But Ask Anyway)
Published February 5, 2018
42 min
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    Identity theft is often NOT the result of some high-tech scam. It is frequently because someone digs through your trash and finds documents with personal information. I start this episode explaining ways you haven't heard before to protect yourself from low-tech but highly effective dumpster divers who want to steal your identity. It is amazing how people you know influence you in ways you don’t realize. The things you do, the decisions you make and the thoughts you think can all be heavily but unknowingly influenced by the people around you. Dr. Nicholas Christakis is a physician, sociologist and author of the book, Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives ( and he explains how this phenomenon works and why it is so important. A lot of people have gotten very sick this winter from colds and flu. Often it is the result of touching things with germs on them then transferring those germs from your hands to your face. I’ll reveal all the things at work you want to make sure NOT to touch or at least clean before you do so you don't get sick. Ever struggle to do something, like carry too many grocery bags – and someone offers to help and you say, “No thanks, I got it.”? Why? You need help, someone offers – why in the world would you decline? But we do it all the time. It seems that people just don’t like asking for help. Nora Klaver, author of the book, Mayday! Asking for Help in Time of Need ( explains why it is that we are so reluctant to ask for help and why accepting help is often a much better decision for so many reasons.
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