How Not to Die & How to Be More Courageous
Published January 4, 2018
39 min
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    Even though we all know not to talk or text while driving – it can be so tempting. After all, what harm can it do to send a text while stopped at a traffic light? Well, you might be surprised. Research by AAA found there is a residual effect even after you are done texting or talking that can impair your driving. This episode begins with this interesting intel. Heart disease is the #1 killer in the U.S. And yet it is almost completely preventable. That’s according to Michael, Greger, M.D. and author of the book, How Not to Die (  Dr Greger explains how lifestyle changes not only will eliminate and reverse heart disease but also help with other life threatening conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease and more. Here are the websites mentioned by Dr Greger: ·  · Then, some very simple yet powerful advice to improve your love relationship from John Gottman, one of the best known experts in the field of relationship psychology, He says 2 little things will make all the difference in the world. Listen to discover what they are. Plus, do you ever wish you were more courageous? Are there things you haven’t done because you lacked the courage to do them? Speaker and consultant Bill Treasurer author of the book Courage Goes to Work ( will help you realize you probably have more courage than you think and how to become more courageous in spite of the fear you face.
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