How to Psych Yourself Up For Anything & How to Survive Family Get-Togethers
Published June 15, 2017
33 min
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    Some people love rollercoasters and scary movies – but why? What is the appeal of being scared half to death? Today, you'll find out why. Then, we’ve all been in the situation where we HAVE to perform well and because of that we lose our confidence, get nervous and catastrophize all the horrible things that could happen if we fail. Why on earth do we do that when it does nothing but makes us perform even worse? The trick is to “psych yourself up.” Daniel McGinn, senior editor at Harvard Business Review and author of the book, Psyched Up: How the Science of Mental Preparation Can help You Succeed ( offers some suggestions, based on research, that can help you perform better when there is a lot on the line. How many times did you hear a teacher say to never to end a sentence with a preposition? Is it really such a sin? A grammar expert explains the truth about where that rule came from and whether or not it is important to follow it. And we also look at the trouble with families. Why does it seem that when families get together, it always leads to trouble? Family therapist Eric Maisel, author of the book Overcoming Your Difficult Family ( explains why when families gather they have trouble getting along and what you can do to rise above it all and save your sanity.
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