How Technology Affects You in Ways You Don't Know & Medical Myths You Probably Still Believe
Published June 8, 2017
36 min
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    The number of parents of who spank their kids as a means of discipline has dropped significantly over the past several decades – but some parents still do it. And in other countries, spanking is much more commonplace. But for those parents who still spank, there is a new reason to stop – and it has nothing to do with the kid – and all to do with the parent’s wellbeing. Also in this episode, just how does modern technology affect you? It’s a fascinating discussion you’ll hear when I speak with Clive Thompson, a longtime contributor to the New York Times magazine, a columnist for Wired and author of a book called, Smarter Than You Think : How Technology is Changing Our Minds for the Better ( Clive makes the case that despite some negative effects of technology – it is mostly a positive influence on us. But it’s complicated. Plus, I’ll have some fascinating ways to save money you probably haven’t heard before. Here’s one: Even non-members can use the pharmacy at Sam’s Club and Costco and save a lot of money. And there are several more… And what you don’t know about your health can really hurt you. Dr. Richard Besser, former chief health and medical editor for ABC News and author of the book, Tell Me the Truth Doctor ( explodes some myths and offers some important health facts you need to know to stay healthy and live a long time.
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