What's the One Thing You Should Do Right Now? & The Difference Between Talent and Creativity
Published April 28, 2017
42 min
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    When you negotiate your salary, you can feel very insecure and unsure of yourself. How much are you worth? How much should you ask for? Who should throw out the first number? In this episode, you will get some proven tactics that will make you feel powerful - and help you get more money. Then, what is the one thing you should be doing right now? When you stop and think about it, there is likely something you know you should be doing because it is important. What IS that one thing and how do you get to it so you can then do the next thing and then the next? Jay Papasan, co-author of the book The One Thing (http://amzn.to/2pnktBf) explains how to get to what is essential and the benefit of doing it. Plus, wearing the color red can have a big impact on the people around you. That color in particular sends a message that may be appropriate in some cases – and not so appropriate in others. You need to know what red is saying and in this episode, you'll find out. And just how creative are you? Meta Wagner author of the book What’s Your Creative Type? (http://amzn.to/2oReqnr) offers some great insight into what makes ALL of us creative to some degree and what makes a few of us –super creative. She also discusses the benefits of expressing your creativity in whatever way suits you best.
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