How to Cook the Perfect Burger & Learn How You Learn - to Learn Better
Published April 21, 2017
37 min
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    Just like food, medications have expiration dates. But just how accurate are they? Is it better to take an expired medication or no medication at all? We’ll explore that in this episode of the podcast. Then, when you cook on the grill, there are a lot of theories on how you should do it. But a lot of those theories are wrong. To help you understand how to best use the outdoor grill to create the best flavor and cook food correctly is Chef Todd Mohr. Todd is a certified culinary educator and founder of You will get great tips and techniques. Also, most of us were never taught HOW to learn. But how you learn determines how well you learn. Today many adults have to learn new skills, new jobs – even new industries in order to compete. So what is the best way to learn? To discuss that is Barbara Oakley, author of the book, Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential ( What she says will open up your mind to new ways to learn new things. Do you ever get up and pace when you are thinking or trying to solve a problem? Many of us do it unconsciously. But does it actually help or is it just a way to burn off nervous energy. Discover what the science says about pacing and problem solving on today’s episode of the podcast.
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