How to Become a Very Powerful Person & Amazing Things to Help You Live Longer and Healthier
Published October 24, 2016
35 min
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    What makes a powerful person – powerful? That’s a fascinating question. And when you understand the answer, you too can be more powerful. That’s according to Dacher Keltner, Professor of Psychology at UC Berkley and author of The Power Paradox.Listen as Dacher explains how to acquire power and how to avoid the power paradox which will steal your power away if you are not careful. Where is the best seat in the movie theater? Listen and discover how to find the sweet seat spot in every theater. Also, some fascinating insight into how what we do affects our health.  Jeremy Smith author of Epic Measures discusses a mammoth research project that attempts to be the “Google Earth” of healthcare. You’ll discover some amazing facts regarding what keeps you healthy and what could be killing you. And you’ll learn how to find out what your big health risks are. And for those times when you are all stressed out – I’m going to give you some great techniques to instantly de-stress yourself. You’ll need honey, coffee, the sound of birds and a hit song from 1972.
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