October 10, 2019
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October 3, 2019
F*ck boy fall is in full effect and we’ve got a lot to say, broken hearts, wasted time, and great sex with our guest Dr. Wendasha Jenkins Hall @thesensiblesexpert If you'd like to donate to Schrene's Go Fund Me: Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
September 26, 2019
How do we spice up our sex lives with a little help? We go over vibrators, door restraints, lubes, rhino pills and sex shots with our friend Cola. What's your favorite way to spice it up with your partner? Check out our sponsors!!! to check our curated listed and get your first sample set 20% off Text Cocktales to 303030 for a 30 free trial of OpenFit Visit for a free 30 day trial today! Visit to start your trial today! Check out our guest Nicola at @nicola_keepsitnatural @nicolasdivinemediumship @mscola Follow Us at @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
September 19, 2019
This week we're joined by Plain Jane who teaches classes on taboo kinks. We explore that as well as her own personal kinks & fetishes. Remember to support our Dallas Live Show sponsor at Please follow us on IG @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
September 12, 2019
Author J.L. King joins to discuss the power of the d***. He lived his life on the dl for many years, and after writing his first book and appearing on Oprah, he made a change to live life more openly...and boy is he open. Please make a donation or bring cash to the Houston show to support our partner Fund Texas Choice Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean You can get JL King's book by contacting him via email:
September 11, 2019
Author J.L. King joins to discuss the power of the d***. He lived his life on the dl for many years, and after writing his first book and appearing on Oprah, he made a change to live life more openly...and boy is he open. Please make a donation or bring cash to the Houston show to support our partner Fund Texas Choice Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean You can get JL King's book by contacting him via email:
September 5, 2019
Why is it that exes all come back at once? Why do people fake happy relationships for the gram? Where are our creative juices going? Get your tickets to the live show at Try Noom at Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
August 29, 2019
The dating game is tough, and it's even tougher when we're both fighting for the same treatment. This week DJ PForReal joins us to break down why women should pay for dates and treat men like they want to be treated...sometimes. Get Tickets To the Live Show Check Medinah Out On Season 2 of Temptation Island Oct. 10th on USA Check out our sponsors: Text COCKTALES TO 303030 for a free month with OpenFit Visit to get your sample scents today Visit and use code cocktales for a discount on your new online counselor.
August 22, 2019
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August 15, 2019
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August 8, 2019
This week we’re joined by Brandi Mallory, who was on Extreme Weightloss Season 4! We discuss body dysmorphia, body positivity, dating when obese, men vs. women, getting rocks thrown at your window, and dealing with the aftermath of weightless, physically and mentally. Be sure to get your tickets to the live show! 9/14/19 Houston, TX 9/21/19 Dallas, TX Check Out Our Sponsors: Native- and use code COCKTALES LOLA- and use code COCKTALES Check Out Our Guest and Visit Her Class! @brandimallory Follow US @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
July 31, 2019
No guests this week, just a Kiki and Medinah playing a game of truth or drink, plus we're discussing some of the topics you guys requested Remember to get your tickets to the live shows at HOUSTON 9/14- Lex P & Drea of Pour Minds Podcast will be joining us in Houston DALLAS 9/21 Text COCKTALES to 303030 for a free month of OpenFit Send advice emails to Check us out on IG @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean @cocktalespodcast
July 28, 2019
Yesterday this episode would not play on Apple Podcasts, I'm submitting again and hopefully today it will work. If you're trying to listen on Apple and it doesn't work, please head over to Soundcloud to listen for free*** No guests this week, just a Kiki and Medinah playing a game of truth or drink, plus we're discussing some of the topics you guys requested Remember to get your tickets to the live shows at HOUSTON 9/14- Lex P & Drea of Pour Minds Podcast will be joining us in Houston DALLAS 9/21 Text COCKTALES to 303030 for a free month of OpenFit Send advice emails to Check us out on IG 
July 24, 2019
This week comedian Tyler Chronicles joins the ladies this week. Hot girl summer, being clingy, and cheating just about sums up this weeks discussion. Take a listen and remember to get your live show tickets! Houston 9/14 Dallas 9/21 for tickets Follow our guest @tylerchronicles Check out our sponsor "Manscaped" and use code COCKTALES for free shipping plus 20% off
July 18, 2019
This week Gigi Robinson joins us to really breakdown astrology while taking a look at our own birth charts and tells us what you really need to know about the signs, compatibility, and how to use your chart as a guide. Lillith, retrogrades, Venus in Leo…if none of this makes sense to you take a listen as Gigi breaks it all down and explores our charts in depth. Get your tickets to the next shows~ Houston 9/14 Dallas 9/21 Follow Our Guest @IAmLivingAligned Follow Us @coffeebeandean @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Check Out Our Sponsors! and use code COCKTALES for 25% your vitamin packs Send advice emails to All other inquiries and cocktales to
July 11, 2019
This week we're joined by BDE, a member of the BDSM community. He shares his journey in the BDSM realm, clothespinning nipples, forcing orgasms and leaving sticky notes to receive head and get his place vacuumed. Yea Get your tickets to our shows! 9/14 Houston, TX 9/21 Dallas, TX Check out our sponsors! Native visit and use code COCKTALES OpenFit Text COCKTALES to 303030 for a free month of service Dossier Visit and use code COCKTALES at checkout for a special discount Follow Our Guest @biddickenerg Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Send advice to All other inquiries go to
July 5, 2019
This week Kiki is joined by the men of Houston's Social Complex podcast and they discuss swallowing, great hand jobs, kissing & cumming. Get your tix to the live shows here: Check Out Social Complex Podcast and follow the guys @social_complex @social_p @bespoke_god Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean If you're interested in sponsorship opportunities please contact us at
July 4, 2019
Dating and hooking up in the 21st century can be a confusing disaster. But how would the coolest people in the world navigate minefield that’s dating these days. From Amanda Cerny and Sommer Ray, comes OHoney, a sexy new series that offers a look into the lives and minds of some of the biggest celebrities of the internet age. Each episode they serve up their best advice to get through all the drama, scandals, and NSFW situations that are plaguing you. OHoney is like a sexy slumber party where you get to listen in on the casual honest conversations between your coolest friends. 
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June 27, 2019
This week Chante joins me as a guest co-host while Medinah is out. We explore the art of oral pleasure, seduction, and soul snatching. If you're interested in Chante's events or would like to purchase her book, check her out here: How To Eat A Banana Book: Workshop: Check out our sponsors! Try Dossier today by visiting and use code COCKTALES at checkout Try OpenFit today by texting COCKTALES to 303030 Follow Us at @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
June 20, 2019
This week our friend Cannon joins us as we discuss good girls loving bad guys, watersports, and a little bit of trickery. Get your tix to our next round of live shows at Visit and use code COCKTALES for 40% off all subscriptions Follow our guest @kingcannon103 Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
June 12, 2019
Mina B of the Mina B Podcast joins us this week for more girl talk, letting your ex borrow money, micropenises, and running scams. It's a very Atlanta episode this week lol We're coming to Texas! 9/14- Houston 9/21- Dallas Tickets will be on sale on Eventbrite Friday 6/14/19. These two shows will both be extra special because we're also celebrating our birthdays! You can also purchase merch at Visit for a special discount on Dossier's fragrances! Check out Mina B's podcast and the latest with her on her page @minadoll Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
June 6, 2019
This week we discuss telling your partner she smells, and achieving your orgasm along with a bunch of other random things like chili turn ups and almost getting arrested on the way to a dick appointment.
May 30, 2019
This week we're going through our email to answer your advice! Check out to get your merch! Remember you can still try OPENFIT FREE by texting COCKTALES to 303030 Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
May 23, 2019
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May 16, 2019
This week we are joined by Frankie Love and Candi LeCoeur, two more of the "poly-pockets". They share their love story, Frankie's journey as a trans man, and having to chop some balls off. The live show is this weekend and with less than 25 tickets left for Sunday, you better get them now Check Out Our Sponsors: Peep Show Toys use code COCKTALES for a discount Follow Our Guests @candi_leceoeur @everyheadismycanvas Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
May 9, 2019
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May 2, 2019
Another shootin’ the shit episode with your besties. How do we feel about sharing our man on IG? Who’s been making cocktales? And who’s bleaching their asshole…take a listen! Get your live show tickets here: Peep Show Toys! Check out the all new Cocktales: Dirty Discussions collection on @peepshowtoys. Use Code: COCKTALES at checkout >>> Text COCKTALES to 303030 to try OpenFit for free!
April 25, 2019
This week we're joined by therapist Chalice Nelson. We discuss how trauma can affect your sex life, self worth and self esteem. Check out our guest and her efforts at Use code COCKTALES at for a special discount Visit to get your first month of birth control for only $5! Get your tickets to the live show here:
April 18, 2019
The ladies of Pour Minds podcast Lex P & Drea Nicole join us this week. Farting in mouths, Getting Rent Paid, Loogies & Landing Strips. Pour up and listen! Get Your Tickets to the Live Show! Sat May 18th- SOLD OUT Sun May 19th- Check out Our Guests and Listen to Pour Minds @lex_p_ @pour_minds @dreanicoleee Use code COCKTALES at for a discount Use code COCKTALES at for a discount
April 17, 2019
Bonus Episode: Here’s a new podcast for you: Purple Panties is an erotic fiction story created by New York Times best-selling author Zane. On the outside Maddox, Loren and Stephanie go against the grain when it comes to sex. But as relationships shift and physical needs change, can they keep up with the facade? Follow them on their journey as they navigate their professional and personal lives. The sun isn’t the only thing hot in Atlanta… Listen to Purple Panties now:
April 10, 2019
This week we're joined by the owner of Sipping Prettea to talk a bit about steaming vaginas and body counts. Get your tickets to our upcoming ATL show! Sat May 18th- Sold Out Sun May 19th- Check out our guest @sippingprettea Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Visit The Spinning Pie at 259 Peters Street SW Atlanta, GA Get Lashed By Ari at
April 4, 2019
spiritual journey as a nudist, having threesomes in high school, and loving your body. Grab your tickets to the live show! Sat May 18th- SOLD OUT Sun May 19th- To try OpenFit text COCKTALES to 303030 Use code COCKTALES for a special discount at Follow our guest: @lyricthenudist_ Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
March 28, 2019
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March 21, 2019
The ladies of Poos Talk Podcast join us this week to share their perspectives on sex & dating. Poos Talk is a new podcast and you can find them on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and YouTube Follow them @_poostalk Get your tickets to day 2 of the live show with @tahoe_tv hosting and special guests Mixed Signals Podcast Check out and use code COCKTALES for 30% off Weird Sex: If you're interested in being a part of "Bae Date Tales" send your photo and info to Advice: Everything else:
March 13, 2019
Our friend @HannahAtlantaa joins us this week. From THOTS to GROTS, being "eskimo sisters", and the high life. Remember to get your tickets to DAY 2 of the Live Show in ATL Visit and use code COCKTALES for a discount Send advice to Contact us for sponsorship and all other inquiries at
March 7, 2019
It's just the two of us this week, recapping our recent trips and the past episodes. Annnnd we both got some...finally Check out Openfit by texting "COCKTALES" to 303030 for a FREE 30 day trial Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean To be a sponsor for our live show email us at COCKTALES.ATL@GMAIL.COM
February 28, 2019
This episode is a big rollercoaster of WTF moments...don't shoot the messengers lol Follow our guest: @jayminkslash / @ittybittyy Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Take the fertility quiz and get $20 off your "Modern Fertility Kit" at The live show is officially SOLD OUT!!! If you want your business in front of 265 guests email us at
February 21, 2019
This week we're talking about the mixed signals we give and get. Why are you promising to help but when somebody asks for a little couch, it's a problem???? If I tell you I want a relationship, but not WITH YOU, what part of that is left up for interpretation?? We get them, we give them, now let's talk about them. Visit and use code COCKTALES for 15% off Get Your tickets to the live show before they sell out! Contact Us
February 14, 2019
This week we're bringing a full episode of cocktales & advice! We have special guests @daehines and @dreamspbeauty to help us out! Live Show Tickets will be on sale Friday Feb 15th at noon! Follow Our Guests @daehines @dreamspbeauty Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
February 7, 2019
DISCLAIMER!!!! We did have some issues at the studio with audio but wanted to make sure you didn't miss this episode. The audio isn't as HQ as usual, so please just know that we know, and they have assured us it won't happen again :) Mouse Jones drops in to talk about his fuckboy behavior and we compare fuckboys to fuckgirls...cuz we have our own triflin ways right? **LIVE SHOW TICKETS** Available on February 15th, Patreon subscribers will be granted early access. Follow Our Guest on Instagram & Twitter: @mouse_jones Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
January 31, 2019
This week our engineer Ayanna and fellow podcaster @thejawnjoi join us for an impromptu sex talk. Saving ourselves, family secrets, sex toys, and running trains. Check it out for a good laugh The Live Show is Happening!!!! Saturday May 18th in Atlanta!!! Save the date! Tickets go on sale soon Check out @thejawnjoi's podcast and check out her show on Southside Dash Radio Thursdays 4-6PM Ayanna can be found @ga_doll Visit Use code COCKTALES for 15% off Register to WIN a FREE WOMANIZER!!!! Follow These Steps: Follow @ratedintimate & @cocktalespodcast Repost the Rated Intimate Video from our page Tag both @ratedintimate & @cocktalespodcast Visit to confirm your entry To be a sponsor of the live show please contact us via email @ for more information
January 24, 2019
“Question everything about the gender construct. Question everything you’ve been told about what it means to be in a relationship”- Magaly. This week we explore the relationships of three polyamorous women: Magaly, Emily Dee, and Rachael, who break down what it means to share your love with multiple people, jealousy, balance, and we know you want to know…do they all have sex together? Or nah…you have to listen because we go there. @polypocketsatl @femmemafiaatl @emilydeeisroyaltee See Emily perform! East Atlanta Village Tonight! Mary’s for a burlesque show Red Light Cafe brunch Feb 10th 1PM for an Anti Valentine’s Day Brunch! Check out our amazing sponsors! Visit to check out the toys and goodies we share on the show. Use code COCKTALES with every purchase for 15% off their already AMAZING prices. Also turn on post notifications for details on their GIVEAWAY! Planning a wedding or honeymoon? Visit and get $50 off your registry Ready to stop playing and get FINE?!?!! Text cocktales to 303030 for Beach Body On Demand FREE!!!!! And for our shopaholics who are ready to buy but hate the actual task of putting a look together
January 17, 2019
This week your besties Kiki & Medinah are just shootin the sh*t. What makes us "worth it", adulting, and getting what we want! Check Out Our Sponsors: Visit for your own personal shopper! Check out @mastbsexpodcast on IG And remember to get all your sex toy and lingerie needs from and use code COCKTALES for 15% off! Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
January 15, 2019
We were on the KasFACTS podcast this week! Check it out: "The Lovely Ladies Of The Raunchy CockTALES Podcast Joining Him & Cousin Larry To Talk About Booty Calls 101, FriendZone Head, Being The Crazy Girlfriend, Men Beef With Wigs, & Much More" Check out their show! KasFACTS Podcast Follow their hosts: @kasfacts Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Follow Us on Twitter @cocktalesatl @kikisaidso @medinah_monroe
January 10, 2019
"When you planned on talking about hygeine for anal but your one friend is drunk and derails the convo. My bad"- Kiki Q joins us this week and we discuss anal prep and pleasure among MANY other things. Follow Our Guest @qhancer Check out @masterbsexpodcast on IG Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Visit and use code COCKTALES for 15%
January 3, 2019
Jerome Trammel brings the funny this week talking about diabetic sugar daddies, naming his price, celebrities, scandals, and more. Follow Our Guest @MrJeromeTrammel Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Check out our fave toys Use code: COCKTALES for 15% off
December 27, 2018
The mashup you've been waiting for! Whoreible Decisions' Mandii B @fullcourtpumps joins us this week to talk nasty ass sex, wanting a man, pegging, and advice on getting exactly what you want from your partner. We talked about so much! Check our guest out @fullcourtpumps Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean visit for all our face toys and use code COCKTALES for 15% off your next purchase.
December 20, 2018
I've tried to upload this episode 5 times. Use your imagination for a what a woman who created orgasms pills for other other women would talk about. Check out our sponsors use code Podcast for a dicount use code COCKTALES for a discount Follow us @blogmelaninmilk @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
December 13, 2018
Tahoe of So Shameless Podcast joins the ladies this week. Can someone ever be too freaky/nasty? Listen and let us know! Check Out Our Guest's Podcast "So Shameless" and follow him on IG & Twitter @tahoe_tv Check out or sponsors! Rated Intimate Visit to see our favorite products and the items we try on the show. Use code "COCKTALES" for 15% off. Devin Nishea Visit for more information on "Straight No Chaser: The Beginning" and special offers for the Cocktales listening family! Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean For all ad inquiries, advice, cocktales and feedback contact us at
December 6, 2018
@CeciATL, the self proclaimed ass eating connoisseur, reverse sexist, big shit talker joins us this week to finish a bottle of tequila and have drunken convos. Stabby moments, sharing men, shooting your shot, and getting hypnotized are just a few of the many things we discuss. Pour up and laugh with us! Pop-Up Shop Wellness Wednesday Date: Wednesday December 12th Time: 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm EST Location: Spaces Midtown East 715 Peachtree Street NW Ste#100 Atlanta GA 30308 Follow her on IG @Forever_Fii Spend $25 Enter in Raffle Giveaway Spend $50 get a free Gift (promo FiisMySecretSanta) I See Your Success Vision Board Party Sat. December 15th Atlanta Tech Village Register at Get all your sex toys and lingerie at and use code COCKTALES at checkout for 15% off Follow our guest on Twitter @CeciATL Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Contact:
November 29, 2018
Kiki Said So & Medinah Monroe catch up and share their own thoughts on interracial relationships, why someone who loves black women would shy away from saying so, thanksgiving f*ck ups, coming to terms with what we really want and a bunch of other random thoughts that have been on our minds. Check Out Our Sponsors: TWO GIRLS ONE MIC PORNCAST Visit Follow them on twitter @2girl1micpod LOLA Visit and use code COCKTALES for 40% off your subscription!!! RATED INTIMATE Visit to see all the products we discuss on the show and some of our faves plus use code COCKTALES at checkout for 15% off Follow Us @cocktalespocast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
November 22, 2018
Mike Petrone joins us this week to talk, well sort of, about interracial dating and why he's found himself only seriously involved with women of color. His answers may surprise you. Give the gift that keeps on giving this year, sex toys! Visit to see our faves AND use code COCKTALES for 15% off. Come to the Vision Board Party!!! Get your tix here: Follow Our Guest @mikepetrone Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
November 14, 2018
J. Johnson of the Troll Gawds Podcast and Rumeal join the ladies after having a bone to pick about our past guests. These two self-proclaimed "Alpha Males" have a lot to say. Follow Our Guests @jjohnsonthegreat & @mr_popular410 Be sure to check out J. Johnson's Vinyl Party Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Interested in advertising? Contact us at
November 8, 2018
This week Amber Gardenhire joins us to talk about juggling staying fine, taking care of her baby, being an entrepreneur and a wife all while the three of us finish a bottle of tequila in two hours. Follow Our Guest and check out her Zumba class @iamsteelefit Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
November 1, 2018
Duck butter, hairy backs, sour smells from down below... this week we talk about hygiene and maintenance. Whether you've been there, or had to tell someone they were there, we all know how awkward the hygiene convo can be. Especially with someone you're sleeping with.
October 24, 2018
Kiki's struggling with juggling this season and Medinah offers some guidance. Send help! LOL Check out The Ersties Podcast! @erstiespodcast on Twitter Want to try the Satisfyer or one of the other amazing toys we mentioned on this episode? Head over to and use code COCKTALES for 15% off your purchase! Toys mentioned: Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit Satisfyer Pro Traveler Use code COCKTALES for 15% off
October 17, 2018
This week Ink & Chante join us as we break down a few of our sex experiences and what's ACTUALLY freaky, what really isn't, by our own standards of course. From being a dick sucking class instructor, having a sex room, golden showers, and some classic anal play, we leave nothing out. Some of it's so...out there, that we can't even put it in words. Check out Purple Panties Podcast on and use code "COCKTALES" for your first month free. Follow Our Guests @issgoddessgoodbih @inkman84
October 11, 2018
This week our guest Tatyana ( joins us to talk about masturbation! Setting the mood, best toys, no toys, webcams and everything in between. Be sure to check out Purple Panties on Stitcher Premium, the new erotic podcast by New York Times best selling author Zane. Go to to listen and use code COCKTALES for one free month of listening Personal Training Special with Tatyana! BOGO One month unlimited training Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Contact Us at
October 4, 2018
Are you ready? Get some tips and a great breakdown of cuffing season 2018. Good Luck! Need advice to get you through it? Email us Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Contact Us at
September 27, 2018
As we get older we're becoming more open, or are we? Listen as we discuss the changes. Check Out Loose Lips Podcast as well, new episodes every monday! Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
September 20, 2018
This week the ladies take a break from guests and just catch up on what's been happening in the world around them. We're looking to add to the team! If you have experience in photography, videography and editing please contact us at Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
September 13, 2018
This week Carla Wilmaris from the Sh*t I'm 30 Podcast joins to celebrate our 100th episode! We're taking questions all episode from you guys and a few of our own and answering them. And it's Kiki's birthday so if you're feeling generous... $kikialexa #noshame lol To learn more about We Are Thorn visit Keep Up With Our Guest @shitim30podcast & @carlawilmaris Follow Us! @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
September 6, 2018
This week we're joined by a professional couple with an open marriage. They discuss the highs and lows of their marriage, putting away insecurities, and keeping their lifestyle private from family, friends, and colleagues. Come hang out with us at the meet & greet Sunday September 9th at Escobar! Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean contact us
August 30, 2018
This week Katelin joins us to talk about her experience dating younger men, specifically her current boyfriend who is 15 years her junior. Does she get jealous of younger women, is he looking for a mom, what about kids? Dating someone younger has it's downfalls, but when you love each other and the sex is can make it work, right? Follow our guest @katelinchesna
August 23, 2018
This week the infamous #ATLOrgy creator joins us to talk about her life as a sex worker, being free, sex parties, staying safe, loving bisexual men and being comfortable in her sexuality. Check out our guest: @cgballsdeep88 www.patreon/cidneyg Follow Us! @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
August 15, 2018
This week Daniel Reed joins us to talk about his marriage, bringing another woman and another man into the relationship, getting into BDSM, and his new dating life. His views on being fair in a relationship are very different from our past guests, it’s refreshing. If you’re interested in donating to Nicholas House to help get homeless families back on their feet check out the link here: Follow our guest @mr_dannyreid Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
August 9, 2018
Former NFL player Ahmad "AC" Carroll gives us free game. Fake booties, anal play, toe fetishes and gettin money out of these n*ggas. Follow our guest @yo_batman8 Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Contact Us at
August 2, 2018
Fresh off the breakup train @HollyTushe joins us to talk about cheaters. Follow our guest @Hollytushe Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Contact Us @
July 25, 2018
Your favorite Ethiopian Su Solo joins the ladies to share her dating in Atlanta experiences and why she now has "n*gga tendencies". First girl on girl experiences, letting dudes in the club for free, and what happens when the big bros are always watching your every move. Follow Our Guest and Check Out Her Dope Events! @_susolo Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Contact Us
July 18, 2018
Bedroom Kandi consultant Terraine joins us this week to school us on products and toys we can use to spice up our sex lives! Check out her site: Follow Our Guest @_teeeeeerrrrrrri Follow Us! @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Contact Us at for all inquiries!
July 12, 2018
Love is patient, love is kind, and is not jealous. Love does'nt brag and is not arrogant Don't let a toxic relationship or situation make you forget that. Toxic relationships & interactions can take a toll on you, this week we try to tackle how we realize it's toxic, and what we do about it. Take a listen. If you find yourself stuck in toxic, abusive relationship, seek help! 1-800-799-SAFE Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
July 5, 2018
@Kasfacts joins the ladies this week and we talk about just how nasty is too nasty, running red lights, and how much we'd take to make someone our toilet slave. He even sticks around for the advice and gives a few #KasFacts to our listeners. Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Contact
June 28, 2018
Thanks so much to all the listeners who have emailed and dm’d us your advice letters! This week we’re cleaning out the inbox and answering all your questions and sharing your cocktales. Plus, we wanted some advice from our past so we call an ex! Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
June 21, 2018
Have you ever wondered if singers really have all those make your pussy drip moves they sing about? The ladies bring on orgasmic r&b singer Alex Jacke to teach us a thing or two about pleasing a woman. He says his music actually represents what a night with him would be like, “always A list”. Take a listen and learn a thing or two. Follow our guest Alex Jacke @alexjacke Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Contact Us
June 14, 2018
This week we take a look in the mirror and discuss our own insecurities...again. We also share what it's like dating when the other person is lacking confidence. It sucks. Check Out Sweet Bitch Wines at to find out where it's being sold near you! Follow them on ig @sweetbitchwines Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Contact us at
June 7, 2018
This week we continue the discussion about what it's like to date us. Are we nasty with our men? Are we romantic? Do we let our friends in our business?? Be Sure to check out Sweet Bitch Wines at Get your tickets for the Mouth Masterclass by clicking the link in our bio or visit @sexualessentials for more info
May 31, 2018
What's it like to date us? Are we hard on men? Prefer to use them? Or are we putty in their hands? Check out our sponsors! Gorgeous Babe Hair- @gorgeous_babe_hair Use code TALES20 Sweet Bitch Wines @sweetbitchwines Mouth Masterclass by @sexualessentials June 9th 8-10PM Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @medinahmonroe
May 23, 2018
This week Moriah Mills joins us in the studio fresh from the live show. Why we were still drinking, who knows? But she tells whether her sex is actually good, being a total savage after a breakup, and how to get your man to have a threesome. This episode will be available with full video on our YouTube channels along with others. This episode was brought to you by Gorgeous Babe Hair. Check them out at @gorgeous_babe_hair and . Use code TALES20 for a special discount Also check out @sweetbitchwines Follow our guest @moriahmillss on IG and @moriahmillsss on Twitter Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @medinahmonroe
May 19, 2018
Are we hoes? Become a patron! Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
May 18, 2018
We decided to bring you guys TWO bonus episodes this week! Is Kiki insecure about being the single friend? Is Medinah more of a moaner or a screamer? Do we prefer rappers or athletes? These questions plus a bunch more from our listeners. Become a patron on Patreon Follow Us! @cocktalespodcast @coffeebeandean @kikisaidso
May 17, 2018
This week we invited a psychic, healer, and lightworker to have some cocktails and talk COCKTALES with us. The lights were flickering, so Ms. Kisha Lee definitely was no joke. We had a million questions but all we really wanted to know was if Drake was coming and if we're going to be rich lol! Follow Our Guest @thepsychicyogi Special thanks to our Title Sponsor GORGEOUS BABE HAIR @gorgeous_babe_hair Shop their site at and use code "TALES20" for a special discount. Thanks to @sweetbitchwines as well. Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean If you listen before 5/19 purchase your tix to the meet & greet and live show with WHOREIBLE DECISIONS. use code COCKTALES for $5 off your ticket Contact us at
May 10, 2018
Chef John joins us this week and shares some awkward experiences with creating sexy meals as a private chef for clients who can't keep their clothes on. We also talk about aphrodisiacs, impressing a chef in the kitchen, and more! special thanks to our sponsors! Gorgeous Babe Hair @gorgeous_babe_hair Use code TALES20 for a special discount! Sweet Bitch Wine @sweetbitchwines Follow Our Guest! @chefjohn27 Keep up with us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
May 3, 2018
This week @comedianlonnie joins us to talk about knowing your strengths as a man, being comfortable in his sexuality, and a whole lot more. Please check out our sponsor @sweetbitchwines Follow Our Guest @comedianLonnie Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
April 26, 2018
This week Yemoja Oshun joins us to talk about kitty play! Collars, pet bowls, and waters ports (and we're not talking jet skis) all come into play when you live part of your life as a sexy kitten. We also talk about the different types of pleasure and the $300 "physical experience" she offers. You need to here everything she has to say! Follow Our Guest: @yemojaoshun Saturday May 19th @ 7PM we will be at the Whoreible Decisions Live Show! There will be a meet and greet right after with all FOUR hosts! Get your tickets here: Check Our Sponsor Out! @sweetbitchwines Follow Us! @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean
April 18, 2018
College was crazy! Can't we all agree??? This week Kiki's college roomie Nia joins the crew and we find out more about this bad influence. From losing virginity to two men all the way to guzzling cum cups for breakfast. This guest is a wild one. Follow Our Guest @hair_she_is Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Catch the videos of past shows here:
April 12, 2018
It's Goin Downnnnn! Yung Joc joins us this week and let us in on a few dating secrets, talks about getting caught by his mother, dealing with older women and dating "basic" chicks. This episode is available on YouTube. Click the YouTube Link Here: GRAB YOUR YONI OIL HERE: Use Code "COCKTALES" for 10% off Follow Us: @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Follow Our Guest @joclive
April 5, 2018
"A woman can reject you for any reason. If you're not happy you have to change yourself" That's a quote from our guest Isaac Hayes, III aka Ike Dirty. He also said Valentine's Day isn't important and he's not sucking your toes. Balance. Follow our guest @isaachayes3 Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Check out our sponsor @sweetbitchwines contact us at
March 29, 2018
After getting stood up your girls hold it down and cover a clusterfuck of topics. Birth control, being crazy, feminism...we go there. Follow Us @cocktalespodcast on IG & @cocktalesatl on Twitter @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Check out our sites and YouTube channels as well. You can find all links here: All questions/comments
March 22, 2018
JD & Ingrid join us this week. They quickly school us on the fact they're not swingers, they are in "the lifestyle". They break down how they became a part of it, who gets to join, their type, rejection, and so much more! Follow Us @cocktalespodcast on IG & @cocktalesatl on Twitter @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Check out our sites and YouTube channels as well. You can find all links here: All questions/comments
March 15, 2018
We brought on Thomas and "David Murphy" because you all wanted some grown men perspectives on our weekly convos. We talk about savage moments, sex, lies, and everything in between. Follow our guest: @thomastucker313 Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean For all inquiries contact us at
March 7, 2018
Just when you thought we were running out of new CockTales to share, we brought a bottle of gin and Melanin Milk on to keep the stories coming! She tells us about the time she went on a tinder date to a sex party, wearing a strap on, and creating She Orgasms herbal supplements. We want to know, which lady has the wildest stories? This episode is also available on YouTube! Follow Us On Social Media @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean @blogmelaninmilk Check out our websites! You can get updates on what we have going on individually, as well as see videos from both of our YouTube pages plus there's more great content coming.
March 1, 2018
Another week with just the two of us. This was actually our third recording of the week so we decided to freestyle and catch up on all the loose ends. Blac Chyna's sex tape, pretty privilege, "the talk", and becoming a woman. Follow us on IG @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Follow us on IG @cocktales.atl @kikisaidso @medinah_monroe Contact us at
February 22, 2018
What if you got locked up at 17 years old and sentenced to a 20 year life sentence?! Had you even had a “real” sexual encounter? Is everyone getting gang raped in prison? How do you keep your head straight? Fast forward and now you’re out but when it comes to women your only sexual interactions have been a few nudes on a cell phone and “hurry up before my mama comes home” sex. Our guest @onmydink has been through it first hand. He talks going to prison, what really happens inside, getting out early and finding love after lockup. Follow Our guest @onmydink Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean For all inquiries
February 14, 2018
Club rats, scammers, a night of fun and everything in between. What is ATL club life all about? We'll tell you. Follow Us & Our Guests @mryoungkings @djkthreat @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Contact us @
February 8, 2018
It's almost Valentine's Day, it's episode 69, and we could all stand to learn a little something so who better to join us than Velvet Lips LLC's own sex coach, Marla Stewart. Marla helps us to understand a LOT! She also teaches us how to get that special someone to fulfill your kinkiest fantasies. You'll enjoy this one and if it's not enough you've got to try her workshops! We're also doing a giveaway for our ATL listeners for Booze& Nudes! If you want to join us check our instagram for details! Follow our guest @velvetlipsatl & @1marlastewart Follow us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean For all inquiries:
January 31, 2018
Lifetime TV's Little Women Atlanta star, Monie Cashette, joins us this week. We discuss her not realizing she was a little person, dating online, proposing to her husband and living out her life on reality tv. Shoutout to Big Buzz Bartenders and Hookah for providing our cocktails this week. Thanks again to @kinshipworks for providing video production services today. Check out the video on our YouTube pages. Follow our guest @moniecashette on IG and @yungmonie2013 ‏ on Twitter Follow us @cocktalespodcast on IG and @cocktales.atl on Twitter @KikiSaidSo on IG and Twitter @coffeebeandean on IG and @medinah_monroe on Twitter If you're interested in advertising your business, service, podcast or want to send us products please email
January 25, 2018
We had the chance to get to know comedian KJ The Joker this week! We planned to talk about embarrassing moments but we got off topic and ended up talking about price tags, side pieces and thruples. Can we all be bought for the right price? Is it better to be a side piece? As usual Kiki and Medinah give their raw and unfiltered answers. Follow our guest @kjthejoker Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean If you're interested in sponsoring, purchasing ads, or sending products please contact us at
January 18, 2018
This week it's just the two of us! Kiki & Medinah Monroe holding it down. We touch bases on the last few episodes, crushing on guests, buying condoms, and who whether we want a solid 10 in the bedroom or a better than average 7. Remember to leave a review on iTunes and comments on Soundcloud! Get your FREE sample of Astroglide O at Follow Us @cocktalespodcast (IG) @cocktales.atl (Twitter) @KikiSaidSo (IG & Twitter) @coffeebeandean (IG) @medinah_monroe (Twitter) Also check us out on YouTube Contact us at
January 11, 2018
This week we brought on the Black Adonis, Justin Howard. You may have seen some of his "work" on Vine, The Shaderoom, or even XVideos. If you've seen him before you may get why he loves to be nude, but you may not know he considers himself sapiosexual so it takes more than an open mind in the bedroom to really get a shot with this guy. He breaks it all down, gives details on last year's notorious #AtlOrgy, sex parties, and threesomes with other men involved. He's by far one of the most open minded men we've had to date, so listen now! Get your FREE sample of Astroglide at Follow our Guest: @brutha2danight__ Follow us: @Cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Contact us at
January 5, 2018
Ladies and gents remember to thank us after you listen to this week's episode of how to please whoever you're f**king! A lot of y'all are out here doing grown folk activities and you actually have no clue what you're doing or how to do it to please your partner. So have your pens and notebooks ready! We brought on Mike Greene from L Love Connection to help us help you! Follow our Guest: @therealmikegreene Follow us: @Cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Contact us at
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