Started listening.
Light worker 73
Just started listening to this show, and love it! I’ve been totally blind since birth. In the case of Amanda, blind people are’nt telepathic. However, it’s a neat twist.
Penn & Pencil
Want more of these kooky characters!!! Love them ❤️
Just started listening and I love it. But where is season 3 and I think you took the episode on season 4 too far. As a working mother in a city corporation that was way too harsh. And is that really realistic. Maybe not but really painful.
Is this appropriate?
One long commercial
I used to like this podcast. Now it’s just one long commercial. There are product placement ads every couple of minutes - if not even more often than that. It’s insulting. I would maybe enjoy this podcast again if they would let commercials exist only during commercial breaks.
Seasons missing
Is it just me or are some seasons missing? I can’t find the one of the Handmaids Tale
What happened?
This show has great episodes and fantastic stories. A plethora of creativity. Although lately all it is is a platform to run an episode or two from other podcasts. No new original material and the episodes from other shows get downloaded automatically like they would be if you’re subscribed. It’s great when it runs and I would probably listen to other shows they advertise, but I wish they’d come out with their own original content instead of starting and not finishing other shows.
Lots of good shows
Helen Clifford
This podcasts puts out short comedies and dramas as either single episodes or miniseries. Looks like they have plans for some of stories to have multiple seasons on their own podcast stream. So far I’ve really enjoyed Penn & Teller, Sight Unseen, and Handmaidens Tale.
Boycotting Wondery
I will not listen to any Wondery podcasts as long as they are associated with Mike Boudet.
Well crafted stories
When this podcast started (which I think I found through either an ad or a mention on Pop Culture Happy Hour) I was looking forward to every week for a new episode. They're beautifully written and recorded. Now I'm looking every *day* for a new episode. I want more Secrets, Crimes! Bring it back soon!
Shannon Lindsey-Wiseman
I’m new and way late to the “podcast” game and just stumbled upon yours.... I absolutely LOVE the variety of everything offered. I just finished the musical adaptation of the Sarah Koenig, Serial Podcast (Adnan Syed case), “Wait, Wait Don’t Kill Me”. FREAKING BRILLIANT! Who would have thunk something like this would be possible and then for it to be soooo great just blows my mind. I’m excited and can’t get through the episodes fast enough to see what other diverse surprises lay ahead. Kudos guys, I hope you’re around for a long, long time and never lose that genius approach.
Talented Tales
It’s really fun. I’ve enjoyed each story I’ve heard. Super bingable. Wait Wait Don’t Kill Me is killing me. It’s absolutely hilarious. Keep on crushing it SCA.
White Vault
Jackie & Joshua
I love this podcast it keeps me guessing what will happen over night. Super creepy!
A for effort
Mendy's Banya
I’d give it a 1 star except it is well done, however, I literally have zero interest when it comes to tru crime podcasts. The crimes of other countries (different laws, don’t know the area, don’t care) AND re-enactments. Again, this is VERY well produced, just fake. Well, the acting part anyway. All real stories I suppose.
Best audio drama podcast
NYC in-house counsel
This podcast is well-produced and it'll provide an eclectic mix of shows into your podcast feed. I loved the Handmaid's Tale. Air Force One, not so much. The play about Becky Shaw was fabulous. Keep up the great work! There's a market for this. I hope you can reach more people, get big sponsors and keep providing this show for free. There's a huge audience for audio drama, bc even many of us who live just steps from Broadway are too busy working to make it to the theaters as often as we'd like.
Great stories, nice variety
Fans of The Handmaid Tale will like this one. Loved the black cat one too.
Awesome Stories
In serial form. Love this show.
Love! Love!
I have recommended this podcast to all my friends. I can’t get enough. I have long drives to and from work. This show helps me wind down on my way home. Also listen on weekends when I’m running errands or cleaning house. Keep up the great work!!
Very entertaining!
Love all of the stories and the actors. I always get excited when a new episode pops up in my feed.
When's Season 2?
Patiently waiting...
Excellent podcast
It is so much better than audiobooks. I look forward to each episode and can easily imagine what the characters are experiencing
The Musical Podcast:
Most fantastic pod C I've experienced!!!! More please!
Morbid Penn
It’s 4:34 AM. I’d like to go to bed please... but first— one more episode. Maybe two. Maybe all of them. On repeat. Standing ovation. (Really I have to stand, my derrière is numb from sitting and listening!) Eh, it’s an OK 5 Star podcast. No big deal 😬😁
I don't want you
5 stars
Online Correspondence Kimp
LOVELOVELOVE this podcast (and I'm a podcast addict). In particular I thought that Wait Wait Don't Kill Me was clever and generally awesome. I told my husband he had to listen to the serial podcast so that he could listen to Wait Wait Don't Kill me. But I have a question I need answered! In the season one wrap up, David said, in reference to the Online Correspondence Kimp line (and the general k<->ch speach impediment), "that little throwaway joke from the original Serial podcast becomes this load-bearing plot element of the show, making it into this improbable speach impediment for Charlie, Sara's fictitious boyfriend." My question is: where was this in the Serial podcast?? I don't remember . . . please don't make me listen to the whole Serial podcast again to figure it out!
Pentagon Papers
I just finished watching Ken Burns’ new doc ‘Vietnam’. Your broadcast is so timely, and so eloquently apt for this exact moment in our scandalized government. Wish it were longer!
I just discovered this podcast and I LOVE IT! Great stories. Great acting. I highly recommend it!
The Twilight Zone of Podcasts
I'm in love with this podcast. The voice actors are fabulous and the stories are incredibly intriguing. You should check this one out for sure!
One of my favorite podcasts!
Can't wait for more & want more spin offs! Would love to hear more of The Handmaiden's Tale & the Defenostratror (or however it's spelled) 😁
I've enjoyed every episode and I must have listened to "Wait, Wait, Don't Kill Me" at least half a dozen times.
Upper Westside
I was wonderfully surprised with this story. Last year I took a forensics class, and this story is the exact story we had to "solve". I wish I had had this then, much more fun this way.
Really fantastic
Highly recommend!
With the time
Great mental break without having to keep track of long running plot lines. Excellent stories and production.
Best podcast
I feel like I'm in the story. Well done! 👍👍
Never Can Miss A Show
Very entertaining. Please keep doing more.
I loved the first series of podcasts I listened to from this show - Tangled Threads - but nothing else here held my interest. I am generally a fan of fiction podcasts; I love stories, I love secrets within stories, and I'm not sure whether it's the vast difference among the types of shows - are they political commentary, and they sci-fi, are they fantasy? - but I've tried listening to all of these and just didn't feel compelled to keep going. I generally listen to podcasts at work, and it takes a lot for me to turn something off in boredom or frustration, but unfortunately this podcast did that.
One of a kind!
Fun, original, very interesting!
Love the format - love the writing!
Great Stories and voice actors
Handmaids Tale is Terrific
This production is extraordinary!!!! Binge listen!
Favorite podcast
I'm always looking for an audio drama style podcast but none hold up to this one. I love that some shows are several episodes long while others are short. They offer a great variety of stories as well, if you don't like one skip to a different one you might love. I particularly enjoyed the handmaids tale.
Awesome Listening
J. Zylstra
I love the variety of stories that comes through Secrets, Crimes & Audiotape. SCA makes my workday go by so quickly. I am always looking forward to the next episode. The audio quality is also very good and the program is thoughtfully put together.
Always look forward!
I always look forward to this podcast dropping into my library!
Raises the bar for podcasts
I hate you Secrets. You have made me a podcast snob. I simply cannot abide listening to anything that is not flawlessly produced anymore. You have raised the bar too high! In all seriousness, thank you for each and every episode.
Not even listed in my top 20 podcasts
Gadget 17392
Trying to describe this podcast in one word LAME I knew Billy Hayes from Seton Hall high school in Patchogue New York He was a douche bag back then and he still is today
100% Amazing 5/5
I am in love with this podcast. Amazing quality and I love they are making like old fashion radio dramas that you tune into!
Great audio-drama!
This reminds me of the old-times radio programs--golden age of radio--where the stories were so immersive and well scripted. Well worth listening to. 👍👍
Awesome Podcast
Great podcast. A hidden gem.
as a musical theater geek, i was skeptical about the "serialized musical" - needless to say, it blew me off my feet. i've listened to it all the way through at least 5 times now and can't get the songs out of my head. kudos to you guys for making it work!!!! how brilliant!
Love It
Just started this weekend listening to this podcast and absolutely love it.
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