Good data but biased
I love the data and continue to watch because I can draw my own conclusions from the data. However, be careful because I’m some episodes there is a clear liberal or feminist bias.
Best Parenting Information EVER
feathered aspen
I deeply appreciate Jen's tireless research and her academic approach. I come away from each episode feeling like I've engaged in a collegiate level discussion on parenting and child development. I also really appreciate her consistent acknowledgement of WEIRD demographics and bias in the studies she discusses and her thorough discussion of race and privilege - so good and so necessary! Along with Alfie Kohn and another podcast, Unruffled, the information that I've metabolized here have led me to adopt a parenting approach that is inspired by RIE and radically different than the models that I've inherited from the culture at large. Radically different in a way that is both challenging but also more philosophically and spiritually resonant with the type of parent/person/family I want to be and create. Thank you!
Really great research
This is a great podcast for parents who are digging deep into respectful parenting and want to know the science behind alot of the decisions we need to make as parents. The host is so thorough and intelligent. I've learned so much about respectful parenting from YPM, and have been connected to many other great resources through it as well. My only critique: I find it distracting how host seems to be reading from her notes. I think it makes it a little hard to listen to, given that each podcast is densely loaded with a lot of information. The amount of the info isnt the problem, just the delivery. I think if it were a recorded with a bit more of a convesational style, or perhaps even broken up into a few different segments, the information would be easier to absorb.
Love this podcast
I love that this podcast challenges me to think critically about why I parent the way I do and how I want to parent in the future. While I don’t line up 100% to this parenting style I love that the episodes are so well researched and I often times find myself bringing up things I learned in random conversations. I am fairly certain this podcast will make me a better parent - especially when my son enters toddlerhood.
Researched, referenced, thoughtful & thought-provoking. So happy i found this podcast!!!
Thank you Jen for all your hard work researching parenting topics that are so important and then condensing that information into accessible chunks that I can listen to in the car/kicthen during my day. My husband is an engineer and very detailed oriented. It's great for me to be able to read some of the research you reference and have stats etc. So often after we have had a discussion about what I have learned on your podcast I am able to send him to the research as well and then we both feel educated. I found your show through The Pregnancy Podcast with Vanessa Marten and I'm thrilled that there are such fabulous resources out there for me to learn from both while I am pregnant and when I have my son (in a few months). Thank you!!!!!
Great for professionals who work with kids or parents-to-be as well!
I am in the process of binge-listening to this podcast and am almost through the whole thing after finding it just a couple of weeks ago! As a child development obsessed person who doesn’t have kids of my own yet, this really gives me my fix. Jen is so thoughtful, clever, thorough, and open-minded in her approach to research and interviewing. I appreciate this project so so very much. Thank you and keep up the great work!! (The only thing I would change is that I think you could ditch the intro/outro)
Scientific parenting methods
Fast food rocks
This is a very well researched podcast about parenting. It talks about child development theories and how you can integrate into your parenting techniques. Great for educated mamas without much real life parenting experience :-)
Full of great information!
She presents the research in a way that is informative and easy to understand and also summarizes it well so i know what to do with the information. She doesn’t add a lot of “fluff” that I tend to fast forward through in other podcasts but at the same time it’s incredibly interesting and I’m intrigued by all the great information she’s presenting. I’m so grateful I found this podcast!
So grateful for Jen and this podcast!
Lily yogi mama
As a mom of an almost 2-year-old, intending to raise him in the most conscious manner possible, I am so grateful for all of the research and hard work that Jen does to be able to present this information in a way I can easily listen and absorb it. It has made me think and reconsider a lot of things about parenting, school options, and more. It is thought-provoking, entertaining, and so educational. I recommend it tell my parent friends!
Thank you
I can’t tell you how informative this podcast has been. I absolutely appreciate all your hard work and kindness in presenting the information in such an organized way.
Incredible for new parents and even teachers
I am a new parent and teacher. These episodes are wonderfully packed with information that informs best practice for interacting with children that’s backed by data. Also, it’s not “preachy” like some other podcasts which is greatly appreciated. I agree with the RIE approach to parenting but some of the podcasts out there are a little much without showing the data that supports the practice. It’s ideal for me working as an itinerant teacher to listen to this podcast, too!
Thank you for the return of my sanity!
I look for reasons to get in the car and drive so I can listen to this podcast! Jen is so easy to listen to and has such relevant topics! She is fair and presents both sides of the story so the listener has a better chance to form their own opinion. Thank you!
I'm obsessed with this podcast
It's exactly what I need to feel informed and confident about my parenting choices!
Finally someone who values sound research and puts it into bite sized pieces! I’m a counselor and a mom and find this podcast so helpful for my job as well as how I raise my son! Thanks!
This podcast gives an evidence-based approach for many parenting concerns. It has been helpful for me in parenting my sons.
Best parenting podcast out there!
So many other podcasts are waffle and opinion, but this one is full of important research based information, clearly explained. I find it very useful in relating to my 3 year old son and helping his development. Make sure you have your settings so episodes don't delete after listening as you'll want to refer back to them!
I love this show!
I basically listen right when new epiodes come out every Sunday. It's smart, well-researched, straight to the point, and immensely valuable. Thank you Jen for all the time and effort you put in!
Thanks for the help!
I'm grateful for the developmental help for parenting found in this podcast. I want my kids to thrive!
Infant Feeding specialist and Mom of 2
Bridget E Young
As a fellow self-proclaimed research nerd - I love this show! There are a lot of opinions out there and it is fantastic to hear someone talk about evidence-based approaches to parenting. Love it!
Real Resource!
What a novel idea...parenting advice based on actual research instead of others opinions! Thanks, Jen!
Great Information
My 3 boys are a bit older but I found the information fascinating and wish I had this podcast when my kids were younger. Very well researched and well presented.I highly recomend this podcast!
All Parents Must Listen!
Louis Frank
Love that Jen interviews child psychologists to provide information on how children's brains work because it's essential to know when raising children. I often listen to this podcast and lean so much about methods on raising my own child.
Thriving Kids!
marc @ talking theater podcast
Jen delivers amazing info and guests to help parents get their mojo in raising thriving kids. It's not just opinion. Jen also backs up the info with fact-based research. Love this show!
Love the chat! I've got three kids and love a different take on parenting topics.
Great, easy to consume ideas on parenting
Parenting is always a polarizing topic and Jen breaks it down based on the latest reasearch and findings. No outdated, traditional ideals here. Let's gather the facts and research and act on the best info available. Great work, keep it up!
I wish I could listen to this podcast some years ago
Hayut Yogev
So interesting. Loved the idea of research on each episode. Very honest and "down to earth" discussions and the subjects seems to be relevant to any parent out there...
Thought I'd Seen It All
Angela Brown Oberer
I am from a family of 19 kids and thought I'd seen it all, but you've got some great insights into families that teach and inspire. I am still learning more. Great job.
Parents need all the help they can get!
The only parenting experts are the ones who don't have kids! Jen helps our parenting get better and better! We all have room for improvement and I appreciate Jen's take on things and her efforts to dive a little deeper and help us all become better parents.
REALLY GREAT show, Jen. I love your voice, and your delivery style is great! Thank you....debi
Intellectual Parenting Info
No fluff here. Quality researched information to answers all your parenting questions. As a parent of four, I value that topics Jen covers.
Outstanding Show!
Jen provides so much great detailed information on parenting. Each episode provides insight into key parenting topics that I know I deal with in my household.
A breathe of fresh air!
Jeff Agostinelli
Really great show! As a parent, this is a breathe of fresh air... I'm always looking for parenting tips (as a father of 3 :) This is full of practical tips rooted in research with great experts. Thank you for putting this together and keep up the great work!
Well Developed + Informative
I just listened to episode 30 and as a former public school math teacher, it was refreshing to hear someone talk about something that we see in the classroom everyday. Parenting doesn't come with a resource manual, but this podcast comes pretty close! Wonderful show!
Great Show!
Doug - Mind Drippings Media
Be a good parent and listen to this show. This show is pact with rich content. Add it to your list.
A Top Parenting Resource
Brandon Gaille
Add this top resource to your toolbox. Jen makes sure you know that important stuff you need to know to successfully raise your kids.
Massive Value in Each Episode!!!
Love this podcast! Jen does an amazing job of talking about the topics important to parents. As a parent of two very young children, there are always tons of questions. I especially love the episodes on education (Montessori & Waldorf). My wife and I have thought and talked about these options and love hearing others thoughts. This podcast gave great insight and wisdom into topics parents ask!
Excellent Show!!
Great show that does an Excellent job of referencing a wide variety of research studies that provides Actionable advice across so many different parenting issues/topics! I found it particularly interesting to learn at what ages empathy and ability to share begin to develop in toddlers. Keep up the great work!
She has a way about presenting her findings, and while she expresses her opinion(much appreciated) it doesn't feel pressed. And she always looks to find information presenting the opposite view. Thanks for the great show. Keep 'em coming!
Unbiased evidenced based info
This is by far my favorite parenting podcast! I love that all the info is evidence based and not someone just trying to convince you that their way of parenting is the best way. This saves so much time not having read research and read books because Jen does all that hard work for you. I am so grateful to have found this podcast and I recommend it to any parent who has a toddler.
Respectful Parenting
You could spend hours researching all the latest studdies on parenting, or you can listen here. Jen explains it all in easy to understand terminology so you can make educated decitions on your own parenting style.
Great information!
Thank you so much for all the useful information, Jen! I enjoy listening to your podcasts. I listened to your show on kids and technology most recently and learned a lot! -Pete
Great Podcast for Moms
Kathryn Ballett
Parenting is a tough job! So many books, so many ideas, hard to decide where to turn. Great resource on the go. Looking forward to listening to many more.
Anyone that loves their kids should listen
Jen provides wonderful parenting tips that are essential in this day and age
Great Perspective and Information
I really enjoy Jen. She is very knowledgeable and clearly is passionate about child development. I like that you can tell that she puts time into researching for each episode and presents information from multiple perspectives. Great show!
Amazing Resource!
Exit Coach
Amazing Resource for any parent, really enjoyed this show!
What a great, well researched podcast!
Erin Olds
Wish there were more podcasts like this. Love it!
Parenting is a Challenge--Great Resource
I have little kids and I'm always interested in learning more about effective parenting techniques. Looking forward to hearing more.
So helpful!
I'm a parenting podcaster and I'm always looking for other podcasts that focus on respectful parenting. Jen's podcast is so helpful in providing a translation of some really complex research that confirms or denies my inclinations about parenting. She's a research master and a mother who wants the best for her daughter and their relationship. I never miss an episode and I find myself following up most episodes getting a book or article she mentioned and doing my own research. This is a great podcast for parents who have an inkling about respectful parenting but want more evidence about why it's worth it.
God, I needed this!!
Gretchen Schultek
As a new mom I feel like there's so much to learn and I have NO IDEA what I'm doing. I'm so glad I found this podcast. I feel so connected to the host, stories and truths shared. More importantly I feel excited to apply the suggestions. Fantastic show!
Flipping Junkie Review
Danny Johnson -Flipping Junkie
This is such an amazing podcast for parents to listen to! Really great advice and insight for parents, especially first time parents. Awesome stuff :)
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