What a show
So relatable and so inspiring! Thank you!!!
Can’t get enough!
I just started listening to Almost30 Podcast a couple of months ago and I have to say I’m obsessed. My daily commute is so much more enjoyable with Lindsey and Krista! I love the authentic conversations, the belly laughs, and the friendship. I have discovered so many wonderful new products from the Almost30 sponsors including SKINNY DIPPED ALMONDS (my FAVE), Athletic Greens, and Daily Harvest. This podcast came into my life totally by chance and I am so glad it did. As an Almost 30 something myself, these conversations are exactly what I need to hear to challenge, understand, accept, and love myself during this transition in life. I couldn’t do it without the help of Lindsey, Krista, and the beautiful community they have created. Keep the amazing content coming sweet ladies!
The PERFECT podcast!
Hazel Julia
This review is my first ever (not just podcasts), but so needed to share. Be prepared to find faith in humanity, specially women, a million different ways to improve yourself, new podcasts to listen to from their amazing community, and a better version of you. It is impactful in every aspect or time period of your life. I truly had no idea authentic was what I needed in life, but you can feel it in every episode and it is addictive. Thank you for existing and inspiring me!
Too many ads
I listen to a lot of podcasts, and I’ve never heard one with as many ads as this one has. They were way too long and made the show not worth listening to in my opinion.
Love — but, ad heavy
Love these gals and the diversity in their content. The hosts have awesome instagram accounts as well! As I have grown with these gals, the ad content has definitely increased. May as well fast forward about 11-15 minutes in to move over initial ad set.
My Favorite Podcast!
Love these ladies! They are the perfect combination of fun, inspiring and informative. Definitely my favorite podcast of all time.
Just WOW - Earth Angels
The Almost 30 podcast came into my life at a time when I needed it most. I went through a traumatic injury -surgery and recovery were very hard and looked to many podcasts and influencers to help keep me busy and cope when I didn’t know what to do with myself. Krista and Lindsey have completely changed my life. They have opened my eyes to so many things I didn’t even know existed and have made me curious about so many things. Listening to them has opened my mind, my heart and my soul. I love listening to these 2 because they are so relatable, knowledgeable and authentic. Every person I have shared this podcast with has thanked me times a million and tell them it changed their life which warms my heart. I have certain episodes earmarked that I share with different people depending on what they’re going through. There is an episode in here for everyone...actually probably a couple in here for everyone! I went to one of their live shows in NY and my life was forever changed. These 2 are truly the real deal and actual Earth Angels. I was bawling the whole time because I was so happy to see and meet them. I had no clue I would have this reaction but I did. I had the privilege to meet them after the show and when I say they are authentic I mean it. I have never met hosts more interested in their audience. They were so genuine in our conversation and I cannot wait to see them again in person. These women are doing big things and will change the world and I’m totally here for it. -Aria
Transforming & Inspiring
Love these babes. Love the guests. Love their intuition and how they connect with their followers. I’ve learned so much about the world, and about myself from these lovely ladies. One of my most powerful resources. Thanks girls, keep it up.
Highly recommend! Love this show
Update- still love the content- but the into on intro you have been doing is annoyingly unnecessary. You have the recorded into and then repeat the exact same thing in the episode. As someone who turned 28 on 9/14/18, i have been noticing how my priorities and interest have been changing as was looking for a community that matched my changing outlook. I found this podcast and fell in love. I joined the community and i have been constantly listening to the available episodes. I have also found other inspirational women and communities through their guests.
Real, honest, raw, educational, inspiring, thoughtful, personable, relatable, hilarious. It's somewhat creepy but for three years I have been listening to this podcasts and honesly feel like Krista and Lindsey are my best friends. They don't know it but they have been with me through my hardest and best times the past three years. No matter what the topic i always walk away with something valuable after listening to their show. This could just mean a good laugh from something weird they say in the intro or life changing information from one of their interviews/solo eps. I recently saw them on tour and while it felt like I was fan girling seeing my idols walk up it also felt like my best friends walked onto stage. I would recommed any female ages 18-48 listen to this!!
Love the message, hate the ads
Love this podcast but the ads are just too much. I understand that’s all the income but I feel like half the show is advertisements
Just the best
I can’t say enough about this podcast. IT ROCKS Krista and Lindsey are just the best ever and I can’t get enough of listening to them. Name a more iconic duo.... you can’t. LOVE YOU, LOVE THIS
Makes my commute a blast
Growing up I was always very close to women- my mom, my older sister, my closest friends etc., and a couple years ago I started living with my now fiancé. Although I love my life and I am so blessed in many ways, there is a part of me that gets really sad and just misses having some type of female connection around all the time, like the chit chat that happens when you’re getting ready together in the mirror or that honest conversation that happens over coffee. This podcast honestly makes my drives home from work and my chores around the apartment feel like I am hanging out with my best friends- if my best friends were suddenly trailblazing conscious-lifestyle powerhouses! Not only do I feel so connected to such empowered and inspiring women, but I learn something new with every episode. I especially love listening to the conversations I don’t know if I’d necessarily agree with- like the incredible work a guest of yours does with homelessness on skid row. Thank you so much for the work that you do. It is seriously amazing and changing the world with every person that you reach. Almost 30 is opening minds and bringing such a sense of connection and inner peace to so many people! Thank you 🙏🏻
Love these ladies!
I have been listening to this podcast for just over a year now, and it’s my absolute favorite. I have learned so much from the wonderful guests brought on weekly, and I am constantly inspired by the topics presented. I can’t thank the girls enough for all the wonderful work they are doing. This podcast has helped me get back in touch with myself and sparked my spirit when it was truly dim. Keep the sweet stuff comin! 💗✨
Loving this!
Abw 927
What a refreshing podcast! So nice to listen to women my age speaking truth. I have paper & pen ready for notes 📝 thanks ladies 😘
Life changing podcast
I have been listening to the Almost 30 podcast for over a year and it's safe to say that this podcast has changed my life. I love listening to Krista and Lindsay at the beginning of every episode, I'm always laughing and at this point consider them my best friends, creepy I know but so true. Every episode is so thought provoking and I at the end of episode I feel like I have truly walked away with something positive and takeaways that I can adapt to my own life. Don't let the title of the podcast deter you, if you are anyone who is looking for a podcast that fills you up with the good stuff then look no further. Thank you Krista and Lindsey!!
The best podcast ever!!
bran rent
I have been listening to the Almost 30 podcast for a couple years now, since close to the beginning I think! I love the authenticity and love that Krista and Lindsey have. They are living their best life and helping me to do so too. They keep it real which always reminds me to remember to be myself and feel less alone as a 30 year old woman in this crazy world! I am so grateful for this community they have created, and I love that I can always rely on a fun conversation or some real talk about the stuff we aren’t hearing about in every day conversations. Keep up your hard work girls, it doesn’t go unnoticed!
Almost30... for every age!
I have been listening to this podcast for a few years. As someone who just hit 40, I think this podcast can appeal to all ages. I have learned about lots of interesting topics and I feel like Krista and Lindsey are friends!
A30 Changed My Life
This podcast has been the catalyst for so many beautiful things. It has helped me transition to feeling more purposeful and in charge of my late 20s. I’ve made new friends, attended meetups and women’s circles I wouldn’t have otherwise been included in if it weren’t for K + L. Love you ladies! 🙏🏽♥️
Love this!
Love these girls! Grounded and relatable while talking about deep, spiritual concepts. They have an amazing group of guests come on. Every episode has meaningful conversation, beautiful and inspiring topics, and laugh out loud moments.
The water to your spiritual life
These girls are raw, authentic, and genuine. I can’t refer them enough to every human I run into. It’s been beautiful to watch them transform as well since the beginning.
Best of the best
Where to begin? I’ve been listening to Almost 30 for over a year now (sorry, delayed review!) and to say these women have helped me through some major weird periods in my life as a late-20-something would be an understatement. Every episode has me laughing, thinking, and sometimes even crying. Furthermore, I’m so proud to see the changes K+L have gone through themselves, diving deep into conversations about privilege and the importance of having diverse perspectives on the pod. This isn’t some fluffy ~life is great living in a bubble~ show — they ask real questions, explore unique topics, and always leave me wanting more!
Not much here
I really tried liking this because it can be funny at times but it comes off as superficial and just trivial. Some the stuff they boast about made me question their intelligence. I don’t think you’ll relate unless you’re a ditsy white girl
Been listening since the start. My friends and I call this THE podcast. I look forward to these episodes over every podcast and learn so much. Keep it up ladies XOXO
Best podcast in the history.
This podcast soothes my soul. I wish there was an episode every day. Krista and Lindsey are everything. Period. ✨🌙✨
Where have you been all my life!
First off, I’m new to podcasts and so I found almost 30 from a google search! AMAZING💯 I’ve been feeling really lost and needed some direction on how to take control of my life. Every episode I’ve listened to, I’m starting from the beginning you can totally relate! I listen on my commute to work and it makes me laugh and think! LOVE UOU GALS so much! 💕
Fun and genuine
They cover topics in an engaging and genuine way that makes you feel like you're friends with them. I also like their approach to wellness trends without trying sell you anything or promote themselves like other podcasts lately.
I feel like I have two new girlfriends!
I enjoy this podcast so much! I feel like Lindsey and Krista are my friends at this point! Their topics and guests are always so interesting. So glad I found this.
Ciara Lane
I’m honestly not sure why I’ve waited so long to write this, but it’s time. This podcast has been the catalyst to my growth into the wellness space and I have found this journey to be my souls purpose. As a fellow midwestern transplant in CA with a massively empathetic heart, I have been able to relate on SO many levels with Krista’s journey. Lindsey is a unique gem in her own right with an incredible ability to dig deep with her guests. The quality of this content is seriously unmatched. Thank you ladies for being incredible expanders for your community!
The best best best!
Lauren (Loey)
These girls!! This show!!! It’s just EVERYTHING. I love it so much and I think everyone should be listening. Amazing guests. Great conversations. Super cool ideas. It has everything.
Appreciated hearing the podcast about the experience at Onsite. It was mentioned you were “invited” but the experience wasn’t “sponsored.” Personally I have issues surrounding transparency when it comes to getting things for free, especially that normally cost $5k+. Clearly the expectation is the recipient will talk it up on their platform in exchange. Not saying there was an intention to mislead, but it seems a bit disingenuous not to disclose that or indicate otherwise.
My favorite Podcast
Almost 30 has opened my eyes to not only trends in health and wellness that I’m really interested in, but also opened my eyes to see that I am not alone in some of my “woo woo” or “out there” interests. It has also given me a community of incredible women to learn from and lean on. Thank you Krista and Lindsey!
5 stars duh
Almost 30 is the perfect combination of easy listening and educational. It has been such a game changer for me to be able to listen to Krista and Lindsey while tired after work but still be learning and enlightening myself on a variety of issues. It truly feels like you are just listening to your best friends...
I really enjoy this podcast and the beautiful ladies behind it! I had the honor of seeing them live in SF when interviewing Lacy Phillips and it was such a fun evening. I've recently set out on a wellness journey and some of the topics are a little too out there for me at the moment, but I appreciate learning about them none the less.
The Sisters & Sisterhood I Never Had
Kendall LeAnne
Tuning in to listen to Krista & Lindsey chat with themselves and their amazing guests is so heart warming and comforting! I feel like they are the sisters I never had! I have learned so much wisdom about myself and the world and I can truly say I am a better person because of them. Not only that, but their online community is like a sisterhood that I can go to and ask anything and receive advice and love. If you are ready to love yourself and others more, listen to this amazing podcast and join The Almost 30 Nation!
Love It!
I love this podcast! The girls cover a wide variety of topics and keep things real. They make you laugh, cry, think and FEEL ❤️. For real I always feel like I am in the studio with them and their guests and they always have me considering new ideas while inspiring me to be my best, most authentic self.
Dr Axe discussion on hormones and gut
wellness girlfriend Robin
My daughter and I went to see the Dr Axe discussion. I flew in from Baltimore. The discussion was not only educational but inspirational. Great to see a full room of people wanting to live healthier and more balanced lives. Lindsey and Krista you all rock!
Life Changing Podcast 💕
This is more than a podcast, it’s a sisterhood. Krista and Lindsey inspire me everyday to live my life to its fullest potential. These women are not only smart and funny, they care for their community of women they have brought together to live happier and healthier lifestyles. I love the diverse topics and how open these girls are to discussing their own personal journeys with us. I’m thankful for Krista and Lindsey for all that they do and I’m proud to be a member of the Almost 30 Nation ✨💖👽🦄🌙🌈
Just Amazing
I can’t even come up with words to describe how inspiring this podcast, Krista & Lindsey, and the whole Almost 30 community are. I started listening about a year ago when I was feeling overwhelmed and in a crossroads in my life- that almost 30 feeling is REAL- and listening to this podcast on my morning/afternoon commutes every day helped me change my outlook and seek out opportunities to grow and learn about things that may have seemed a little too “woo-woo” for me in the past. I love the honest and open conversations they have with each other and their guests, and I look forward to it every Tuesday and Thursday!
Truly Life Changing
KJ in Chicago
This review is long overdue. Krista and Lindsey have been making such a beautiful impact in my life for over a year now. I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon the Almost 30 podcast, but I am so grateful that I did. Listening to K+L, I honestly feel like I’m hanging out with a couple long time girlfriends, laughing and crying together. I appreciate all the amazing guests that share a wealth of information and various perspectives that challenge my thinking and help me to continue to grow and thrive. I attended my first live event in Chicago, and my appreciation for not only this podcast but this amazing community has grown. Thank you, thank you, thank you for always being a bright light in my day. Xo
A little obsessed.
Kelsey Corban
Lindsey and Krista are the podcast-besties you never knew you needed. This podcast has truly transformed the way I approach things in life, and provided me with a network of likeminded women to connect with. Forever grateful I found Almost 30.
Brittany Piper episode
I have loved Almost 30 since I started listening 8 months ago and now I love it even more after the episode with Brittany Piper. Her words were so thoughtful and I feel like I was healing just listening to her perspective and story. When she says we tend to look at our pain as a burden that was a huge AHA moment for me. Thank you, Krista and Lindsey for holding space for amazing speakers, letting them get their message through, and staying 100% real.
A+ Content and Community
I was never big into podcasts until I started listening to Almost 30. Krista and Lindsey are so down to earth and relatable. Their open and honest converstations about relationships, physical, mental, spritual, and financial wellness, and finding yourself during a time of transition always seem to come at the perfect time for me. I constantly find myself finding so much clarity and and insight from each episode, and also learning so much about new topics that I never would have thought to explore. The Almost 30 community is another reason to LOVE this podcast. I recently had the opportunity to attend the Chicago Tour event, and meeting fellow listeners and Krista and Lindsey was such a magical experience. If you think K+L are great on the pod, they're even better in person. So thankful to be part of such a kind and welcoming community!
Listen at Your Own Risk! (Amazing!)
Only listen if you’re ready for an amazing change in your life. Krista and Lindsey bring such encouragement and positivity into the world, you’ll slowly start making your life better. They introduce you to a better side of you through their banter, guests and topics. The Almost 30 community is encouraging, enlightening, and most of all FUNNY. I laugh till I cry and they make my cry till I laugh. My friends have noticed a change and it fills me with joy. There’s an episode for everyone! See you on the other side! 💗
Relatable and informative
In listening to almost 30 I feel like I am in the room and a part of each conversation. The vibe is overwhelmingly uplifting while also extremely honest. This podcast has helped me with my own struggles and has informed about things I would not typically seek out on my own. Highly recommend!
My new favorite podcast!
Lauren Nicole White
As a 28 year old, I was looking for a podcast that spoke to my humor and interest in all things mind, body & soul and I FOUND IT! I listen to Krista & Lindsey on my way to work, at work and on my drive home... I can’t get enough! So thankful to have found a podcast that speaks to me and my age. You all need to stop what you’re doing and listen NOW! ♥️
Hilariously Honest Way of Navigating Adulthood/Life
Hannah Rae F.
I can listen to this podcast in my car and I’m laughing along like I have a car full of my closest girlfriends. Navigating adulthood/life comes with so many questions we are all thinking but many are afraid to ask: leave it to Krista and Lindsey to get us some answers! From health, relationships, work, goals, and trends: this podcast covers the perfect range of many topics and obstacles we encounter during our 20s/30s or as women in general.
This podcast is ethical, honest, smart and compassionate. I discovered this podcast a couple months ago and it has quickly become my favorite. Krista and Lindsey are so relatable to so many women embarking on a journey of wellness that is holistic, candid and completely and utterly human. I’m thankful for content like the Almost 30 podcast.
Honest & Balanced
I have listened to this podcast for a couple of years now. I have to say that even when I detach from podcast for awhile, this is one I always come back to! I love their honesty and the balanced mix of topics/ interviews and talk of their personal life of what they are going through. I have laughed and cried while listening. I really do feel like this podcast has brought great joy into my life and has helped me grow as a person.
My sisters!!
I’m so grateful for this podcast! Not only because it is entertaining, educational, and honestly gives me hope— but also for the Facebook group! Listeners can join and participate in a private group of listeners that offer support, discuss episodes, and share experiences. The members never argue or bring negative energy. I’ve been helped multiple times 😭❤️ I love the hosts, the guests, and everything about it!
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