Ep. 163 - Evangelist For Good: The Importance of Voting, Midterm Elections, and The Pink Wave - with Jehmu Greene
Published November 2, 2018
75 min
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    Today we are joined by Jehmu Greene, a political and media strategist, television commentator, and social justice advocate. She is well known for her position with Fox News as a correspondent, for her interview in the New York Times article surrounding her own assault, and for her involvement in Rock the Vote. Jehmu’s mission is to disrupt the political atmosphere with her visionary and provocative insight, through both writing and speech. We dive deep into Jehmu’s roots of growing up with activism in her DNA, and how she learned from a young age that women mattered and have a voice. We also talk about how the political atmosphere and the #metoo movement, how Jehmu handles fear, and using her understanding of her privilege as a platform to help others. With the upcoming midterm elections quickly approaching, (November 6th) Jehmu also shares why she believes this is the most important election in our lifetime, especially for women.


    We also talk about...

    • Receiving feedback from the public on her appearance  
    • Jehmu’s warrior mentality  
    • Her involvement in the #metoo movement
    • Why Jehmu loves the Millennial generation  
    • The upcoming midterm elections
    • Who Jehmu is excited about on the ballot
    • Where you can find helpful information about candidates


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