Ep. 118 - Sex: A Powerful Healing Modality + Self Actualization Experience with Kim Anami
Published May 24, 2018
85 min
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    Kim Anami is one of the freest spirits we’ve ever talked to, her energy is so pure and electrifying. Kim is a Holistic Health + Relationship Coach and a Vaginal Weightlifter (you have to hear about Vaginal Kung Fu) who infuses passion into the lives + beds of thousands of people worldwide. She’s enlightened, empowered, and an inspiring force for anyone exploring their sexual being.


    Kim is leading the charge to boldly + openly talk about sex, and how we can use it as a tool to learn more about ourselves.


    We chat about…


    • Sex as a pathway to enlightenment
    • Our first times
    • Taboos + conditioning
    • Cervical orgasms
    • Junk food sex VS gourmet sex
    • Experiencing your first orgasm (if you’ve never experienced one before)
    • When to have sex + one-night stands
    • Open communication, transparency, and radical honesty
    • Kim’s simple tips for great sex
    • Rehabilitating numb vaginas
    • How men + women can train themselves for better sex
    • Vaginal Kung FuTM
    • The ass is the storehouse of our shit
    • Threesomes
    • Sex while inebriated or on recreational drugs


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