Ep 107. New and Full Moons + Tapping into the Power of Your Astrological Sign with Spirit Daughter, Jill Wintersteen
Published April 3, 2018
91 min
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    Today we welcome Jill Wintersteen to the Almost 30 pod! She is the woman behind the quickly growing Venice based brand, Spirit Daughter. She was introduced to astrology and yoga as a teenager, but at first, Jill followed a more traditional path to become a neuroscientist. While studying at Hopkins, Jill had the opportunity to study Chinese Medicine in Venice Beach. This relocation brought her to her calling and she began a practice of “helping others to find grounding, peace, and their true path.” On today’s episode, we discuss Jill’s business, Spirit Daughter, where you can purchase Moon Workbooks, Crystals by Season, and Dreamcatchers. This conversation is centered around Jill’s personal and professional background, her insanely deep understanding of energy and astrology, and her insights into the ways cosmic energy impacts our day-to-day living.


    We talk about...


    • Jill’s teenage years spent playing with crystals and astrology charts!
    • Her experience attending Upattinas School, known for fostering individuality and lifelong learning.
    • Jill’s background as a neuroscientist, studying at Hopkins, + eventually relocating to Venice Beach to study Chinese Medicine.
    • Planting intentions on a new moon, and then sharing the new version of ourselves during the full moon - which marks a period of release.
    • How Jill wrote an AMAZING forward for Allie Michelle’s new poetry book, Explorations of a Cosmic Soul.
    • The rise of the feminine energy in both men and women + how the #MeToo movement may actually align with the cosmic energy.
    • Bringing the world’s masculine and feminine energy into balance.
    • How to bring more of what you want and need into your life.
    • Why Jill isn’t afraid of Mercury Retrograde!
    • Jill’s newest project currently in the works - you heard it here first - a brand new APP!


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