Ep. 74 - The Philosophie Founder + Wellness Guru Sophie Jaffe Opens Up About Balance, Being a Mom + How She Saved Her Marriage From the Depths of Addiction
Published October 3, 2017
84 min
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    This week we are not holding back from getting deep, deep, deep and neither is our angel of a guest SOPHIE JAFFE! If you're in the mood to talk relationships, trusting your instincts, carving your own path, and figuring our your life "philosophies", then this episode is going to change your week (month, or year honestly). For those of you who aren't familiar with the spiritual spearhead that is Miss Sophie Jaffe, she's a Southern Californian, certified raw food chef and yoga teacher, health and wellness expert, and founder of the raw food brand Philosophie! She's also a mother of two beautiful boys, and a wife, making family and relationships a HUGE part of our discussion with her. One thing that people don't realize about Sophie, is that she started making huge, extremely independent life choices at a very young age compared to most people, whether she knew it or not. She started a business, had a publicist, worked religiously when other people were in school, and fell into a serious relationship, with a lot of loose ends. She's FULL of life lessons and Almost 30 wisdom.

    That being said, here's what she shared with us:

    • her liberal, optimistic, and CAN-DO UPBRINGING, with parents that encouraged her to trust her instincts and do what she wants
    • the rough, but CRAZY INTERESTING BEGINNINGS of her health and wellness career at 19 years old
    • working and COOKING for A-list celebs like George Clooney + Gerard Butler
    • being entrepreneurial/starting a business at a VERY YOUNG AGE
    • getting a serious relationship, very fast
    • the TRUE DEPTHS of falling in love - sex, lies, identity & THE WORK IT TAKES TO MAINTAIN IT
    • the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY of marriage, children, and making love last
    • dealing with and PROCESSING your emotions in some of the darkest times of your life and HOW TO TURN IT INTO A POSITIVE LIGHT
    • filtering out your SOCIAL NET(WORK)
    • sharing the current events of the world with your kids
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