Shining Spotlight on Injustice
TLH Bird
Bravo! Here’s to “the Supremes” for saying NO to injustice.
Gripping journalism
The Great Glass Alavator
Great investigative journalism.
What a journey
Cameron Wolfe
Thank you for producing this podcast. The investigative journalism is impeccable and I’m extremely glad your work helped Curtis Flowers. Both seasons kept me in my car even longer than needed to listed. The second season drew me to look up the Flowers case on my own. Reporter and producer deserve a raise!
I gasped out loud alone audibly
Roxy sizzle
This podcast is by far the best podcast I have ever heard (and I listen to A LOT of podcasts). Results oriented and shocking.
Lari's Music
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I’m addicted to In the Dark. Telling all my friends.
Best podcast
This is hands down the best podcast out there. It’s utterly thorough, well organized and it gets results.
100% Best Investigative Podcast!
Fearless, thorough, informative, factual! Keep it up!!!
This is the most impressive investigative podcast I’ve ever heard. Both seasons are immersive, intricate, and perfectly constructed. The team’s passionate need for justice, and their relentless pursuit of answers is palpable. This reporting won awards for a reason, and it shows. The work is so good, it actually changes lives—right before your ears. The incredible ability of the team to find answers and effect change is inspiring. If anything ever goes wrong in my life, I sincerely hope a group of people like this one swings by to help me make sense of things. They’re like a podcast dream team. If you listen, you will not be disappointed, I guarantee it.
Jame Cecil Jr
Another “true” crime podcast that tries to make the guilty look innocent and the Justice system evil and corrupt. Yellow hack journalism at its best.
Disclosure: I’m a liberal married to a liberal cop (we exist!). With that being said, so much of this podcast is about blaming law enforcement and it gets annoying after awhile. Yes, the LEOs involved made mistakes, which is important to note, but she comes across as condescending and, at times, ridiculously ignorant. So many other podcasts are able to criticize law enforcement while still remaining balanced and taking factors into account, like the timeframe/decade, size of the jurisdiction & relative experience/inexperience of its force, etc. Examples: Cold, Hell & Gone, My Favorite Murder, The Clearing.
Exceptional, Madeline is Amazing!
Speaking truth to power. Madeline is exceptional, the whole team is. Powerful, compelling, and entertaining. I really loved both seasons.
Hands down, BEST True Crime Podcast
Wow. I’ve just finished listening to both seasons in a matter of a couple weeks. I’ve listened to lots of true crime podcasts, but this is far & away THE best. Great, detailed reporting with all the hard questions asked to everyone involved, which, in both cases, has led to new information now seeing the light of day. Not only have all the answers been ethically researched, but they took the time to dig past just the case they initially focused on & uncovered long time legal/law enforcement corruption in both cases.This is a talented team of reporters & storytellers, who make you feel as if your there with them every step of the way. Amazing. P.S.- I was going to donate a few dollars, in support of the podcast & also to get the donors only episode being released on 9/16/19, but you do not allow donations less than $5?? Isn’t $3 better than NO dollars?? I’d have to think there are thousands of people like me, who cannot afford much at the present time, but are willing to donate something......I’m going to guess you guys are missing out on quite a bit of money!!
One of my favorite podcasts
I started listening to this podcast early in season two. I believe they have done a fantastic job of reporting the facts without any preconceived bias. Curtis innocence or guilt is not the point . The truth is, whatever that may be .I will soon begin season one. Wish I had found this podcast earlier. This is what journalism should be. It’s really too bad that so many in broadcast journalism especially television have forgotten this. I don’t know the subject matter for season three but I can’t wait for it to start.
Curtis Flowers
angelica jelli
When are we getting an update? I’ve been patiently waiting lol. Love the podcast. Get up the great work!!!
Every episode is well produced and their investigations are extremely thorough. This is by far the best investigative podcast.
Season 2 Deserves a Pulitzer
One of the most thoroughly, doggedly researched and engrossing pieces of investigative journalism I’ve seen, read or heard about life-or-death issues in the criminal justice system.
Stopped Listening
Yeah I stopped listening once she started talking about how sex offenders have too hard of a life once convicted.
Le EPiC pOTatO
So, my Mom would listen to it in the car, and I started listening to it on my device. They really put effort into research on this. They put so much into the podcast, you should listen to it!
I heard that the USC returned the case to Mississippi and they have already vacated the decision? What’s up?
I love this podcast, she does an amazing job relaying and interviewing people. I hope that Curtis get the justice he deserves, and Doug Evans gets what he deserves!
loooooove it ❤️❤️
Amaaaaaazziinnnnggg I lovvveeee this podcasts! Thank you so much for creating themmmmmmmmm
Incredible investigative journalism
The story of a travesty of justice and an amoral prosecutor.
Pleasantly surprised
I was searching for an interesting podcast. I started at season 2 and was hooked! Well produced, well written, well spoken, very informative!! Don’t stop!
Great podcast
Guys when are you coming back?? We need an update!! I hear something is happening with the flowers case!
Love this podcast!
Great research, thorough coverage of that kind of podcast!
It’ll Make You Angry for the Right Reasons
This is truly the perfect case study of the racial inequity our justice system was built upon. The case itself (or lack thereof) is infuriating & sickening but so well researched & reported!
This podcast is enthralling. Madeleine is a great reporter and narrator. Thanks so much for shedding light on an important topic!
Touching & Motivating
This whole podcast touched my heart. I have been following crime since I was a very young girl, and find myself obsessed with cases like this one. If there is one thing that I can promise from this podcast, I will never stop sharing the horrible actions of Doug Evans. He is going unopposed in this next election, UNOPPOSED! We cannot let this happen. I feel so bad for the Flowers family, and Rest In Peace to Lola. I can’t believe she never got to see her son free. Something must be done.
Well researched and fascinating
Amy S- 6th grade teacher
Great crime podcast!
Excellent Call to Action
This podcast truly shows the flaws in our justice system and is incredibly well researched. It’s a much needed call out for ineffective law enforcement. Here is to inciting change!
To me, if I’m being completely honest, this podcast is, quite frankly, better than “Serial”. It feels more organized. There’s more investigation, more attention to detail, and an ending I can understand. I’ve had to search elsewhere for better endings to “Serial”, and both seasons, while depicting something terrible and awful, does such an amazing job of keeping it real, as in making the whole thing feel so close. A+
Great podcast, but...
Taking a star away after listening to episode 6 “Stranger Danger” where the host defends sex offenders and condemns the laws that protect our children from them. Grotesque.
Awesome job
I really feel like you, and your team has done an awesome job! I love how you only speak on the facts, and reality! I’ve listened to many podcasts, but “In The Dark” is most definitely the top of my list! Please continue doing great work. It’s appreciated.
I know this podcast is slightly opinion based and factual. Sometime I had to stop listening or skip a couple minutes cause yes people mess up, but I can’t remember what I had for lunch last week and to prep and then berate anyone with questions that you clearly already have the answers to and they can’t remember isn’t good reporting. It feels like a passive aggressive way to push an underhanded agenda even if that’s not how it’s intended to come out. It could of been done differently. If someone knows they messed up...move on.
Jordan Cohn
This is Woodward and Bernstein stuff; absolutely first-rate investigative journalism. Do they give Pulitzers for podcasts? Certainly deserves one. The narrative, the research, the interviews, the eventual positive impact on Flowers's case--the entire staff should be highly commended. Can't wait for Season 3.
Just Wow
My mind was blown this season. By far easily surpasses serial season 1. Like the research alone blows my mind. Amazing podcast, amazing podcasters. Must listen
You can tell a lot of research and time was put into this podcast, they do a great job telling the story it is super organized and everything presented really well. Thank you!
Best podcast
Season 2 has been both pleasurable and painful. Thank you for your incredible work researching and sharing this story. The pain is how this injustice continues today. Great work. Thank you.
Season 2: Episode 2
The Mississippi River really did reverse flow after Hurricane Isaac in 2012 :) - Great delivery and unveiling of the facts in this case
This Is What Journalism Should Be
This podcast is incredibly researched and thought provoking. Probably the best I’ve ever listened to. Can’t wait for season 3!
Great Podcast!
In The Dark is a FASCINATING podcast! I listened to both seasons within the last two weeks and during both seasons I was simultaneously amazed at the reporting, intrigued by the storyline, and disgusted at the injustices that Madeleine and team uncovered.
Very enlightening
Excellent and thorough research. They do a very good job explaining complex legal concepts. It’s an extremely important piece of work to shine the light on such a sad case.
The Best
I firmly believe this podcast, especially season 2, is the best podcast ever made.
Very well done
Excellent investigative journalism. Seems pretty clear that the most likely killer was Marcus Presley as the timing, the manner of killing, and the weapon, and the shoes all matched him and his accomplices. Unbelievable that this suspect was not even presented as a possibility during the course of the trial.
Incredible reporting. Unbelievable miscarriage of justice. If you live in Mississippi it’s time to vote Doug Evans out of office.
Slow Down!
I liked this up until the last episode. The speaking was so fast that I found it was hard to even follow or understand what was being said.
While I have my doubts about Flowers’ guilt, the constant portrayal that this case was about race makes me less likely to listen to and believe anything that this team reports on. Stick to presenting evidence rather than trying to muddy the waters about race relations from 50 years ago.
Interesting but moral
She acts like the morality of having sex offender lists is wrong. Like more concern for the quality of life for those offenders than the victims. Sorta infuriating.
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