Wonderfully informative.
This is absolutely the best podcast I’ve heard on these topics. Thank you!
I Love your podcast!
Stephanie Valido
I appreciate every episode, it’s such high quality information, amazing guests, and you two are so much fun!
Thank You!
Thank you, ladies. This is such helpful work you’re doing!
Just discovered your podcast and I can’t stop listening! I am a huge geek on my own with these topics, but even more, I am married to a narcissist. I so appreciate all of the technical aspects and practical tips. Life changing!
Happy to have found u
I am so happy to have found this podcast. I find it an invaluable resource as a working counselor. Not only does it provide information, but it also provides a pick me up if you are teetering on the edge of burnout.
Honest, helpful & informative
Thank you for producing a podcast that is unbiased, informative and to the point. So happy to have found you here!
Don’t bring politics
As a person who has been in therapy for close to 8 years, I find your mention of The President and a diagnosis very unsettling. Even if you’ve noticed many attributes of a narcissist, how can you diagnose someone you have never treated? Ugh , disappointed. I find that my inner voice tells me this is wrong.
Invaluable Resource
During these troubling fields, this podcast continues to equip listeners like me with cutting-edge tools to regulate emotions during the darkest of storms, and to help those in your spheres of influence. The guests interviewed always amaze me. I cannot express the words to thank the hosts for their service. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!
Love it!
Becca dj
Love this podcast. You are all so awesome and have taught me so much! I appreciate you all taking the time to share your wealth of knowledge & for helping me realize so much about my own thoughts and feelings. Keep up the great work!!!
This podcast is so important
I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate this podcast. Having grown up with both a mother and stepmother who had BPD, and being a nurse who sees the psychological and somatic ramifications of trauma and attachment disorders every day, this podcast speaks a language that makes sense of an enormous human problem. It offers me both personal and professional hope. Thank you.
New Listener
I’ve listened to two episodes specifically about narcissism. I was in a 14 year marriage to a malignant narcissist. We share three children. They are now all adults. While I could have handled my children and her much better and much longer ago - I am at a point in my life (happily remarried and with a new family) that I believe the only way she can get any supply from me is through the destruction of my adult children. I had custody of two of my kids towards the end of custody. My daughter is now 25 - and studying to be an LCT! She is fairly astute - but they certainly have never held their mother accountable. And as I watch this all play out - having explained via their Q&A over time why their mom is the way she is - our relationships remain strained and they still hold her in seemingly absurd regard. She is remarried to a man who Ive beard has been in and out of 28 day rehab programs five times over the last few years. She enables. My 19 yo witnesses it. I have not spoken to her in about a year and a half when I made the final decision to truly go no contact and while she sometimes texts me - I also have finally blocked her on my phone. Listening to your podcast - I will say I do pity her. But it’s not easy and since we all know she knows the difference between right and wrong (she was raised Mormon) - it is very hard to have any empathy. I don’t see any other answers and for extreme cases like her. I think you should make that very clear to your listeners some malignant narcissists need to be fully avoided. Relationships ended. And no contact instated.
Blew me away!
I am a clinical psychologist with 18 years experience. I just listened to your dismissive/avoidance podcast, and was extremely impressed! You unpack the theories with such skill, lightness, and fun. Your ability to articulate the client’s perspective was excellent. Thank you for sharing your talents and gifts with us! A fan in KC
Everyone needs to know
So often we have a false sense of happiness and happily ever after and this podcast helps shed light on unhealthy behavior. We live in a digital world that teaches us what is normal and happy but behind the scene may not always be so cheery and we need lessons here to help learn and navigate difficult relationship.
Thank you! So much great information !
I am a counselor, mostly with children. However, I have learned so much about adults, polyvagal theory, attachment myself and narcissism. So appreciate your work and your guests!
So informative and fun!
I’m hooked on this podcast! They’re so educational yet also captivating (not dry). They have tons of credible guest speakers, and there’s always new information. Well worth a listen!
Nerd out on neuro
Love this podcast and have listened to just about every episode; many of which I’ve played in though multiple times. If you’re curious about anything related to human experience, this is an insightful and engaging podcast. Best of 2019
Most informative trauma and attachment series in any media type
I stumbled upon this podcast searching for more information about neurobiology, trauma, attachment and am blessed with an embarrassment of riches. The hosts convey detailed information and theory in plain speak so even a physician can understand and digest - personally and professionally. Keep up the outstanding work!
best i’ve found
Got started on episode 34 with a breakdown on how to treat disorganized attachment in adulthood. It’s been difficult to find a podcast with the same level of scientific backing, credible interviews, and in-depth exploration of the intersection of currently relevant psychotherapy themes: polyvagal theory, attachment theory, ACES, etc. Also, the hosts (Sue Marriott being my personal fave!) are down-to-earth and inviting. Please continue to put out material! I’d especially appreciate anything with client-focused breakdowns on how to rewire neuroception for those with disorganized attachment.
Great Podcast!
As a new clinical social worker, I really appreciate this resource. I just listened to the episode with Dr. David Elliott and I will be purchasing his book. I learned two pages of notes worth of new stuff that I can directly apply with multiple current clients. Thank you again for this resource!
So relevant and timely!
So glad you are back!!!! I loved this new episode on narcissism! It was timely, and helped me deal with a situation at work where I was able to identify my own narcissistic injury and to change my response to place the other person’s insecurity back with them and to not take on something that wasn’t mine. I initially felt terrible about myself, but was able to hold on to my sovereign self and not compromise feeling worthy by believing something someone else said to make themself feel superior. It was a situation where neither of us needed to feel diminished.
Regular Listener
I’ve enjoyed listening to this podcast as I am LPC here in Texas. Most of the podcasts on here are quite interesting and informative. Occasionally, the hosts talk a bit too much. I’d like to have them dive into their format sooner. They have great content!
Relevant and Helpful
I love this podcast. I am a therapist and actually heard about it from one of my clients! I often talk about neuroscience in my sessions and emphasize attachment and trace the implications of the attachment in my therapy. (Bowlby and Ainsworth have been my teachers). Thank you for this and your knowledge , your knowledgeable guests, your ease with each other and your engaging instruction. It is very much appreciated.
Great for students
I'm in my third/final year of getting my master's in clinical mental health counseling and I have been listening to this pod from the beginning (sorry it took me so long to write a review, guys!). The attachment content is so interesting to me, both as a grad student, and a very anxious preoccupied person. I'm constantly learning new ways to think about these things, and I hope to use them with my future clients. Also, Anne and Sue just have the most calming voices in the podcast world in my opinion :)
Has potential
This has all the makings of a very useful and accessible resource. However promising, this show needs structure. Guests seem distracted by the format and tend to focus more on sounding entertaining and eloquent than delivering practical information. The hosts don’t get things “back on the rails” as they aren’t disciplined or assertive enough to ask direct or challenging questions. I keep hoping to come away with a couple salient points from respectable professionals, but I keep coming away with a blank notepad. Please figure out a few key points; make an outline, stick to it, and wrap it up with a summary.
Therapy on the road
This podcast is wonderful! As a traveling scientist, this has become an invaluable resource for me on the road, when I can go weeks to months at a time between in-person sessions with my therapist. (Not limited to that scenario, either!) The topics - even those that are seemingly irrelevant to my life (e.g., I am not a parent) - are always pertinent to concepts I am examining, and I always learn something(s). The hosts, Sue and Ann, are delightfully articulate - excellent interviewers and conversationalists, and they are clever and warm and witty, with a tomb of knowledge between them. With this podcast, I know myself and others better, I understand the therapeutic process better, and it equips me with heaps of fodder to bring to my own therapist to enrich our experience together. Thank you!
My new favorite podcast!
Love the hosts... helpful info for people of all levels who are seeking to get emotionally, relationally, mentally empowered... super grateful to Ann and Sue and all who make this podcast happen. My dreams of picking the brains of therapists minds and how they work is getting satiated! :) Thank you!
Thought provoking
I very much appreciate how easy the complex concepts are to understand! This podcast is invaluable information for us all!
So Helpful
Have you had the experience of hearing or reading something that feels like it’s perfectly describing you? Well that’s pretty much what happens every time I listen to this wonderful podcast. It’s not only validating, but practical in that it both helps you better understand yourself from a compassionate standpoint and gives you ways to work on the parts of yourself that you want to heal. As both a therapist and human I find this podcast to be so helpful...and the science stuff is pretty cool too. Thank you Ann and Sue!
I’m a grad student/therapist-in-training with a deep interest in attachment theory; it’s like this podcast was made for me! These women are extremely personable and make learning about neuroscience informative and fun. Highly recommend to everyone working in the mental health field and anyone with an interest in learning about and improving their relationships.
Good referencing previous pods and related info.
I came in new to this podcast listening to Stan Tatkin.. just love him and Terry Real. and am now listening to Attachment TU60 - and found several references to previous pods dealing with the same topic that would have relevant information - especially helpful to the non-professional to get back up info on this Wide Topic . so i now have 4 podcasts downloaded. I also appreciate the Photo color spectrum I found on your website for episode TU31 Attachment on a Spectrum: Navigating Adult Insecurity and Security. I enjoy your conversational style with the "details" nicly included.
Graduate Student
Thank-you for these informational podcasts! So helpful to my studies for I often think or even tell others I heard that in a podcast!
So informative!
I am a licensed clinical social worker and I have been listening to this podcast during my lunchtime between clients. So much great information, I really appreciate it. Thank you for all you do!
J cypress
So much great information and amazing inspiring minds on this podcast.
Love !
I’m new to podcasts (yes I’m late to the party!) - this is the winner for me. So enlightening and helpful. Looking forward to listening to more episodes.
Love. Love, love!!!!
Thank you ladies for this plethora of beautiful knowledge! I am currently in grad school and Im learning so much from these podcasts. Please keep it coming! :)
So Helpful!
I’m loving the attachment episodes. TU offers nuanced explanations of the whole attachment spectrum together with advice for those with insecurely attached partners and for those who themselves are insecurely attached. Episodes 59-61 helped me build an understanding that isn’t so categorical. Cheers!
Incredible Resource
I am both currently in therapy and training to be a therapist right now and this podcast has been instrumental for both of those pieces of my life. If you want to discover more about yourself (with the ultimate result being the healthiest version of yourself), this is the podcast for you. If you’re a student or therapist-in-training, this and Esther Perel’s (a guest on their podcast as well) podcasts have been the best training I’ve found. In my opinion, they are even better and more applicable than most of my classes in my masters degree program. Check this out, you won’t be disappointed!
Helpful and practical!
I have been listening to this podcast for a few months and find it very helpful in my relationships and the way I think about and relate to others, including my partner. I’m not a social worker or therapist, nor do you need to be to enjoy the podcast. The episodes are easy to digest and so insightful. Thank you!
So many great topics
I am a new listener. I am consistently and thoroughly enjoying each podcast. I take copious notes during the podcast because I am gleaning so much and need to come back again and again to deep dive into the subjects. Thank you for opening my resources and mind.
I’m a social work graduate student training to be a couple’s therapist. This podcast has been a great resource! The hosts do a good job explaining attachment theory in a non-judgmental way.
Great stuff
Very helpful. Thank you. I’ve listened to the over/under episode twice and plan to listen again. I wish my partner could be more like “David” ;-) I like when they give examples about their own attachment styles.
My therapist recommended a specific episode to me recently, and for weeks I put it off because I thought “blah, it’s going to be some boring therapy podcast.” NOPE! I can’t stop listening! I had previously been very interested in attachment theory and we talk a lot about it in my own sessions, so I feel like I hit the jackpot!! I have been listening all day. I feel so seen and so heard, and have found (already!!!) really great ways to conceptualize some issues I’ve had for a long time. Can’t thank y’all enough 😍
Thank you Ann and Sue for generous and compassionate conversations you’ve shared with listeners like me. Your in depth explorations of attachment have been acts of grace in my journey as a recovering dismissive. You’ve helped me to understand my own emotional wounds from childhood and painful relationship patterns in my adult life. Your podcasts are a guiding light in my healing path & thanks to you I now believe have a more solid sense of the kinds of help I need to seek. L Looking forward to the growth & flourishing of Therapists Uncensored. Will be spreading the word & supporting you as a neuronerd!
This podcast has some really great information for those interested in nuerobiology, psychology, relationships, and attachments. I have enjoyed a lot of the interviews and have learned a lot. The only negative, and the reason for 4 stars instead of 5, is that Anne Kelly frequently interupts and talks over the other hosts, especially when the other person is in the middle of a thought. This is distracting and frustrating to listen to, since the other host never gets to finish their sentence and get to their point.
Best bet If you are looking for reflective insight
This has helped me explore my reactions, emotions, and relationships not blaming it on others but looking at myself. So powerful! Thank you! Carla
Helpful and Inspiring for other disciplines!
These podcasts have already been so insightful for my work as a Speech Language Pathologist! I’ve been longing for “nuggets” like those presented here to better understand my patients, their reactions to treatment, and how to best respond to them to get the outcomes I believe are possible! Love the reading list on the end of the video! Thank you so much and I look forward to more episodes, more FB live, more shareable “nuggets!”
Great podcast
Thank you for such a thoughtful and intelligent podcast.
So appreciative of this podcast!
LJ Pitt
I’m a newly licensed social worker, and I’m consistently researching ways to become more of an asset to my clients. I just listened to the episode on the dark side of therapy, and it gave me so much to consider and be careful of! Thank you!!
Really, really good stuff!
M Mark A
I’ll say off the batt that I am a Christian. As such, I cannot endorse all of the views expressed on the podcast, especially some of those with regard to sexuality and gender and is the only reason I wouldn’t give the podcast 5 stars. I only wish I could give it 4.9. However, having said that, I think what is presented, again, for the most part, is immensely valuable and very useful. I heartily recommend Therapist Uncensored to all my friends!
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