Sweet with a touch of nutty!
Gypsi Moon
Jerry and Tracy bring to your ears & brain some interesting and spooky stories. For us Yanks (Yankees) sometimes it seems that Tracy’s southern charm isn’t genuine. Let me tell you, it is. She wears her heart on her sleeve, heck, they both do. Not only are they dedicated to producing a paranormal informative show, but they’ve demonstrated their devotion to their fans over and over. Tracy & Jerry are consistently sharing time and energy in supporting suicide prevention by giving their OWN TIME! They walk the walk. They thank the service members EVERY SHOW. They discuss SUICIDE PREVENTION every show. Hats off to you two and I hope I have the honor to meet you one day and get me a Tracy hug. I bet hugging Tracy is what it’s like to smell cookies baking. Love you both so much! Keep up the great work.
Do yourself a favor
Nc Rich Strickland
and listen to this podcast. The hosts are awesome. Tracy is the star of the show. Sorry Jerry.
New favorite paranormal podcast
Recently discovered this show early fall. I really enjoy the show but...I kinda liked it a lot better with the guy cohosting than Tracy, sorry to say. While I love the show, I don’t think she adds anything other than asking silly questions or making silly comments and interrupting. It’s still a good show, I just liked it better with the two guys cohosting. Edit: they should also do a little better with research. Im listening to the 7/22/2017 episode and he said Aaliyah was in the Matrix movie and died in a crash saying she was doing volunteer work. Aaliyah was a successful singer, she was NOT in the Matrix, and she was killed in a crash in the Bahamas after filming a music video. Seeing that huge screwup kinda makes me take these stories with a huge grain of salt now.
Still On a Binge
I too recently found this show. I love Tracy and the format. This would have never been able to grow to the extended episodes without her. Each episode is well researched, informative and funny. Y’all pour your hearts into it and more than anything you are so kind! You’ve built a true community on the foundation of southern charm and hospitality. I love how encouraging you are to other PODs, that you spotlight others (my library is bursting), and its a great inspiration of hey average joe if you’re interested in podcasting come join in the fun. There’s nothing more rewarding as a listener than the podcast that becomes part of your routine and you guys have become that for me. Love you both, adore your content, and appreciate the sense of community!
A wonderful mix of scary, creepy stories with laughs to lighten the mood
I just recently found this podcast in my seach to keep myself entertained at work, and boy is this show entertaining. I've been fascinated with the paranormal and occult all my life and to me the title of this podcast was unique enough to pique interest. I love the local stories touched upon within these stories each week. Jerry and Tracy also touch on many of the world's favorite haunts and stories while adding their personal "hillbilly" charm and humor. One of my new favorites, and now it's great to follow them on twitter and facebook.
Love love love this podcast
janet from prescott
So entertaining, I love the respect and kindness between the Married hosts. So well done, interesting and fun listen!
Hands down, one of my favorites!!!!!!!!
One of my favorite podcasts. Made an iTunes account just to review! Keep up the great material. I look forward to every episode.
I wanna be your friend! 😃
So enjoy your podcast! Such sweet people! Great story telling! Love y’all!!
Intelligent, Funny & Good Storytelling
First off, these two are a hoot. Also, they’re from Kentucky, so you know it’s good 🤷🏼‍♀️💙 Atypical Lore & Original Style.
Awesome show just started listening a week ago and I’m hooked from the start already listened to 39 episodes. Can not get enough of the awesomeness that is hillbilly horror stories
Great Podcast
I LOVE the podcast. Y’all always have some good stories to tell. I also love hearing Ninja in the background!
Paranormal with Heart
Hillbilly Horror Stories is filled with fascinating info about the paranormal, amazing hosts and laughable moments. I so appreciate Jerry & Tracy for all their hard work & their heart for people. Ya’ll are awesome.
I absolutely love listening to this podcast! The stories are always interesting and I love the commentary from Tracy it’s hilarious always cracking me up. Please never stop making podcasts.
Lovely 💕
I was wanting to listen to something different one day and came across this podcast. I’m happy I did. “Ya’ll” make my work day fly by! I know it takes a lot of time and work to make these episodes so I appreciate the effort that goes into your shows. Thank you :)
I’m hooked!
Love this show so much! It was like my gateway drug into the paranormal podcast world. I’m hooked and can’t get enough!
Just Ruthie
Love you guys you guys make my work days more fun.
During your free mason podcast
You were talking about the all seeing yet on the back of a dollar bill saying Horus was a evil god your a idiot I’m a pagan ... Horus was the son of Osiris and the protector of Egypt .. really really need to more studying before you thro stuff out there .. ignorance at its best.
Awesome Duo!
I love Jerry & Tracy. They’re so sweet and they really love their listening community. They share great paranormal/supernatural/unexplained stories and legends. And they always put their own unique spin and personality into the stories and into the show. It’s just a fun time. Thanks, guys!
I laugh at a Tracy level every time ninja snores in the background.
Great podcast with big heart
S D Wick
Tracy and Jerry make this podcast a great success. They are super funny and have big hearts. Reaching out to those with anxiety and depression is why I started listening. The support they offer through the Facebook page and podcast has carried me through some difficult days. For that alone, I’m a grateful fan but the content in each episode is also top notch. Thanks for what you do!
I love y’all
Your dynamic is the best. Funny, offensive and spooky!
Great show
Love you guys
Mk roll
Love jerry and TRACY. I appreciate that you put out so much content this week of Halloween but i feel that the style and quality of much of it just didn’t fit in.
Great show, my favorite paranormal podcast.
Diller Farmz
Every episode is interesting even when the topic might not be something I think I might be into. My wife and I have never missed a episode. Gets better every time.
The bomb.com
Always look forward to the next show
I just love the show, you play off each other so well on it. I do not get out much due to having MS, so depression sets in, but listening to podcasts helps keep me out of my head. Your show caught me right from the start, I’ve listened to every show. Thank you so much and keep up the great work. Happy Halloween!
Loura's favorite PODCAST
LOVE LOVE This POD cast !! THis is the FIRST PODCAST I have ever listen to. After the fristone... I was HOOKED !!! Great stories, the banter betewwn Tracy & Jerry... Nija... It sounds like a 2 friends talking to you over a great homecooked meal !! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great stories
So many different haunt stories of all types
Love it!!!
SarahW82 : )
I love this podcast!! Only been listening to casts for a few months, but have consistently returned to this one. Also, can confirm: Pigeon Forge rocks, except for its dry status 🍻
Very Entertaining
Among my favorite podcasts for sure. Love the down home feel of spooky subjects.
Jordan Bench
Awesome podcast!
Love the podcast
Been listing to podcast for a few months now and I enjoy listing to it .
Best Ever!!!!
Grooming chic
I absolutely LOVE this podcast! Jerry and Tracey are hilarious and the stories are great. If you want a podcast to get hooked on this is the one for you. I only started listening to Hillbilly Horror Stories about two months ago and finished every episode in no time. I also love that Ninja snores in almost ever episode. Lol Keep up the great work! Love you guys!!!!
I started listening to get in the Halloween mood. But! I gotta admit I cannot get enough!! Not only can I relate to many stories but the relationship between Tracy and Jerry is awesome. Between the banter of them both and the sweet slight chuckles Jerry gives to his wife, you know they are happy to entertain us. They call you family and feel like you could really join them for some laughs over dinner. Start from new and work your way down, you will love them too.
Great adventure entertainment
I began listening to Hillbilly Horror Stories while working on assignment in Alaska this last summer. I was looking for something scary, but not too frightening, and I found this gem. They are so funny, informative, and now I’m hooked!!! Thanks for keeping at, guys, I’m def a regular listener now.
Awesome podcast!!!! Love it!!! Keep it up!!!
I listen to your podcast all the time! It's fantastic! Love the hidden gems found within paranormal history that you all really do a great job bringing to us!! Thank you for always thinking about those that serve their country and for those that may need help. Love your laughter and your presentation! Awesome!
Thank you
I’m Libby from North Carolina. Your podcast brings light to my day. I listen to it while I get ready, when I’m in the car pool lane, when I’m relaxing, and when I’m trying to wind down for bed. Y’all make the listener feel like they’re with you hearing the stories. This is my favorite podcast in the world and the best part of my day is listening!
Awesome show
I’m Chris from Mississippi; and I’ve binged listen to y’all’s show in the past two months and I love it jerry you tell great stories Tracey you’re the greatest. I love how y’all thank the military and civil servants of every country. Also I like that y’all never stop promoting the suicide hotline. Y’all are terrific and I can’t wait till the next show comes on. Thank y’all for doing what y’all love to do.
Great podcast
The hosts are great! The stories are awesome! Love the way the tell them and one of my favorite podcasts.
Midroll ads
Profit Prophet
I’ve been listening since the beginning, and it’s a fun show, but the unannounced midroll ads really hurt the quality of the show. In The Watcher episode, the midroll starts playing mid-sentence. It’s worse than radio. Please consider playing a little music before/after ads.
This show is awesome. Found it at the beginning of this year and I was hooked immediately. I found it at a really low point in my life while in the military and it helped me get through my days. Thanks for the show, the laughs, and the stories.
Fascinating topics. Pathetic research
I realize this is listed as a comedy show and it has some humor. I’ve listened to 4-5 episodes and this show consistently puts forth opinion as fact, lies as fact, and routinely screws up facts. If you’re a fan of Led Zeppelin then listen to those episodes along with the Aleister Crowley episode. You will laugh at all the screw ups. The Golden Doors? Not to be confused with the Jim Morrison version I suppose.
New favorite...
tabby stone
I love hearing the stories.. the back story and the thoughts you and your wife have. I started listening a week ago and I haven’t stopped.. I work the 3-11pm shift and it’s perfect thank you. Keep them coming.
Great Show!!
Angie in Ohio
Always look forward to your shows. Gives me something to look forward to in my work day!
I love Tracy!
I’m currently working my way backward and I’m right around February 2017 and I love it. The content is everything that I love but also you two compliment each other so well. I’m a stay at home mom so I listen often and I find myself laughing all the time at you two! You both make each topic so entertaining! I just really wanted to let you all know that another person definitely enjoys listening and no Tracy, you do not have an annoying voice and definitely brighten up each episode. The negative comments you all have read inspired me to write you a good one. I hope the bad ones are few and far between now. Anyway, thank you for giving me an entertaining reprieve from my crazy house! Michelle
My favorite creepy Kentuckians
Jerry and Tracy are not only phenomenal people, but they also deliver and fun and frightening podcast, and their live shows are a blast! A favorite weekly listen!
Binge listen - that’s what I’m doing
I heard an ad this morning for this podcast on one of my other favorite paranormal podcasts (Haunted Places - parcast - really good listen to it). Long story short I’m hooked - I started today listening on my computer at work this morning, then I was on the road all afternoon so kept listening on my phone, and now I’m on my iPad I don’t know how many episodes later trying to fall asleep. My new favorite show! Driving from Indiana to Iowa tomorrow can’t wait to listen to more - just wanted to leave a review before I fall asleep. So much I love about this show - Tracy is about the sweetest kindest person I’ve ever heard as any sort of co-host and Jerry cracks me up and he kills it on his research! I rarely leave reviews - I don’t know if I’ve ever left a review. Thanks - the Ferginator!
Crack me up!!
Oregon trailer keeharler
This show is great! These two crack me up every episode. The places and things they discuss have an interesting history and things happen around them. This show isn’t “scary” persay but very interesting. I’ve been a fan of the paranormal for many years and I have heard of things and places they discuss, but it never fails that they tell me something I haven’t heard about a place in almost every episode. Keep up the good work!!
Hillbilly Horror
One of the best podcasts, I find myself listening to shows over and over. So entertaining.
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