Awesome show
I’m Chris from Mississippi; and I’ve binged listen to y’all’s show in the past two months and I love it jerry you tell great stories Tracey you’re the greatest. I love how y’all thank the military and civil servants of every country. Also I like that y’all never stop promoting the suicide hotline. Y’all are terrific and I can’t wait till the next show comes on. Thank y’all for doing what y’all love to do.
Great podcast
The hosts are great! The stories are awesome! Love the way the tell them and one of my favorite podcasts.
Midroll ads
Profit Prophet
I’ve been listening since the beginning, and it’s a fun show, but the unannounced midroll ads really hurt the quality of the show. In The Watcher episode, the midroll starts playing mid-sentence. It’s worse than radio. Please consider playing a little music before/after ads.
This show is awesome. Found it at the beginning of this year and I was hooked immediately. I found it at a really low point in my life while in the military and it helped me get through my days. Thanks for the show, the laughs, and the stories.
Fascinating topics. Pathetic research
I realize this is listed as a comedy show and it has some humor. I’ve listened to 4-5 episodes and this show consistently puts forth opinion as fact, lies as fact, and routinely screws up facts. If you’re a fan of Led Zeppelin then listen to those episodes along with the Aleister Crowley episode. You will laugh at all the screw ups. The Golden Doors? Not to be confused with the Jim Morrison version I suppose.
New favorite...
tabby stone
I love hearing the stories.. the back story and the thoughts you and your wife have. I started listening a week ago and I haven’t stopped.. I work the 3-11pm shift and it’s perfect thank you. Keep them coming.
Great Show!!
Angie in Ohio
Always look forward to your shows. Gives me something to look forward to in my work day!
I love Tracy!
I’m currently working my way backward and I’m right around February 2017 and I love it. The content is everything that I love but also you two compliment each other so well. I’m a stay at home mom so I listen often and I find myself laughing all the time at you two! You both make each topic so entertaining! I just really wanted to let you all know that another person definitely enjoys listening and no Tracy, you do not have an annoying voice and definitely brighten up each episode. The negative comments you all have read inspired me to write you a good one. I hope the bad ones are few and far between now. Anyway, thank you for giving me an entertaining reprieve from my crazy house! Michelle
My favorite creepy Kentuckians
Jerry and Tracy are not only phenomenal people, but they also deliver and fun and frightening podcast, and their live shows are a blast! A favorite weekly listen!
Binge listen - that’s what I’m doing
I heard an ad this morning for this podcast on one of my other favorite paranormal podcasts (Haunted Places - parcast - really good listen to it). Long story short I’m hooked - I started today listening on my computer at work this morning, then I was on the road all afternoon so kept listening on my phone, and now I’m on my iPad I don’t know how many episodes later trying to fall asleep. My new favorite show! Driving from Indiana to Iowa tomorrow can’t wait to listen to more - just wanted to leave a review before I fall asleep. So much I love about this show - Tracy is about the sweetest kindest person I’ve ever heard as any sort of co-host and Jerry cracks me up and he kills it on his research! I rarely leave reviews - I don’t know if I’ve ever left a review. Thanks - the Ferginator!
Crack me up!!
Oregon trailer keeharler
This show is great! These two crack me up every episode. The places and things they discuss have an interesting history and things happen around them. This show isn’t “scary” persay but very interesting. I’ve been a fan of the paranormal for many years and I have heard of things and places they discuss, but it never fails that they tell me something I haven’t heard about a place in almost every episode. Keep up the good work!!
Hillbilly Horror
One of the best podcasts, I find myself listening to shows over and over. So entertaining.
Great podcast
Sean Smack
Love the show. The most fun podcast I’ve listen to. Get a big kick out of Tracey
Awesome show....listen!
Sheila P- shawn's girl
I love listening to you both. I’ve been listening since the Ricky days. I feel like you guys are family. I’m not too far from your neck of the woods. Jerry is a great storyteller and a funny comedian. Tracy keeps the stories fun, she seems to ask the questions that I’m thinking. LOL. Keep up the great work. Awesome on the work news! You guys will be in my prayers- this will work out for the best. Have faith my friend. I’m so happy for you and your family. 🌷❤️🎉
Love it!!
football/baseball momma
I really enjoy listening to this podcast. Make my workday so much better. I love the banter back and forth with Jerry and Tracy. I feel like I’ve known you my entire life and we’ve never met and you have no idea who I am.
Really enjoyable
I find this podcast to be really enjoyable. I gave it 4 stars because I’d like more of the background/history of the haunted locations they present. However, it’s really a 4.9 stars. The hosts give a great haunted story while also making me smile and laugh. That’s hard to do with this kind of material! I look forward to being a long time listener!
My Listening Drug of Choice
Love your podcast and I listen to daily often revisiting stories that I have already listened to. Keep doing what you’re doing!
Great show
This show just always brightens my day. I love the stories and history. Tracy just makes me so happy. I love her sense of humor.
Fun spooky topics and hearts of gold
A garey
Love the topics covered. I enjoy listening to people who are truly curious and like to learn more ab any subject. On occasion they add guests interviews to enhance the subject. They do a good job of finding interesting new people to interview. All that aside, I think what really won me over is the community they have created. This duo really cares and has created a safe place (off the pod) for people struggling with mental health. I have not needed the community but I think it’s rare and to be celebrated when you find people who use their platform to help.
I’m from Grapevine, Arkansas. I really enjoy listening to y’alls podcast. You can feel the joy, love and concern you both have for your listeners as well as their family members & friends. Guys keep doing what you’re doing because it is great!! The information is good, of course the chemistry is good precious! Just want to hug her back! (Because she says she wants to give hugs & you can just feel her sweet personality) Then Mr Ninja! Lol! That lil dude all his noises oh my! LOL! Looking forward to a haunted tour with y’all that’s down south that I can go to and meet y’all. Wish you both all the best. Thank you for pieces of history along with entertainment. Great Podcast! Kim From Arkansas
Funny dead stuff
Awesome paranormal podcast! Jerry is a wonderful story teller, and Tracy adds her hilarious takes on Jerry’s story and research. You can tell they care so so much about their listeners. #hugsforeverybody
Genuine and kind hearted hosts
I enjoy listening to their horror stories not just because of the stories but because of the hosts. Tracy and Jerry are so genuine and seem like such great people, Kind hearted and there for their fans. The stories are always told in an entertaining way.
I met this pair at Lexington Cryptid Con. Had a great conversation with them and I am now a subscriber for life! Awesome podcast, guys. Keep up the good work!
Best show out there.
I’ve been listening about a year now and really love these guys. Great show give it a try you won’t regret it!
Love this podcast
Normally I’m not a podcast person but on a road trip to our family farm, we discovered this podcast and I CANNOT stop listening. It was perfect for a night drive through rural woods and winding roads. The hosts are fun and the stories are spooky and super entertaining. Also-Tracy is just delightful. Thank you guys for what you do 🖤
Best Podcast I’ve found!
Alysha Maynard
Jerry and Traci have the best personalities. Every time I listen to them I catch myself getting so caught up in what they’re saying that I don’t realize I make facial expressions 😂. Traci is the sweetest person with the best southern accent :D and Jerry has such a knack for story telling! Those two things combined make for an amazing show. You’ll lose track of time, that’s for sure! Thank y’all for making my quiet days as a mobile dog groomer soooo much more interesting than it already is! :)
Binge worthy !
Bear Kak
Love the show... I love the mini marital fights LOL ... My dog Koitus and I can’t get enough. It gets us through the long day. Not a fan of the radio drama but no big deal I just skip it. Would love to hear user submissions some day on the show! Xoxo BigHonkerDaddyLover4Us
Awesome show have binge listened from beginning, just can’t get enough sorry it took me so long to review have been meaning too for a while, y’all do a amazing job with all the stories and absolutely love it!!!
Tracy makes me happy
Lora bellerr
Came for the stories, stayed for Tracy. You’re awesome Tracy... never change.
Always Interesting!
Great podcast! I always look forward to listening! Thanks!
Favorite Podcast
Michelle G 85
Love you guys! Go Cats 💙 Michelle G
Hillbilly Horror Stories
I travel a lot. Driving by myself. Nine hour one way trips. I discovered Hillbilly horror stories a few months ago. This is my favorite podcast. I enjoy the banter as much as the stories. I love you guys!!
so much fun
Winnie Da Pup
love jerry and tracy! i love that tracy doens't know the stories and we get to hear her honest reactions to all the haunted stories jerry tells her. you two are adorable and the ghost stories are really good.
One of the best podcasts around and very entertaining
Found your podcast through Real Ghost Stories Online and have been a steady listener ever since. Keeps my 12 hour work days entertaining and teaches me things I never knew about before. Keep up the good work, I suppose I better get back to work.
~Horribly~ Fun
These two really care about their listeners! Great stories and better laughs.
My favorite
I used to listen to a lot of true crime podcasts, until I found this one. I freaking love it. I haven’t listened to any other podcast since I started. Jerry and Tracey are the best. Aside from being entertaining and good story tellers, they’re thoughtful and loving and kind to their fan base. I just love everything about this podcast. Everything.
Love it
I absolutely love this podcast! First found you guys in Podcoin and listened to half of your podcasts there! Love it! Love your stories and the two of you. My youngest daughter (8yr old) listen as well and loves you guys too.
I like pickles69
One of my favorite podcast. I love y’all guys Tracy reminds me of my aunts which their hilarious also, and I just adore the laugh y’all make my mornings ❤️ if I could give y’all more stars I would have lol
Totally Addicted
I just discovered this show a couple of months ago and I’ve been binging to catch up every chance I get. Listening from Natural Bridge, AL
Not very great.
Really lacks substance, and his wife just takes away from everything. Bummer, as it’s a fun concept, it’s just been done a lot better elsewhere.
I stumbled on this show after binge listening to other paranormal podcasts, and I just loved it! Great laughs! Great spooks! Tracy reminds me of the coolest aunt that’s always genuinely interested about anything you say. 🥰 Respect for Jerry’s podcast flow! 👌🏼 Love the warmth. Thanks for showing your love to the troops. We love you!
It’s so fun and interesting!
I just found this podcast a couple weeks ago and I love it! The hosts are funny and quirky, they get do a great job. The stories are interesting and I like the different kinds of topics they talk about. I definitely recommend it!
Love the Paulleys!
I just started listening to this podcast and I can't stop! I've went back to the first episode and have been listening every day while at work! I truly appreciate the connection they make with their listeners! And tracy- keep singing and rapping! I love it!
So much fun
I really enjoy the unscripted feel to this podcast. Jerry and Tracy seem like super nice, genuine people and they are just easy to listen to. I especially enjoy how even with familiar stories they manage to always share something new. Keep it up!
Really good show love it’s really good
Great Podcast
I Want A Pet Goat
I’m a new subscriber and I power listened for the past month to catch up, and I am hooked. They cover the type of stories that interest me, but I’m too lazy to read about. Jerry does all the research and puts it into a nice 20 minute listen. While Terry is hilarious, with her naive comments. Yep, she leaves me shaking my head and muttering ‘bless her heart’ but this makes me love her even more. Great job guys and keep it up!!
Love this podcast
Lots of cool stories and fun facts. Wide range of topics. A must for any horror fan! Great show guys!
Bee McKee
I can’t say enough how much I love listening to this podcast! Jerry and Tracy are such a fun couple and Jerry is a fantastic story-teller. They add more facts about known or popular paranormal stories and introduce so many new stories I’ve never heard of! I have many more episodes to listen to before I’m caught up but you can bet I’m a fan til the end!
Love these two!
I listen to a fair amount of podcasts and a fair amount are strictly business or a bit on the dark side. Despite having some (to some, not me) dark topics, the hosts lighten it up and both have a great sense of humor. I like the balance of skepticism and storytelling. The idea that someone will take the time to actually vet a story and tell their audience what is BS and what is documented as truth is respectable to me. Interesting topics; ranging from men in black to ESP (the prison) to wendingo - the topics don’t tend to be repetitive. Overall, my husband and I recommend it; we listen to it almost every day because we’re catching up on previous episodes.
Been listening for for a few months every episode is great.
Big Eddie cooooo
Y’all rock can’t wait till the next episode hillbilly horror stories my new show!!!!!
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