Thanks but no thanks.
I wanted to like this show; I’d heard good things about it and I liked the premise. However, now I’m not so sure. I started listening to it just recently, and began with the most recent episode: “How’s Gaby Doing?” It made sense in my brain at the time. In that episode, she interviews her parents. Her mom raises the concern that Gaby has exaggerated their wealth (or poverty) for the show and gives examples: wearing a 4th of July shirt all year because it was Gaby’s choice, not because they couldn’t afford other clothing. Gaby concedes on this and a few other points. Being that this was my first intro, I wasn’t familiar with the overall context this concern originated from. Then I go to listen to her first episode. Yes, she definitely bemoans being raised poor and having to wear a holiday shirt for a whole year (again, we later find out it was by CHOICE). Her mom also mentions that Gaby went to summer camp. Poor families don't send their kids to summer camp. And while her parents acknowledge they weren’t the smartest with their money, her upbringing was not as dramatic as Gaby made it seem. I focus on this because it seems to be the whole premise of why Gaby is bad with money. I, too, am bad with money. But I know better than to blame my parents, or anyone else for that matter. I know better than to talk down to my parents in a condescending manner to appear more experienced for my show. And while these factors may seem trivial, it has made me doubt her expertise, her handle on reality, and her overall character (she also touts that she doesn’t read these comments/reviews in a very “f*ck the haters” kind of way which just wreaks of arrogance). Overall, this podcast struck an unsettling chord with me, her manner of entitlement, and so on, and has been deleted from my library.
Love this podcast!
I love this podcast so much. Gaby always keeps me laughing. This podcast is so relatable and brutally honest about a lot of things that people don’t want to talk about. I don’t always agree with her, but I love her confidence and the many different kinds of people she interviews. I hope we get a lot more seasons!
Very good 👌🏻
I’m about to finish the first season and so far I looooove this podcast. If you are listening to this podcast to get very specific financial advice, that’s not really what this podcast is about. Like Gaby says, money is personal and this podcast is all about personal stories that revolve around people’s careers and money. The purpose of this podcast is to rid the listeners of their own shame about their lack of knowledge or experience around money and to give examples of how people of different backgrounds found their paths. It’s truly motivating. Unlike some listeners, I don’t think that it’s defeatist, I think it’s a call to take the initiative and understand the system that you live in.
Favorite money podcast
This is one of my favorite money podcasts! I love that Gabby considers social and economic factors that impact our financial lives. Honest and insightful interviews as well. Thank you!
Has made me better with money!
I love this podcast despite it sometimes getting the into the uncomfortable subject of money.
Honest and humble.
3 Dog Pack
Great show. Very honest and humble. Which is something often missing from money shows. I’ve learned a lot.
entertaining and educational
This less than 30 characters?
everyone bashing this show bc it makes them “feel bad for being a straight white man” only makes gaby stronger. seriously, if that’s your takeaway, probably best to actually keep on listening and dig a little deeper into why you feel that way! anyways, gaby is funny and real and her guests are as well. entertaining and educational! i came here from jbu (have been a fan since like buzzfeed days) and i love this a lot, my favorite parts are when you refer to allison as your “comedy partner” as opposed to, like, best friend/soulmate/life partner/etc
Great listen.
I love this podcast and feel like I’ve learned so much. So many of the guests are authors, I just wish there was like a companion book list so I could go check them out. I forget to write the titles down. lol 😆
Give it a shot
Gabby is awesome.
Great advice and also food for thought
I started listening to this because I got a real job after graduating college, and being the first person in my family to have a four year degree I wanted to mitigate the effects of my poor-ish upbringing. This podcast gave me a lot to think about which in turn forced me to self reflect on how I think about money, and where my priorities are, and why I think of money in the ways I do. I think after listening to all four seasons in four months, I have tools and ideas to make better choices and also be cognitive of why I’m making these choices. I also really enjoy the personal anecdotes Gaby brings to the show. Easy to listen to and follow, great guest speakers as well
social justice does not exist
funny chick but social and justice are 2 vague works put together to create an even more vague term. New words don't mean things exist. Affirmative action, military intelligence, climate change are all new words and are not affirmative, intelligence and climate is different everywhere on earth.
Made a mockery of her mother
There’s a lot to love and hate about this podcast and this review is possibly pointless since Gaby Dunn claims she doesn’t read comments.. Someone’s intention is really important to me and a factor that is often ignored, but intention is why I continued to listen to this podcast even though I may not always personally agree with Gaby Dunn. But the way that she flat out laughed at her mother on the episode titled “How’s Gabby doing?” while interviewing her father (51:33) showed that she hasn’t grown up at all. While interviewing her mother, she continually interrupted her and got offended when her mother called her “my baby” when all her mother meant was that she was her sweet little kid. It’s not something unique or rude, it’s a feeling that most parents have towards their children. Instead of appreciating the privilege of having parents who still want to treat their grown children, she horribly blasts them and gets paid for it. We all have our own version of how terrible or great our parents are but even if her perception is fact, it doesn’t mean she is absent of the idea of respect.
Millennials take on investing
I keep trying to convince myself to get into it because I know it’s how you’re supposed to grow but I have all the same hesitations and shut done about it whenever I get in a little deeper. Thanks for an awesomely relatable episode and I hope to keep looking into it.
Fuels my SJW core
This podcast starts out as an ode to informing yourself on all the twists and turns that come with living in capitalist society, then as the seasons progress it turns into a fight for all marginalized groups. From structural racism, to outdated disability regulations this podcast covers it all. With special guests from all walks of life, Bad With Money really does it all. I look forward to tuning in every week
Thank you!
I just stumbled upon this podcast today and thank you so much for the Suze Orman interview!!!!
Best podcast about money and beyond
You’re awesome Gaby! ❤️
Money social justice style
Dr. Jalondra Davis
I love this podcast. I am a Black feminist scholar and though I want to get my money together and have found finance podcasts I really get frustrated with the way most financial media fails to confront structural inequities, putting all of the focus on things like budgeting, avoiding the taxes that fund public programs and individualist responses to systemic disadvantage. By listening to this and other more traditional podcasts I get both a discussion of the system and some practical knowledge I need to make my own situation better. It is funny, diverse and deeply informative.
An Apt Title
Gaby is a smart lady, but really and truly is bad with money. Most of us have things we are wired to understand well or poorly, and I think Gaby's circuitry registers an "ERROR-DOES NOT COMPUTE" when it comes to personal finance. Her guests are a mix. Some of them have solid perspective, others are weak, and their well-meaning guidance make me cringe, knowing that uneducated listeners may act on their suggestions. Gaby's self-styled radical leftist views are at war with the capitalist structure that is the successful backbone of modern free economies (even those which temper this structure with socialist elements). This internal tension creates entertaining theater. Gaby is very bigoted, no less than those on the far right, and that hatefulness is the thing I most dislike about this podcast.
Awesome show
I love the tactical, honest and real rawness Gaby delivers in this podcast. I hit subscribe and definitely can’t wait for the next show!!! For that listener that is ADDICTED to creating their future. For the listener who KNOWS they are destined for greatness but didn’t believe they could actually make money in it. This podcast is for you. Gaby asks very candid and heart opening questions.
Amazing , personable and highly recommended
Sasha Benjamin
Just finished season 1, episode 1. This show was highly recommended on a twitter thread in reference to learning money management and everything money . So here I am ! I love how personable Gabby is. Two know she’s only 2y older than me is amazing. The way she speaks is like she’s your BFF. She makes the uncomfortable conversation about money, COMFORTABLE. She’s helping us fix our shame about bad money habits by TALKING ABOUT IT. I love it. Thank you Gabby. You have a new listener!
Gaby is smashing the fear of finances
I appreciate how she speaks honestly about the fears that surround money while also chipping away the veil of issues surrounding socio-economic status, sex and gender identity, race and so many more topics that NEED to be talked about. She also brings a journalist eye to her show and peppers in her brilliant comedy and contagious laugh. As a millennial, I appreciate hearing the analysis of someone in my generation because it’s what I live and breathe everyday. Thank you, Gaby!
Young and Naive
Bring in a white, male hedge fund manager, a rural farmer, an articulate white male who can teach you about the other side, who has a different perspective and experience than you and actually ask him why he thinks differently than you instead of writing off an entire population when you say “they don’t understand our experiences” and “it’s just inconvenient for them.” You are not entitled to be heard or for anyone to provide “safety” and medical benefits. There is no system that will take care of you. You build it yourself or you let the belief that the white male and this vague system controls you. Sounds like this drives all of your thinking. Read the Coddling of the American Mind. And pull your head out...
This is all fake
Gilmore girl at heart
This is horrible she is a fraud DONT LISTEN!!!!!
Good perspective however some editor needs to help these speakers quit using “like” as filler.
Ahead of the curve reporting-brilliant take on Amazon and it’s questionable ethics
Good, but some info presented is incorrect
Airing It Out
Overall, I really like this podcast. The biggest issue is that some of the guests say things that are factually incorrect (such as Broke Millennial describing target date funds as "actively managed" - some are, some are not -- one of many things she just got wrong) and Dunn does not have sufficient knowledge to know the difference between correct and incorrect. It's a disservice to listeners who come to this podcast as a way to learn more.
It's good!
I was ready to dislike this show because it didn't have great reviews on apple podcasts. But I really do like it! and appreciate it! The episode about the pound puppies made me seriously rethink my spending habits. I feel empowered to start exploring ethically investing now. Anyway thanks Gaby!
Very interesting social commentary, but missing some value added substance
Don’t disagree that parts of the economy are stacked against the under represented, but this is too fatalist... Own the solution!
Love this!
Love love love Gaby and how open she is. While I am still bad with money I am so much more conscious about how I'm spending it and coming up with strategies for me and my little brown family.
Investing !! Ahhh or Ahhh!!
stephen dunford
Hi Gaby, Great show this week Erin Lowery. I just opened a Roth IRA being Inspired by your Suze Orman show. It all is becoming clearer and clearer what this Episode. Index funds, bonds and percentages are much more able to digest... since I am almost 40 ( a bit older than you my dear) i am looking to have a kid or two with my boo, have a wonderful house and what will happen to my mom, career, etc. The contents of your episodes and you make me soooo sooo happy that Instead if saying Ahhh- scary to Ahhh Oprah :-) lol. Thank you and I’ll keep listening. Love Stephen
Don’t get financial advice from Gaby
I thought that by season 3 Gaby would have studied up a little more, but I’m listening to her talk to Broke Millennial and she sounds like she’s never read a financial book in her life. If you would like to hear from a host who has a complete distrust in financial institutions, this is the podcast for you. If you would like to hear financial advice from a fellow young person, RUN FAR AWAY. She makes credit scores and investing sound so scary and unapproachable; it’s really a shame. Gaby before you call yourself “a woman in the financial space”, you should learn a little bit more about finance.
LOVE THIS! Thank you for creating a podcast that educates people about their personal finances without being dry and unrelatable. This has helped me so much.
Life changing
Witty Kitty
This show/the book based on the show have completely changed/saved my life. I went from being completely stressed tf out about my finances and thinking I was alone and clueless to being pretty financially stable and confident. As a fellow bisexual, bipolar female that’s bad with money, this podcast made me feel truly seen. Gaby is changing a generation for the better
Great advice for our Generation
AZ Summers
Gaby reaches out to a generation who wasn’t taught how to manage their money. She speaks to Millennials in a tone that isn’t condescending. She knows that the school systems did not teach some of these basic financial concepts to them, and wants to make sure they have information she didn’t. She uses her experiences and POV to illustrate what NOT to do, but also it’s ok if it’s already happened. I love her commentary on money/financial issues plaguing minorities, poor, disenfranchised, and the forgotten. Thank you Gaby! Been listening since Episode 1 and will continue to listen 👍
Victim Mentality Peddling
chuck bruce lee
When I first heard the trailer I thought this was a sarcastic show to mock the extreme left. I was wrong. Apparently there are people pushing this crap on out young people and making money off it. And NPR is promoting this crap, I’m going to stop my support for NPR soon. America is great not because people are getting hand outs from the government. Look at yourself before you blame others for your own problems. You have more control than you think. Stop listen to this idiot.
No shame - doesn’t send me into a panic
Love this podcast as it helps me approach my situation calmly without shame. Thanks Gabby!
Straight white man are bad and rich people are ever worse. I grew up in communist country and I can smell a new age communist from a mile away. Whatever, not listening to this BS
Almost great.
I loved a lot of the first season. Down to earth advice from guests, easy explanations, etc. But that doesn’t seem to be the direction of the podcast anymore, which is fine, but disappointing. She talks a lot about big issues but constantly blames the system and paints the individual picture as bleak — “welp, guess we’re screwed because we are not boomers.” How can we fix our personal situation if we’re just constantly blaming something else? The system didn’t force you to take student loans... they heavily persuaded you and intentionally didn’t educate you, which is a HUGE problem... but you signed the dotted line. The real fix we should be focusing on should be personal finance education, early on, before we have the legal ability to make the decisions that got us where we are. Please return to that, Gabby.
I really, really wanted to like this show!! But by the end of episode six It made me feel bad for being a straight white male! Very little to do with finance, more of a poor me male Bashing podcast!!
So informative and considerate
Vanessa Zee
Just listened to the first episode of the fourth season. I have listened to every episode of this podcast and learned SO much. There is nothing quite like this out there! Love the social justice lens and think Gabby is one of the few people out there truly breaking down financial jargon to make it accessible!! Keep it up please!!
Gabby Was Born for This
Gabby Dunn is so incredibly charming and clever and relatable. She was born to do this work. Subscribe immediately and do whatever else you can to support this show!
Forever in debt to u
I’m so thankful that I found this podcast at age 20. I will forever be in debt to gaby and literally no one else because I found this podcast before getting into debt. I’m also opening a 401k because of this podcast. Thanks a million, gaby!
Thank you
Mumbles of a madman
This show is a public service announcement, an after school day special that has taught me as well as entertained me. Thank you
This show is exactly what I needed as far a baseline perspective on money. I haven’t seen many queer and fem focused views on money. This is where it is at! Gaby gets some amazing guests and isn’t afraid to tackle complicated and often overlooked issues.
She is in my head, literally!
I am 52. I am bad with money. I’m unstable with it. I will never stop listening to this podcast. I’m listening from the very beginning.
A Totally Original Voice
Gaby's talents are unlimited and her podcast is on fire. Learning a lot.
Truly how did I live without this?
This podcast is incredible. As a 23 year old heading to my first job this podcast has both helped me admit how truly bad with money I am, and has forced me to confront that and change it. Money (and systems around them) have always felt so inaccessible and confusing, but Gaby makes it easier to understand.
Can I get the theme song on Spotify????
Just listened to my first episode- the one about shopping addiction. It was amazing & this show is worth checking out for the theme song alone!!
Thank you
Elizabeth GJ
I’ve heard Gaby on other podcasts and she always pitched Bad With Money, which I definitely am. Though I’m admittedly late to the party, I just listened to the first two episodes of the pod and literally cried because what Gaby experienced was SO relevant to my life. Look forward to listening to the rest :) thank you for providing some insight to let us financial disaster areas know we’re not alone.
So helpful and entertaining
Thank you.
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