Robert “Right”— R.W. Should take the flattery at face value?
Jack and Co. were the first of several to successfully sell me on getting the book—audiobook, hence “Jack” and co. As soon as the interview was finishing and the book praised, and the narration vouchsafed, I went straight to audible and spent my night on credit on Why Buddhism is True! No podcast engages me with every single episode, but I’ve listened to all of the episodes starting when the Panpsychast was just a babe, and they have done a superb job of informing and entertaining. I like the watching them expand over time, getting great interviewees while always maintaining the conversational, layperson’s coequal tone no matter how prestigious the guest. I think that is the special sauce for the panpsychast—it’s always very human, to he common everyday sort of human vibe
Lovely Talks
I’ve been looking for philosophy podcasts for ages, but none of them hooked me. Somehow they turned my favorite subject into something dry and unrelatable: this podcast is anything but that. The hosts are funny, nice, and great teachers (often employing hypotheticals to help listeners understand). I’m really excited to hear every episode! Thank you for making these; they add a lot of value to my days :)
phil major
Entertaining and informative!! I wish I could be there to discuss with them :)
Informative and Entertaining
If you are interested in learning philosophy, I really like the blend of info and fun from Jack, Oly, and Andy. I've blown through their episodes like crazy the last week, and I really like the hosts. Their chemistry is great and you will wish you were there with them. Their early episodes could use some more preparation and editing. But still well worth a listen.
Smart and entertaining podcast
Thank you guys!!!!
my favorite podcast
Everything about it is great!
One of my Favorite
These guys are not only super entertaining, but I also feel like I've learned a lot from them.
Philosophy wow!
Great for getting a foundation. Accessible and fun, occasionally taking a bit of a deeper dive. Really great show!
Quite comprehensive and fairly unbiassed
I have felt for a while that philosophy is a weak area in my knowledge and worldview. I set out to find a podcast that could give me a broad introduction to the field. This podcast has given me that with great success. The content and delivery is informative as well as enternaining. An effective combination that keeps listeners coming back as well as having something worth coming back to. I've quite enjoyed listening to the discourse of three people with fundamentally different views from mine. I feel they well represent what it looks like to respectfully approach a contrary viewpoint. Many thanks from Kyle in Minneapolis, MN.
More than just pub philosophy
If you’re looking for something to help you sleep at night ... scroll on my friend because this show is super clever! Their banter mixed with deep analytical thought makes this podcast one of a kind. I enjoy them very much!
An excellent program!
I thoroughly enjoy listening to this show. The topics are very interesting and accessible. I also enjoy the banter between the hosts quite a bit. But.. PLEASE get rid of that god awful derivative theme music! It makes me cringe every time I hear it. It just doesn’t match the emotional impact a lot of your content brings along with it. Besides that, I honestly love the show!!
Fun and insightful
Great group of guys who teach interesting topics in philosophy while also having fun at the same time.
The absolute best!!
This is how you communicate philosophy!! Thank you so much!
Love this show!
Love this show, I listen to every episode. Best philosophy podcast available. Detailed and easy to dive into.
The episode on Marx was unsophisticated. It sounds like they crammed all they could to make a deadline. They decide, in the end, that capitalism is good because they would rather not lose all their cool stuff.
Philosophy for the rest of us
I'm typing this on an iPhone so I must be brief. But this post cast is without a doubt my favorite. It blends humor accessibility and learning and discovery all together and it does it amazingly well! The topics start at the foundations and don't assume that your a philosophy major with tons of prior knowledge. They provide a more light hearted way of discussing topics and even have a few episodes where they invite some guests in and sit them down and let them crack on about the discussion. The very liberal and open aspect of podcasts in general lend itself perfectly to philosophical discussion! Anyway please please if your looking for some good brain food pod subscribe and check them out. And their twitter!
enjoyable, educational, enlightening. the hosts are also quite funny at times.
Long Overdue
I've been listening for about a month now( and I've listened to every episode) and my review is long overdue. I love this podcast. It's the perfect level of banter/humor/wit and hard-and-fast philosophy. Keep it up guys!
One of my favorites
Thoughtful yet accessible, humorous and well-structured. It should be required listening for anyone seeking a birds eye view of philosophy. There are podcasts that are hated, ignored, tolerated, and liked, but the panpsyche guys are beloved in our house.
Makes me want to do a jig
Fun, educational, dramatic, riveting, surprising, jovial, even supplies you with a handy sense of superiority when you consider the poor wretches who don't listen to this podcast.
New favorite podcast.
Josh benfeld
I started listening to the episodes on Camus a few weeks ago, and was hooked immediately. I have since gone back to the beginning and heard every episode except the newest one. It is amazingly informative and entertaining. I am a science major, and am not doing my "a levels" (not sure what these are, but I'm guessing it's a British thing), but have enjoyed every one of these episodes. The episodes on existentialism and the problem of evil are my favorites so far. I am excited to see what comes next. I would like to hear more about both existentialism and the problem of evil, if you're taking suggestions. The euthyphro dilemma would be a great episode or two. I'd also like to hear more about the gnostics or Neoplatonism. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in philosophy, whether it be for school or for pleasure. The format of the episodes has also improved significantly after the first 2 or 3. (The first few were good, but you are getting closer to great now).
Just a solid podcast all around
Well-researched, well-organized, very informative without being too much, and the guys have great voices to listen to. Been enjoying it very much so far. Keep it up!
I really enjoy this podcast
This is a really fun and informative podcast that looks at individual philosophers and philosophical principles in a very comprehensible way. Totally love it.
Great for folks new to philosophy!
These guys have provided me a fantastic foothold to bring my journey in philosophy. The episodes go by too quickly!
Fantastic combination of banter and Philosophy.
Enjoyable for non-philosophers
I like how this group is able to explain the complex ideas in ways I can understand without prior study. I enjoy the interactions of the casters and always look forward to new episodes.
Amazing podcast
I love the show!!!!! More more more!!!!
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