Too many episodes & too much rambling
I could not stand how there was so much recapping every episode. I should not have to listen to a good chunk of what happened on the prior episode on the current one. Phone interviews were too long, things were repeated too many times, and Payne is kind of a braggart. I was told to listened to this by a couple people and honestly I’m not sure why they loved it so much. I did listen to all 18 episodes. This could have been cut in half.
Good but...
Great podcast and stories but MY GOD is season 2 phone recording bad!!!! I understand changing the voices for confidentiality but WOW most of is inaudible! Skipped one full episode because I LEGIT could not understand anything it hurt my ears!
So far this is the best cold case podcast I have found. Listening to other cold case podcasts makes me miss Payne Lindsey and whoever organizes the Up and Vanished podcast.
I love Payne and everything about the way he tells a story. I haven’t been able to stop listening. I love the theme song and the music added in the second season. Can’t wait for season 3
Great story, but why is it playing out of order!?
Lena Desai
Please make episodes play in order
Amazing work.
Love this show, great work guys!
The best true crime podcast available
Truly one of the best podcast I’ve ever listen to. I feel connected and inspired to help solve each season. I know that this podcast will become a pillar in the justice system for a cold cases. Can’t wait for season three keep up the great work. Oh and Catfish I hope you get what’s coming to you because you deserve it.
Good podcast but terrible theme song
jumpy pony
The theme song is horrible. But I enjoy the podcast aside from that.
I LOVE the intros! You're doing a great job man.
Season 1 - interesting story, but there was way too many long, rambling interviews that could have been shortened or edited. The episode with all of the praise about the podcast helping solve the crime was a little over the top. I had looked up the case online when I first started listening, so I knew the ending ahead of time, which made it anti-climactic.
I’m hooked- just like watching mystery tv
I love the crestone series so far
Thank you. This was amazing...
Awesome podcast! Very entertaining.
I listen to a lot of true crime- this one had me googling the ending about half way through so I could be done with it. Entire episodes where one minor nugget of info is prattled on about- obviously stretching to add time. Felt like a TON of filler material. Host Payne Lindsay sounds disingenuous to me- sort of sing/songy pre-written sounding dialogue through out. And worst of all...when !!SPOILER!! the arrests were made, an entire segment where the host gloats and humble-brags about how it’s all thanks to him. Including, I kid you not, a voicemail where his grandma praises him. Come on. A girl is dead. I’m glad this podcast helped solve the crime but taking such pleasure in your part in helping was tacky. Full credit for the role this podcast had in shedding light on the crime, but frankly it all felt sort of hacky to me.
Waiting for more
Loved season one! Just couldn’t get into season two. Seemed drawn out and less interesting than the first season. Hopefully more engaging seasons like season one will come out.
Happy tot
Thank you
Definitely binge-worthy!
Nikkita Green
I love how raw, real, & relatable Payne Lindsey is! I’m still on the first season but honestly this is my fav true crime podcast at the moment!
Season 2-Meh
Like others, I loved Season 1. Season 2 failed to hold my attention because of the poor quality of the phone calls audio.
Innacurate and Sloppy: Shames the True Crime Podcast Genre
Blended Fam Podcast
If I could give 0 stars, I would. My husband and I listened to this podcast on our drive to Crestone from Denver, for a weekend getaway. We had never been to Crestone and thought it would be fun to get some local color, and a little scandal along with it, before we arrived at our AirBnB in Crestone. We'd downloaded all episodes hoping to get through most of it on the 4 hour drive. However, we could only suffer through the the fourth episode before stopping cold. Not only does the story lack any supportable central thesis, structure or sense of immediacy, but the poor editing, long stretches of empty space filled with strangely syncoapated instrumental sounds, and no central character or sense of any mystery (or frankly any real argument for why what Payne Lindsey calls a "shocking, mysterious" disappearance of Kristal Reisinger) had any solid grounds for foul play. What the first four episodes of this second season consist of amount to nothing more than tangentially-involved characters speculating wildly about what may or may not have occurred, with no one seeming to even know much at all about the woman who is supposedly the central concerning "cause du jour" that provides the flimsy premise for this irresponsible and amateur production. If there is any progression from episode to episode, it is signified by the interviewees making even more unfounded, speculative and potentially libelous allegations about potential perpetrators of a crime that no one seems to have any credible evidence even occured. This was all before we even got to Crestone, which the podcast host, Payne Lindsey, slanders as a place so unsafe that he would be wise to "carry" some sort of weapon for protection while he is visiting for his flimsy podcast investigation. This town is not only delightful, friendly, and a place we would bring our kids —but it has none of the nefarious crime Lindsey is so convinced (with literally no evidence that he produces to his listeners) is the defining characteristic of Crestone. I could go on for pages on all the blatant factual inaccuracies Lindsey states as fact in the first 4 episodes we were able to get through, but I won't becuase we have already wasted enough time on this garbage. But I will point out one that is so egregious, it is what motivated us to actually even write this negative review. Lindsey describes a "watchtower" that looms over the San Luis Valley, when he introduces one of the main tourist attractinons in the area, which is a UFO sighting center. The center, which is clearly visible from the highway, has a 1-story platform that surronds an octaganal structure. We drove down the entry road looking for this "looming" tower Lindsey spent considerable time aggrandizing. Our only guess is that Lindsey was either never even here in Crestone, as he and his producer cliamed to have been, or they simply lifted the local Fox news reporter's article about a potential mystery surrounding Ms. Reisinger nearly verbatim and added literally no additional investigative curiosity or original intellectual property to produce an entire podcast season. It is shameful to the true crime podcast genre, of which my husband and I are avid fans and listeners. If anyone is considering listening to the garbage, please reconsider—if not for the degradation of the journalistic form, then for the fact that nothing this podcast has to say about the town of Crestone, CO is even remotely true.
Payne Lyndsey is by far the worst podcaster. He doesn't have any experience at being either a journalist or a crime investigator, and all of his podcasts are poorly written and produced. More importantly, there have been several instances where he's acted extremely unprofessionally, with the most notable example being shortly after the announcement of the two arrests in the first season. Payne Lyndsey right away started bragging as much as he possibly could that he was the one who solved the case, and he even made an episode that mostly consisted of random audio clips of people repeatedly praising him for solving the case. Yet, he didn't know anything about the two suspects prior to the announcement of the arrests and he had instead been focused on other possible suspects, all of whom we now know were innocent.
I LOVED season 1. It really got me into true crime podcasts, besides criminal. I couldn’t stop listening. The way it was put together and the question and answer portions helped for listeners to have something to look forward to and listen more. For someone who just wanted to solve a cold case, I find where it turned to be captivating, tragic, and worth the tell.
Great crime podcast
Payne is so captivating and really makes you feel like you’re apart of the investigation. I truly enjoy listening to him and how he breaks down these crimes. I hope there will be many more seasons I will listen to them all !
Up and Vanished
Love the Podcast !
gingah ninjah
The first 7 episodes of season 1 are good. Then it starts to focus on irrelevant information and long interviews that don’t matter. I ended up skipping the Q&As. The narrator presents speculation and gossip as “facts”, and I feel bad for the innocent people in the story who had their reputation dragged through the mud because of this podcast. The audio is terrible for phone interviews in season 2.
Where’s season 3?
Mommy Geis
I enjoy this podcast. Very captivating! I love how patient you are while talking to these weirdos like Catfish! I just couldn’t do it..,he’s always in drugs it sounds like. My money is on him being guilty as hell! Where’s season 3?
Too much rambling.
Soooooooo much rambling on insignificant info yet I still listened to most of season 1.
Great Story Telling
Kayla Otis
I really enjoyed season one of this series and this is honestly what got me hooked on listening to podcasts. Season one was such a great case, the interviewing was awesome, the follow ups and deep dives on the evidence was great. Season two, not so much. That being said, I really hope they choose to do a season 3 and I’m very interested to see what case they select. Payne is an great story-teller, extremely intelligent and insightful, and you can tell how much work he and his team put into researching these case.
Exciting, but confusing
Da weed man
It would help a ton if Payne could summarize these phone calls that take up most of the episodes. So much of them are hard to understand, and he just goes on with the episode under the assumption that you understood/heard everything that was said.
Skip season 2
Season 1 was amazing. I was obsessed. Season 2 was VERY boring. Not at all compelling story, millions of interviews, terrible cell phone recordings that are literally impossible to even understand what the person is saying... I don’t know what happened. If there is a season 3, I hope they close an interesting story and don’t have episodes that are 45 minutes of interviewing one person.
Season so far has held my attention not too many podcasts do. It keeps me wanting more so that’s a plus.
Season one was great. Season two...didn’t care
I know there is more to it but not interested in deep diving in a druggie culture mom who left her child behind to “find” herself YET still wants us to think she loves loves loves her child but just cannot commit to her. Gag me. Grown up!!!!! Sooo many more worthy people to document. Go back to season 1 criteria please. Sorry. Hard pass.
How do I explain this?
The production of the podcast overall is okay except long unnecessary pauses with music. The narrator is intelligent and insightful but the content is wrong. The missing girl that they follow for so many episodes led such a destructive life, was on drugs, didn’t raise her child, had no money and lived with transients and addicts, why was it a shock she went missing? Not saying her life is any less important than another affluent person that goes missing but it’s just human nature to be more drawn to stories of missing ppl that you can relate to, and I don’t know anyone that is relatable to Kristal. I understand they are trying to shine light on missing ppl that don’t usually gain the media coverage, but do it in one episode and follow up later there’s just way too much time spent on one persons story.
Love this podcast so far. Not to Season 2 yet
I have listened to several True Crime Podcasts. This is by far my favorite! Love that you feel a part of the investigation rather than listening to a story. Some people complain about long interviews, but I like hearing what they are hearing.
Season 1 Great! Season 2 not so much.
jαчdєn wσlf
Season 1 was so amazing and loved it so much. Season 2 I just cannot get into. Too many interviews, not enough Payne. It seems like the formula has changed and I hope it goes back to the original.
Not enough information
I would give season 2 of this podcast less stars if possible. Too many commercials, horrid music, not enough information to make a full season so they fill in with repeating the same confusing garbage over and over. I think this could have been an interesting story told over an episode or two by a different host/editor. It’s unfortunate that the podcaster really wrecked the chance to bring light to this case!
Love everything about this podcast!!
Meandering mess
Can’t understand the high ratings for this, it’s a meandering over-produced mess. Lots of very long interviews with people just gossiping and speculating about what happened, some very poor quality. Too many musical interludes. Three episodes devoted to George Harrison ... why?? There’s no clear focus or organization. So far nothing has really happened and I’m on episode 15. Hope there’s a payoff because I feel like I’m wasting my time.
First off, love the podcast. As a Crimial Intelligence major, this is great to play while I study or read for my classes. Second, would you be interested in doing a podcast season dedicated to the disaperence case of Samathan Sperry who, disapeared from Graves County, Kentucky March 2018?
Loved it!
I loved Season 1! Payne is a great story teller and makes every episode so entertaining. I did not care for season 2; although, I still thought Payne did a great job. I just didn’t feel as invested.
first season great- that’s it.
the first season following the Tara Grinstead case absolutely captivated me, regardless of Lindsay’s “storytelling abilities.” The fact that the case was developing and eventually solved in real time, mostly because of this podcast, was also amazing. I was excited for the second season and completely disappointed. An entire season dedicated to a troubled drug addict known for disappearing and hanging out with shady characters, with really no news or developments within the case. I couldn’t even keep going past episode 5 or so.
I’ve never been into podcasts but had a 6 hour drive the other day and got hooked on season 1. 2 days later and I’m all done! About to start season 2. I’m obsessed. So well done and great coverage of the cases!
Curiously addicting
Payne just an amazing job investigating and pushing some people to limits all while being cool, calm, and able to relate at the same time. Personally I haven’t dived into season 2 but it’s in the plans. He’s my favorite narrator for sure.
Really good
WHERE IS season 3 ?????? I love love love this podcast !!!
So Slow
16 episodes in and still no closer to finding out what happened to Tara. No leads, nothing. The storytelling is scattered and repetitive, making it hard to understand. This is his first podcast, so maybe his next ones are better.
Can’t hear a thing...
Season 2 Ep 6 has finally done it for me. I cannot understand a thing this person is saying, the audio is so bad. It should be translated.
Sooooo good
Love this podcast. They even engage with the listeners which I think is a really cool element. They really dig deep into evidence and the case to find the truth.
I stumbled across this podcast after a couple others were suggested to me. I have not been a big podcaster. This podcast and the stories have captivated me-in a sad way because the stories are of real life missing persons. Well done investigative journalism! CULPABLE is next!
Are you just trying to fill the time?
Zongo Lipschitz
This would be a fine podcast but for one serious flaw. I’m in the seventh episode now, but I just don’t know if I can listen to it anymore. Every single piece of information we get is then immediately repeated by the host, as if we had not just heard it. It’s as if he doesn’t trust that we can retain the information for more than a few seconds without having it drilled into our heads. Incredibly annoying. Otherwise great.
Great podcast!
This is my favorite podcast. It’s very well done and I’m enjoying season 2 as much ad I did season 1. Can’t wait for season 3!
I love this. Started listening to season 1 MONTHS ago after i finished SERIAL and forgot about it... after the first few episodes. I’m so addicted. Midway through and wanted to leave a comment to support. I can’t get enough. I listen to an episode or two everyday. Very addicting.
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