Great, but Not Perfect
I found the podcast very informative and the hosts certainly know a lot in the hard sciences. However, sometimes I disagree with their analysis because my recent studying does not match their logic or at least their definitions. For example, they said that increasing random error in an experiment is always bad, but that is the way you increase your statement of confidence. That is from Elementary Statistics, but maybe the MCAT just doesn’t cover that? Its good overall and highly recommended.
12 point increase!
This podcast was a huge help during my summer studying. I know Dr. Gray’s podcast was a huge factor in my 12 point score increase along with many practice tests and my SMP courses. I mainly used the ‘discrete question’ episodes while driving to campus, but there are many helpful tips on test preparation and passage approach. Thank you Dr. Gray for developing such a helpful tool, and I’m really enjoying exploring some of your other podcasts such as Specialty Stories!
Best way to get practice in throughout your day
This has been one of the most helpful study resources I’ve found. Not only do they cover so much material, but they explain how to approach different questions and answers to optimize your success. Literally blew through the entire series in a week and a half because of how great it is!!!
Simply put this app is amazing and has plenty of FREE very useful information on the MCAT an absolute must for pre-med students!
Love this podcast
Lexa Run
This podcast was so helpful and entertaining! I just took the MCAT yesterday and this podcast definitely helped, especially with sociology. I really appreciate Dr. Gray coming up with questions that the students would ask, that was really helpful.
This is Magic
At first I was really hesitant about listening to an information loaded podcast-I thought it would be incredibly boring and not keep me awake while I was driving... but these podcasts are incredibly engaging and not only that, but give you tips for answering questions that actually work! Thank you for your work Dr. Gray-hoping to report a good MCAT score thanks to your resources!
Very Helpful and Easy to Digest
I started listening to this podcast about a month ago. Since then, I have already seen my performance on practice tests increase. This is a great way to make use of commuting time or time when you are performing mindless tasks. They review full length MCAT tests in detail and provide explanations not only for correct answers but also for incorrect answers. In essence, you learn about 4 things (the 4 answers) per question they review. And since it's free, you really can't ask for much more than that. I would HIGHLY recommend this podcast to anyone taking the MCAT in the future.
Folliwing Mayo footsteps
I listen while I’m at work or commuting. Can’t believe it’s free. Would recommend to 100% everyone who is planning on taking the MCAT. The 1st few episodes were just general info but then it takes off into actual practice questions and explanations. Helped when I took my first full length practice.
Super helpful!!
I listen to this podcast when traveling or even at the beach so that I can be studying even when I’m not able to be in the library. Going through the passages and having detailed explanations is a really helpful way to keep the info that I’ve learned fresh in my mind.
Great for Practice
I really enjoy listening to this podcast while driving. It makes the use of my time much more efficient. I love the practice podcasts can, because I can hear how Dr. Gray’s mind reasons through the questions that he may not necessarily know the content of. The NextStep tutor then does a great job explaining all the answers. It’s a nice way to get some practice in. Thanks Dr. Gray and NextStep!!
Better Than MCAT Prep Course
This podcast is so helpful! I actually love how Ryan goes though every question and attempts to answer them even if he doesn’t truly know the answer. Hearing how he would approach the question and how he reasons it out will be very helpful for me during my MCAT. I am currently enrolled in the Kaplan MCAT in person course and this podcast has honestly been more useful to me! I highly recommend! I have learned so much!
Lots of potential. Needs new curator
This podcast certainly has potential to be pretty good for on the go MCAT study. The episodes are short and to the point. BUT, Ryan Gray is absolutely intolerable. He does not know the answer to a single difficult question and offers absolutely zero insight beyond his educated guess and social awkwardness at every corner. Luckily there are guest speakers such as Brian and others who actually know what they are talking about and carry this show in its entirety. I truly am surprised Ryan is a MD in all honesty. Perhaps he is being facetious and knows more basic science than he portrays, but I haven’t seen any hard evidence of that thus far and am pretty tired hearing him random guessing and saying he ‘has no clue’. Not what you’d want to hear from your doctor, that’s for certain.
Thank you.
I appreciate this podcast because it helped me to find Next Step Test prep for my MCAT prep. Way cheaper compared to other top notch name brands and I feel like I got more content and practice materials than I would have gotten if I went with another test company. I love the way Brian and his team explains things. Hopefully all this prep will pay off! Hope this helps other just as it has helped me. I listen to these podcasts every time I'm in the car!
I turned this podcast on today during my hour drive to Physics. By the time I got there, I walked into class feeling motivated to learn! I will definitely keep listening and tuning in. The advice is priceless.
This podcast is amazing. I listen to it while I get ready for work everyday and during my drive, and it has been so helpful. Thanks Dr. Gray and Ryan!
Thank you
This podcast helped me so much. I listened to every episode during my spare time and it did a world of good, supplementing the studying I was doing on my own. Just got my score back. 515! I would suggest this podcast to anyone. Bryan is invaluable and Ryan too! Thanks again!
Great motivator for the challenges of MCAT season
louise in the ville
When studying for the MCAT is hard enough, a premed student doesn’t need the extra challenge of navigating the “how-to” environment by his or herself. Work, family, and life obligations can easily leave one tired student feeling exhausted. I’m grateful for all of the hard work of the content creators and producers at the MCAT podcast because they keep me motivated and encourage me to think about how I study for tomorrow in addition to completing my tasks for today.
A really helpful study tool and information resource
I really enjoyed this because I can actively learn opposed to passively learn when I’m too busy to sit and do questions or flash cards. It’s such an awesome resource for information on the mcat and also perfect for when you have horse or have to drive. Best podcast for the mcat hands down!
For all the gunners out there
This podcast is amazing for motivation!! I would highly recommend to all of my fellow premeds out there! Brian does an excellent job at explaining the thought process behind each question while simultaneously giving study tips for general learning for the main MCAT topics. Dr. Grey makes you feel like you aren’t alone when you have no idea about the answer for the question and it really humanizes both the practice of medicine and the process of applying to medical school. Thanks so much for producing this podcast.
better dialogue
Bryan makes and carries this podcast (he really should just do it on his own). It's not that Ryan doesn't know MCAT content, which is fine, but it's that his conversation skills are lacking. Specifically when he replies to Bryan's thorough explanations with just an "..OK" or "easy." I think if he had better responses and was able to carry conversation better, the dialogue between them can lead to a more in depth explanation of MCAT topics/questions/passages/advice, as well as a more entertaining podcast to listen to overall.
Take a Deep Breath
I’m in the thick of studying for the MCAT. I listen to this podcast in the morning as a warm up before I start studying and it has helped me to take a deep breath and tackle questions with clarity.
A Must
for anyone taking MCAT. You cam quiz yourself and learn something new even while you’re driving
This is possibly the best podcast to help you set up for the MCAT. Ryan and Bryan are extremely helpful about all corners of the MCAT. A definite must if you want to bump up your MCAT score. They're also very helpful to pump you up and motivate you to do your homework. I love listening to this podcast on my way to work or if i'm just at my local coffee shop studying. The ony problem is that there aren't more episodes!
Lots of info!
Great, great, GREAT information is presented here. I as well, had a late start in the MCAT prep process and it has been a deer in the headlights process. I have been all over the place with books and tests and questions with no real sense of direction. This podcast levels me out and brings me down into a place of planning and methodology. Keep up the great work!
Great quick podcasts
These podcasts are great for learning how to approach questions and it really emphasizes that the MCAT is a reasoning exam!
Fantastic Podcast!
I thoroughly have enjoyed listening to this podcast as I drive my morning and afternoon commutes. Currently studying to take the MCAT for the second time, and found that the advice and review of practice passages that I recently completed through the Next Step diagnostic were incredibly helpful. I only wish the podcasts were longer! And that we go over specific question types (for example...the dreaded Roman numeral questions, etc.) and the best strategies for each question type. Thank you so much for starting this podcast--a free MCAT resource that I can trust!! Looking forward to tuning in next week!
First of all, I really appreciate the hard work that Dr. Ryan Gray and his fellow partners have put on this podcast. I started listening to this podcast about two months ago and it really helped me out a lot not only about the MCAT but also what to really expect in Med School and etc... I really recommend this podcast to anyone who wants to be a physician even if they are still in High school. This podcast has some good quality information.
Full of great info!
I always imagine Dr. Gray's podcast to be like a personal weekly phone call from a very knowledgable mentor. All of his podcasts are very "high yield" and beneficial to the aspiring Med student. The hardest part about listening to these is resisting the urge to write things down while driving down the highway!
Gonna Be Amazing!
I give it five stars and haven't even listened yet! The Premed Years and OldPreMed podcasts are fantastic so I know this one will be too. Dr. Gray always delivers high quality podcasts on an amazingly dedicated weekly schedule.
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