EP 154 - Quantum Healing in The Yucatan with Steph Jensen
Published March 3, 2020
54 min
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    Steph Jensen, both a functional nutrition health coach and culinary nutrition expert, suffered from chronic fatigue and other chronic health conditions for years. She tried nearly everything under the sun, but nothing even moved the needle even slightly for her. 


    Just when she felt she was completely out of options, she discovered the teachings of Dr. Jack Kruse who was on Episode #3 of The Biohacking Secrets Show. When she heard him share about the healing benefits of the Yucatan Peninsula, she intuitively knew that she needed to go experience it for herself.


    She then spent the next 6 months in Mexico, where she was finally able to move the needle and feel significantly better.


    However, over the next 6 months, Steph lived in 6 different locations, using trial and error to see where she felt the best, but often plateaued or had mixed results. It wasn’t until that last month that she finally found an optimal environment and started to feel her best in years. Helping you to skip all the leg work she went through, Steph makes it easy for others to come and experience the healing benefits of the Yucatan.


    Once she moved to the coast nearest the crater, she made an incredibly quick recovery, thanks to the increased magnetic field of the crater.


    Listen to more of Steph's story and specific biohacks that helped her heal in this episode of The Biohacking Secrets Show. 

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