EP 151 - How to Activate Elite Cognitive Performance with Methylene Blue and the 7-Phases of Health Optimization with Dr. Ted Achacoso
Published February 21, 2020
96 min
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    Dr. Ted Achacoso is the founding pioneer of the clinical practice of Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe), which is the detection and correction of imbalances at the level of the metabolome. He was mentored by the founding pioneer of Anti-Aging Medicine and Nutritional Medicine, Thierry Hertoghe (Dr. Ted is double board-certified, Paris), mentored by the founding pioneer of Medical Informatics and research scientist in Artificial Intelligence, William S. Yamamoto (Washington, DC), mentored by the founding pioneer of Socially Responsible Investing and Finance (now called Impact Investing), D. Wayne Silby (Washington, DC), and mentored by the country pioneers of Interventional Neuroradiology, Neurology, and Pharmacology/Toxicology (Manila).


    He maintains tricontinental clinics and teaching in Health Optimization Medicine and Practice. He formulated one of the most sought after nootropics in the market today, Blue Cannatine. 


    Learn more at https://troscriptions.com/blue-cannatine/ (discount code "biohacks" to save). 

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