Ep 64 - Harry Massey - The Future of In-Home Performance Optimization
Published December 28, 2017
53 min
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    Harry Massey is a pioneer in the field of Bioenergetics, which goes beyond biochemistry by integrating physics, biology, and clinical research. His mission is dedicated to eradicating needless disease and suffering, which grew out of his own research into health as he sought to overcome 7 bedridden years of serious illness in his youth. Harry has invented a number of clinical technologies including a health analysis system that scans the energy fields of the body, an electro-therapy device that is able to reduce pain and inflammation in the body and advanced homeopathy through imprinting healthy epigenetic information into water which in turn triggers a healing response in the body. His company is https://www.neshealth.com and he is currently working on a mobile scanning app & health and self-help education platform tailored to the individual’s scan results.

    He also has a passion for making films that help educate the public on ways they can improve their health and lives. He made the best-selling documentary The Living Matrix along with Choice Point — Align Your Purpose, which includes interviews from Richard Branson, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Dr. Silia Elworth, Jean Paul DeJoria, Jack Canfield, Barbara Marx Hubbord and Greg Braden. His latest movie is Supercharged which features Dave Asprey, Joe Polish, Abdel James, Professor Gerald Pollock, Dr. Steve Sinatra and Sarah Turner.

    Harry loves to connect to other Genius members and is especially interested in those who share his mission for eradicating needless disease. 

    In this episode of The Biohacking Secrets Show podcast, Harry and I discuss:

    • Unconventional strategies for performance optimization discussed include hyperbaric oxygen, ozone, coffee enemas, infoceuticals, EWOT (exercise with oxygen therapy)
    • How Harry went from being bedridden for 8 years to now running one of the fastest growing companies in the health industry
    • How Routine, Discipline, and Wisdom are the foundation of greatness and what small habit you can start today that will immediately improve your performance
    • The story of how a dog crippled with Lyme Disease was able to overcome spinal degeneration by applying a specific type of Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency
    • What this Nobel Prize winner found to be the source of 75% of the body’s energy (hint; the answer is not “mitochondria”)
    • And much, much more…

    So without further ado sit back, relax, and enjoy my conversation with Harry Massey.

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