Ep 62 - Daniel Chao - The Future of Optimizing Brain Health
Published November 26, 2017
58 min
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    Daniel Chao is a neurotech entrepreneur specializing in devices that improve brain performance He is the co-founder & CEO behind the Halo Sport, a truly revolutionary neurostimulation system built specifically for athletes. It’s designed to make your training or practice more efficient by improving your brain's natural plasticity. By applying a mild electric field to the motor cortex, Halo's Neuropriming technology induces a state of "hyperplasticity." When you train in a hyperplastic state, the brain's normal fine-tuning process occurs more rapidly — meaning better results from each practice rep. You can learn more at HaloNeuro.com

    In this episode of The Biohacking Secrets Show podcast, Daniel and I discuss:

    • What is "neuroplasticity" and why it's the foundation for brain function
    • How to increase electrical conductivity of the brain for greater processing speed and communication
    • Daniel's 3 top strategies for optimal brain health
    • Why Daniel recommends "Human Powered Commutes" and how he implements them in his daily routine
    • Cutting-edge habits for upgraded cognitive function
    • We address the question: Is it really possible to hack sleep? What works and what's just click-bait
    • How Daniel used "brain hacking" to achieve his cycling PR (personal record) on Hawk Hill in San Francisco, CA
    • "The most acceptable addiction the world has ever seen" and how it's slowly weakening our brain 
    • And much, much more…

    So without further ado sit back, relax, and enjoy my conversation with Daniel Chao.

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