#119. Kate Northrup on How to Do Less
Published July 26, 2019
41 min
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    Kate Northrup is a bestselling author, speaker and mother who has built a digital empire alongside her husband Mike Watts. She leads women entrepreneurs to experience less stress and more financial success through her Origin Collective community. You can check that out at origincollective.com or learn more about Kate and her books at Katenorthrup.com

    In this podcast, we’re talking about the concepts from her second book called Do Less, including:

    • how we’re living overscheduled lives full of of busywork
    • how motherhood stopped Kate in her tracks and required that she change how she approach her time management
    • how there is more than one way for us to perceive time
    • how women are particular are shocking over-givers (but that is because of our estrogen dominant mind)

    www.katenorthrup.com & www.origincollective.com

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