#111. Sarah Kucera on Ayurveda & Holistic Health
Published April 5, 2019
53 min
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    I have increasingly seen Ayurveda referred to in Health & Wellness circles, but had no idea what is was. Then I met Dr. Sarah Kucera and she has opened my eyes to this logical way of looking at our wellness in life.

    Sarah is the author of the newly released Ayurvedic Self-Care Handbook. This is a manual that you will refer back to time and time again, and it is truly the most beautiful book I can remember seeing in years. Find a copy here:


    In this episode we talk about:

    • What Ayureveda is
    • The 3 Doshas or bodily constitutions (I'm Pitta)
    • How living in line with natural cycles benefits us, and how we can do it more
    • Simple practices that most of us will benefit from
    • How we can hack our daily routine for optimal well-being
    • What working late at night is doing to our system
    • And so much more

    To learn more about Dr. Sarah Kucera head to www.sarahkucera.com or her practice Sage Center for Yoga & Healing Arts in Kansas City: https://www.experiencesage.com/

    To learn more about Kate, head to www.thrive.how and p.s. use the #heretothrive on Insta! Let's connect.

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