#109. Ruby Warrington on Being Sober Curious
Published January 2, 2019
48 min
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    Ruby Warrington is a British Writer & Thought Leader who resides in Brooklyn, New York. In 2012 she launched a spiritual lifestyle platform for the New Age life called – The Numinous. She is also the co-creator of the event series Club Soda NYC and has a spiritual coaching program called Moon Club. 

    Ruby is the bestselling author of the book, Material Girl, Mystical World and her second book Sober Curious has just been released. To grab your copy of Sober Curious, head here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0062869035/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i0

    I wanted to talk to Ruby as I think in the Health & Wellness space, there is an increasing interest in being more mindful about the way we approach our lives, and I wanted to know how that extended to alcohol. You’ll hear in this interview that my best friend stopped drinking in 2018 and that brought the question about my own relationship with alcohol to the forefront too. 

    Ruby starts with a really simple but HUGELY powerful question – “would my life be better without alcohol?” and discusses how that made her get curious. 

    Today we’re talking about how you can explore that question for yourself, and what that might mean. Our discussion includes: 

    -How being sober curious is all about questioning

    -How most drinkers are drinking by default or habitual drinking, rather than consciously drinking

    -How alcohol contributes to anxiety, exhaustion, disturbed sleep, and more

    -That perhaps life isn’t supposed to be comfortable, and what that means

    -The 5 different kinds of problem drinkers and how the black/white idea of problem drinking may be outdated

    -How you can actually survive parties being sober

    -Healthier ways we can escape and revive from the daily grind of life

    To find out more about Ruby, head to: www.rubywarrington.com or www.the-numinous.com.

    To keep up with the Club SODA NYC events, head here: https://www.clubsoda.nyc/events/

    The TIME article with the 5 Different Categories of Problem Drinking: http://time.com/5464477/types-of-alcohol-use-disorder/


    To learn more about Kate, the host of Here to Thrive: www.thrive.how


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