#107. Kristen Finch: Relationship Advice You Need to Hear
Published November 30, 2018
54 min
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    Kristen shares a perspective on marriage that is refreshing, yet not as common as I believe it needs to be. Her story is unique, but the lessons she shares are not. She is a Life Coach and host of the podcast, Show Up & Love. She has also had her thoughts featured in The New York Times, MindBodyGreen and more.

    In this episiode, we're talking about how we can communicate meaningfully with the people that matter in our lives, how we can step out of the need to be right, and how important it is that we take responsibility for our happiness.

    If you're in a relationship or someday hope to be, this one is full of goodness. The wisdom Kristen shares is unmistakable. Listen closely and soak it in.

    Other noted points include:

    • What radical responsibility is and how we can live it
    • Recognizing that your spouse or partner sees the world differently to you, and that is okay
    • How you might be undermining connection with your partner
    • The power in taking ownership and how we can do that
    • The danger in looking to blame
    • How we can avoid falling into victim-mode in our relationships
    • How judgment keeps us separated from one another
    • How Compassion & Curiosity can be anchors in our relationships with others

    Kristen an be found at www.kristenfinch.com

    You can read Kristen's Modern Love essay in the New York Times here: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/07/style/modern-love-aspergers-diagnosis.html

    We also discuss her husband's New York Times Bestselling book: The Journal of Best Practice, a Memoir of Marriage, Asperger Syndrome and Ones Man's Quest to be a Better Husband. You can find that here: https://www.amazon.com/Journal-Best-Practices-Marriage-Asperger/dp/1439189749

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