#102. Christine Gutierrez: Privilege, Trauma & Spiritual Bypassing
Published July 20, 2018
51 min
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    Wow. Christine Gutierrez was the awesome, honest, upfront and intelligent guest I had only dreamed of being able to ask some hard questions of. Questions that included the "hard" stuff that a lot of people are scared to bring up.

    But I believe in the power of conversation, and in staying open and curious.

    Christine is a Licensed Therapist & Spiritual Healer. She has, for many years, been leading women on retreats and in her practice, find there way back to themselves and overcome the trauma and violation that holds them back.

    She is also a strong voice when it comes to diversity, inclusion & privilege, and one who strongly believes in standing up for and elevating the voices of those who perhaps don't have the same privilege to be heard.

    If you're looking for a REAL and POWERFUL conversation talking about all the things...don't go any further. This episodes includes:

    • Understanading Spiritual Bypassing
    • The strange Self-Help Elitism that is occurring
    • Intergenerational Trauma; What it is and how it shows up
    • Privilege, and how it shows up in many different ways
    • How we can be curious about all the types of privilege we have
    • And what can you do that with privilege we do have
    • The importance of lowering our defenses and embracing curiosity
    • Dangers of commercialism in generating popularity
    • How we can be aware of Marginalization
    • How we need to have spaces for people to explore their pure and raw rage
    • Understanding that we are all learning, and the journey is far from flawless
    • How have we have all, at some time, partaken in that which has caused negative impact
    • The divide that has been highlighted by recent political climate
    • How important it is to recognize that we all have something to learn from one another
    • Where being hurt and triggered is often coming from
    • How the amount we judge one another is hurting us. Judgement keeps us separate from another human. 

    Christine mentions a new initiative of hers that will be live soon called, www.elevatevoices.com.

    To find more about Christine and the work she does, head to www.christineg.tv or you can find her on Instagram @ChristineG.

    www.thrive.how to learn more about the host, Kate Snowise.

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