#90. How to Know When It’s Your Intuition Guiding You
Published April 27, 2018
28 min
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    How do you know it is Intuitive Guidance OR your busy mind coming up with ideas? What constitutes an intuitive-hit or a nudge from the Universe?

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    A listener reached out to me recently to ask this, and she is far from the first person to bring it up. I can still remember back when I was sure I didn't have an intuitive bone in my body. Now - 5 years later - I consider myself incredibly tuned in to my inner guidance system.

    In this episode I'm talking through 4 particular checkpoints that can help you ascertain whether you're in alignment with your inner knowing, or whether you may have got caught in rumination or your overthinking mind.

    Some of the things covered include:

    • The difference between Green Light intuition and your Warning System intuition
    • How intuition is a feeling rather than thinking system
    • How intuitive guidance will struggle to be heard over loud thoughts
    • What you can do to tune-inward and tune-out the outside world so you can hear your intuition
    • How seeking approval outside of yourself kills intuitive connection
    • How impulsivity is not intuition, and how if you are impulsive you can benefit from building in a contemplative practice before jumping to act
    • How trust is crucial to the process
    • And the fineprint when it comes to intuition. What it can and can't do.

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