#89. Becca Reed Smith on Self-Doubt + Fear
Published April 20, 2018
50 min
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    This is an important, enlightening and super useful information. Becca Reed Smith is a Therapist & Mindset coach. She shares with us here her straightforward guidance, and she explains concepts that most of us find challenging, in very real and understandable ways.

    We talk about a lot in this podcast, but some of the particulars include:

    • Understanding that Fear is Normal
    • How common it is to not feel good enough at times
    • The importance of stepping out of our Comfort Zones when it comes to Fear + Self-Doubt
    • Imposter Syndrome, and a discussion on the "who am I to ..." statement many of us play in our heads
    • How once we feel safe and grounded, our options open up
    • How stress can eventually lead us to feeling numb and that is our nervous system simply doing its job and trying to regulate the big emotions
    • Cognitive dissonance - what it is, and how we can use it to our advantage
    • And how our Doubting Dialogue often shows up in the form of "what if" questions and what we can do it quieten it

    To see the diagram of the Window of Tolerance, head to the blog post: www.thrive.how/podcast89

    To find out more about Becca and her services, head to: www.beccareedsmith.com

    You can also follow her on Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest at: @beccareedsmith

    To get the Freebie I mention, 3 Steps to Moving through Doubt, click here: http://bit.ly/2G7Y3Mu


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