#85. Tahlee Rouillon (Sonesence): Peace, Brainwaves + Following Your Bliss
Published March 23, 2018
55 min
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    This episode with guest Tahlee Rouillon is full of magic. It was so juicy, and I was so engaged I totally forget to ask her my standard set of questions!

    The conversation is one part inspiration and one part the geeky and fascinating science behind binaural beats (or Meditones as Tahlee refers to them). In the first half of the conversation we talk in depth about Tahlee's finding her way to her soul's calling, and how she took anything but the direct route. Her journey is inspirational as it is so real, and you can also see the thread of magic that wove through it and brought her right back to where she was supposed to be.

    The second part is a fascinating discussion about the power certain types of music have to deepen our states and change our brainwaves. Tahlee makes her music, Meditones, which are designed to help people go into slower brainwaves states much more frequently. We also discuss just how meditation can make us feel calmer and more present in our waking hours due to neuroplasticity and our brain's ability to create new pathways.

    Honestly, I was mesmerized. If you're fascinated by any of the following, don't miss this episode:

    • The idea that if you don't struggle you never build resilience
    • What a Saturn Return is, and how it shows up much like a quarter-life crisis (and how Tahlee experienced hers hard and heavy!)
    • How we can live lives that are just 'fine' or dare to feel true joy
    • How the biggest adventures in our lives often stir simultaneously feelings of terror and excitement within us
    • An explanation of the 4 different brainwaves states we experience
    • Benefits of listening to music at particular frequencies
    • How binaural beats or Meditones can induce instant calm, remove anxiety and so much more
    • How Meditones are perfect for people who struggle to meditate
    • How exactly meditation works from a brain perspective and makes us happier humans in our waking hours
    • An awesome explanation of neuroplasticity
    • How it is we get stuck in habits and repeat the same behaviors even when we don't want to.


    Tahlee mentions her free Meditones which you can access yourself here: http://www.sonesence.com/freemeditones/

    To find Tahlee: www.sonesence.com

    Instagram: https://instagram.com/sonesence_music 

    facebook: www.facebook.com/sonesence

    To share the online link to this episode: www.thrive.how/podcast85

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