#75. Robert Kandell talking Men + Relationships
Published January 12, 2018
57 min
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    I've got a Man on the podcast to talk to about how on earth we're supposed to co-exist with this other sex! Well kinda kidding, but seriously, kinda not.

    Robert has been helping people to communicate better, connect and create intimacy in their relationships for the last 16 years. And I am picking his brain.

    In this ep, a small snippet of the things we cover includes:

    • The importance of creating a feeling of approval in your relationships
    • Why telling the truth is so important, but sometimes scary as sh*t
    • What Men are possibly thinking when they seem to go cold and bail on relationships with little warning
    • Some communication hacks that can go a long way to minimizing misunderstandings
    • The Masculine & Feminine energy in relationships and what that means
    • How the majority of relationships have a power imbalance built in
    • And the "Me Too" movement - how are Men really feeling about all this?

    To find out more about Robert, you can head to his website: www.robertkandell.com or listen to him on his podcast, Tuff Love.

    To find out more about the host Kate: www.thrive.how

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