#69. Don't Fight What Is
Published December 1, 2017
23 min
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    This ep. I'm getting real with a topic that frequently comes up in my Life Coaching private sessions. This is one of the things that I've been talking about with my clients over the past few weeks, and it's more than a passing trend - it is a life lessons than can help us avoid a WHOLE bunch of suffering.

    I'm also celebrating a BIG milestone and giving myself a hard time about my accent (taking the Mickey out of myself if you're a Kiwi in the know). So if you want a little lightheartedness, stay tuned to this one.

    Specifically this podcast talks to:

    • What Acceptance is
    • Why accepting what is, rather than fighting against it, eases our hurt
    • How being stuck on our expectations hurts us
    • 3 steps to help you start moving yourself towards acceptance

    I mentioned three mantras in here that can be really reassuring:

    • All is in right order. This is happening for me, not to me.
    • Acceptance is my path to freedom.

    and my favorite:

    • What is truly meant for me will never miss me.

    To learn more about me, and the Workshop Series going live in Jan 2018, head to my website: www.thrive.how

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