#51. Daniel Gefen - What Makes a Successful Life?
Published August 4, 2017
54 min
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    If you're looking for life inspiration, and a kick of big-picture motivation - start here.

    Daniel Gefen is sharing big insights, and deep meaning in this episode. He is the host of the Can I Pick Your Brain Podcast where he talks to Entrepreneurial types about their paths, success, and how they've created what they have.

    Here, we're going beyond the surface level. We're not talking money in the bank, we're talking what makes a truly successful and fulfilling life. What is it that we, as humans, need to feel successful in our hearts?

    Key points covered include:

    • How Daniel used reverse psychology to convince his wife he was the one
    • Why creativity counts in life (and an epic illustration of how he used it to his advantage)
    • The cycle of a Self Help Addict (and discussion on his upcoming book - The Self Help Addict)
    • The big question you'll like be left with after reading another self-help book
    • The importance of momentum in life
    • How Children can teach you everything you need to know about success
    • 2 ways you can get yourself to look at the big picture in life
    • and How to encourage your children to grow into the people you hope they will become.

    As I said in my sum up, I see Daniel as a Life Leader with the power to enthuse and inspire. He enthused and inspired me!

    His company is Get Featured, and they get guests featured on podcasts - www.getfeatured.com

    To find out more about Daniel, keep informed, or book him to speak - www.danielgefen.com

    And to keep informed about his upcoming book - The Self Help Addict - www.theselfhelpaddict.com


    To find me, the host, Kate, my corner of the web is - www.thrive.how

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