#47. Lucy Sheridan - Comparison + How it is Hurting Us
Published July 7, 2017
65 min
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    This episode is a golden nugget. Lucy had me literally laughing SO loud. You’ll hear it!

    There is a ton of joy in here, but the wisdom imparted is also palpable. Lucy is an expert in comparison, and how comparisonitis can trip us up in life.


    In here you’ll find us talking through:


    ·     How Lucy had been unintentionally using social media to bash herself

    ·     How comparison is experienced by all humans to a lesser or greater degree

    ·     How comparison brings friends such as jealousy and ‘bitchy-leaks’ [that one got a good giggle outta me!]

    ·     The importance of self-preservation & self-focus

    ·     Why it is necessary to cultivate a newsfeed that you find nourishing

    ·     What living a #comparisonfree life looks and feels like

    ·     The importance of the “so what” question + how comparison always holds a jewel of insight within it

    ·     How comparing ourselves can lead to procrastination among other things

    ·     Lucy’s understanding of the fast-food version of self-care

    ·     The significance of evaluating why you’re doing something and the danger or not doing so

    ·     Her experience of talking with Oprah (and how she managed to nab the opportunity)


    Lucy, her infectious smile, and all her work around combating comparison can be found at her web-home – www.proofcoaching.com


    She also has the book she co-wrote called Higher Selfie which can be purchased here: https://www.amazon.com/HigherSelfie-Wake-Life-Soul-Tribe/dp/1781806675


    She mentioned Genevieve Davis’ book Becoming Magic in this episode too. That book can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/Becoming-Magic-Course-Manifesting-Exceptional-ebook/dp/B00J7VUL9I


    To learn more about me, and my coaching, you can head to my website: www.thrive.how

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