Great Story
What happened to the Pin Kings episodes? I really enjoyed those and can’t find them anywhere.
I’m so impressed
The Big Dude
Jen Lada makes the podcast feel so comforting. I’m excited about seeing her on Sportscenter. Y’all are now making the most of her fantastic talent.
A great podcast
Excellent content and production
Under the radar
Havent read a lot of pub about this podcast but it's really good. I see some of the features on TV but not all of them and can follow along with the pod either way.
A captivating story
As a journalist, I was impressed with the amount of research that went into this project. These guys clearly did their homework. As a listener, I wish they would've used a more linear storytelling style. There was so much bouncing around I got a little lost in the first few episodes. But wow, what a captivating story! I was completely hooked from start to finish. Thank you, ESPN.
Amazing story. Execution needs work
I echo what a lot of other reviewers have said. The content, the story and the investigative work behind it were phenomenal. What was lacking was in the production and the format of the podcast. There was too much repetition and not enough content for 16 episodes. I would much rather have preferred 6 solid 1 hour pods than 16 repetitive 1/2 hour shows. That being said, I can't wait for the next (improved) ESPN SC podcast.
Poor execution
Great story- poorly executed. Poor format :/
Great story!
I loved this podcast. I thought the story was compelling and binge listened to every episode.
Great story...
Wow! What an inspirational story. Can't wait for the book and movie!
Could be so much better
Too much meaningless exposition. This entire podcast could be cut down to an hour and 15 min. Interesting subject but story is too drawn out, making it boring. Disappointing because it could be so much better.
Compelling story/bad production
All the bad things about TV brought to a podcast. The storyline was broken so much so that I had to check each episode to make sure I was going in the correct order. There was endless repetition especially in early episodes. Like in bad television, producers would bookend commercials with verbatim repetition almost As if the had to stretch the content out by several hours to fill advertising, so much so that the flow of the story would stall for 5-10 minutes. You will sound bites 3-4 times that do nothing to advance or enhance the story. The narrators themselves say the same thing over and over again as if trying to teach a toddler how to say the alphabet. The only saving grace was that the story was so compelling for me as a former wrestler. Even though they hyperbolized Kevin's role in finding or bringing Alex to justice the story itself was very engaging. I really hope they adjust to the podcasting community and ditch TV antics in future podcasts.
Very Enjoyable
I enjoyed this podcast. It talks about a compelling story and even though some people dislike the format I enjoyed it. The back and forth between the two writers mixed in with interviews had me hooked on the story. I thought it was an appropriate length for each episode and the whole season. If you like 30 for 30 then I believe you'll enjoy this.
Fantastic story told with some minor issues
I gave this five stars because the story is incredible and everyone should hear it. It is also apparent that everyone involved did a lot of work on it, it is very well researched and there is a ton of detail in each phase of the story. Having said all of that there are some minor problems; I wish they had just told the story chronologically, there is some jumping around during the first half and I don't think there is any reason for it, it doesn't add anything to the story. Some listeners have taken issue with the narrating; I actually liked it, it was a little rough at times, but it was easier to listen to than some dry hired voice that is just reading a script. Overall, great work and thanks for bringing this story to light!
Great Story
Marvin Foster
While I didn't love all aspects of the production, I thought the story shined through in the end and won the day.
Well done, do another one.
Good, but hurt by the format
There's an interesting story here, but the presentation makes it nearly un-listenable. The podcast is broken up into 14 20-ish minute segments when it could've easily been five or six 30-40 minute episodes. The result is that a large portion of the listening time is devoted to 1) product reads and 2) intro production, which becomes incredibly repetitive. The story is told in a format that'll be familiar to documentary film-watchers, with two journalists providing narrative and various first-person accounts spaced throughout. We obviously can't see who's talking on a podcast though, and can make things confusing since the listener often can't tell (and isn't told) who's talking. The narrative segments are also kinda amateurish; the two journalists do an alright job, but it's clear they aren't particularly experienced doing audio or voiceover work.
Better than Serial
I listened to entire series in 2 days. I hope they make TV/movie of this story.
Good Story, Bad Execution
Love the story, but it was hard to keep up with exactly when everything happened. They constantly jumped around the timeline of events, and they didn't seem to have any sort of script half of the time. You'd think ESPN would've tried a little harder...
I loved it!
This podcast awesome! I was drawn in at the first episode! It was enjoyable and the story tellers made me feel like I was right there watching the action.
Humboldt 2008 alum
Extremely interesting and a great format to the story, a little anticlimactic with the submarine stuff but that's what happens when drug dealers pretend like they are geniuses. It's funny just bc they were successful in the drug game which lets face it takes way more balls and brawn then brains thought they could build a freaking submarine.
Great story, but....
Thought it was very well done. Had me enthralled. Purposely avoided reading about it until I finished. But made the mistake of reading the description of the final episode. Ruined the ending for me. Would have been 5 stars from me. But again, well-worth listening to.
Love the seasons
So much potential... I hoped that the main characters stories were actually intertwined. There's no evidence in the story that the two were "best friends." Didn't enjoy the storyline or the fact that the white guy (police) is the "good guy" and the Cuban guy (drug dealer) is the "bad guy." Way to perpetuate stereotypes.
Great story, no structure
Joseph s..
The story is fascinating, but I just cannot understand why they chose to sequence it like they did. It jumps between subjects and timeframes at random.. I continually thought I was listening to the episodes out of order. If this was storyboarded and scripted properly, it would be an A+ podcast.
I'm glad his & hers podcast introduced me into this story. I 'binged listened' to it over the weekend. ESPN rarely does new things that impress me anymore, but the daily podcast story was one of them.
It is very good
I think the story is very intriguing. This would make a great Netflix or HBO limited series show. I'm sure there is just tons more that couldn't get fit into the podcast.
Love it
First podcast for me. I'm really enjoying it. I grew up in south and remember a lot of this. Heck I know one of the law enforcement officials that is being interviewed. This is very entertaining.
Good story/ bad production
1. Story flow is poor. Seems like the focus was on creating more episodes not telling a great story 2. Bad sound/mixing... 3. Great crime/sports/life story
Not good
Very interesting story, but the awful hosts, terrible production value and way this is presented makes it unlistenable.
Great Story/Awful Delivery
I was so excited to listen to this podcast once I heard about this incredible story. However, the flow of each episode makes it difficult to appreciate the story. The podcast jumps around and even spends a lot time on irrelevant issues (submarine story goes no where). Also, the interviews have distorted sound in episode 15. I feel like this could've been so much better had there been more attention paid to the storytelling. They have an unbelievable topic, the delivery practically ruins it.
Great substance but format needs work
The story is riveting and has u wanting to see what's going to happen next. The problem is the short length of the episodes. You can tell ESPN is a rookie when it comes to long story telling podcast. The whole thing should be 3 episodes max. With the 15 short episodes there is too much recapping the previous episode and looking forward to the following episode. The beauty of a podcast is that u can start and stop and pick up where u left off. No need for short episodes. Seeing others comments with the same issues I have faith ESPN will make the right changes and it will be better in the future.
These two are the worst storytellers. The concept sounds interesting but these guys can't hold my attention. They wouldn't be able to fetch Sara Koenig's coffee. Too bad! Oh and listen to their preview episode - they think they're doing something revolutionary!!
Interesting subject, crappy podcast
The story itself seems interesting. The execution is lacking. Continue to listen out of curiosity, but don't expect the payoff to be worth it.
Great podcast!! Looking forward to what will be done next
Expected more from the evil 4 letter
This is a 16 part series that could have been cut down to about 6 hour long episodes. The story is good enough to listen to all of them but the slow pace over so many fragmented episodes is aggravating.
Interesting story, flawed execution
mr bob dole
The story is fascinating, but the podcast itself is amateurish at best. The episodes lack any type of direction or flow and it feels very randomly put together, which is a shame because you can tell a lot of work went into research and interviews. Also, the "casual talk show" style does not work for this type of podcast. Sorry but ESPN dropped the ball on this one.
Great story, bad execution
Jake makes
The story is fascinating, but it really sounds like two sports casters with no radio experience trying a podcast for the first time. Terrible editing, poor direction, so much extra talk between the hosts that is meaningless and adds nothing to the story. The more I listen the less I want to finish. I am however glad that ESPN is trying this out and considering the success of shows like 30/30 I am confident that ESPN will figure this out and be a great content producer in the future. Update: after listening to 4 more episodes I have to comment again. This is the poorest produced podcast from a media company this size I could imagine. There is no excuse. This entire podcast could be 2 hours of well produced content but instead it meanders and repeats itself ENDLESSLY. And the opening title sequence.... EXCRUCIATINGLY BAD.
Great Story!
Great story I think the episodes are to short but still doesn't take away from the story! This needs to be made into a movie!
Just okay...great subject matter...subpar production...episodes are WAY TOO SHORT!
The subject matter and story is incredibly fascinating and interesting. But, the producers sort of get in the way at times, when as a listener, I'd prefer to get more of the story and less of the producers opinions. It makes sense to have a narrator explain certain details or story lines, but in "Pin Kings" the producers are talking back and forth in the middle of a serious documentary. It kind of takes away from the story. This might not be that big of a deal if the story was told in a more orderly fashion, but the writers/producers have chosen to really bounce around a bit; which is unfortunate because the episodes are way TOO SHORT! As a listener you only get about 18-20 minutes of new content per episode. The intros are way too "30 for 30"...and become so redundant that they begin to deminish the story a bit. After hearing the line "Can you imagine if Kevin had to shoot Alex..." for the 10th time, suddenly it doesn't seem like that big of a deal. All this being said, the main story/subject matter is VERY INTERESTING and ENTERTAINING! The podcast could definitley be better, but yet it is still interesting because the base story and subject matter is so salicious and intriguing. It's just a shame that "This American Life" or "RadioLab" didn't get ahold of this material first. Because of the episode length the only way I would recommend listening would be binging several episodes at a time.
Bumped 30:30
Sounds like it was produced to be a 30:30 that didn't make the cut. It's been diced into short episodes, shuffled, and branded a podcast. The story is a disorganized mess, and the storytelling is similarly poorly thought out. There is an interesting story if you can piece it together, but it may not be worth your time.
Great content, okay production
Black Squirrels
So close! I started listening to this podcast intrigued by Cocaine Cowboys. Pin kings is such a good story but I agree that the presentation is not very clean. It could have been fantastic if presented in sleek Serial format. Better yet, make it a docu-series! It's clear so much work went into researching this story, it feels such a waste to have recorded it in casual convo format. Also, I get it's ESPN, but the super macho intro was weird and made the podcast sound more silly than it actually is. Hope ESPN keeps finding great stories like these for future podcasts!
Great story, format needs some work
Fantastic story, but having an unscripted conversation makes it hard to follow. The narrators interrupt each other and they jump around in the timeline constantly making it hard to track along a timeline. Very interesting story, and I look forward to watching the video after the podcast is over!
Great podcast.
Each episode keeps getting better!
A fascinating story and a great listen. Each episode gets better and leaves me anxiously waiting for the next. Release them all now.
Like listening to a bad Mike & Mike
Ugh. I listen to a lot of podcasts and am struggling through episode 4. This could be a great story if it was done (correctly) by Serial or This American Life. I only hope the written article offers some redemption to these two hosts.
Excellent podcast
Very in depth investigation of the background of these 2 very different characters
completely amateurish. i cant get through episode 4. i'm out.
Wasted potential
The Story behind this podcast is so fascinating. The actual podcast itself is terrible. The narrators record an unscripted conversation between them like a talk show, which is a terrible choice for a documentary series. The narrators are bumbling, unsure and correct themselves and each other often. The podcast would have been SO MUCH better served by having a scripted narrator. The story has no pacing. It jumps backward, forwards, and back in time again for no reason at all. Episode 1 doesn't really introduce the story. Instead of talking about how Alex got involved with drugs, they skip right from high school to the time he is a kingpin in the late 80s in the middle of the episode . Again, I cannot stress how fascinating and one-of-a-kind the story is. It has all the trappings or a story that straight out of Hollywood. But just because the podcast is focused on a great story, doesn't mean it is a good podcast. Based on the first couple episodes, I would much rather read an article or book on this story instead of finishing this podcast.
Really good / Too short
This podcast is really good. The podcasters have done a great job with their research and presentation. However, each episode is too short. It gets a little repetitive when you hear 3 to 5 minutes of introduction for each episode and then the remainder of the episode is only 15 to 20 minutes long. But that is a pretty minor complaint or what is a pretty good podcast.
Surprisingly poor
I made it through two and a half episodes... I earnestly tried to like the podcast. However, I felt the editing was poor and it sounded amateur, which is surprising coming from a large company with lots of resources such as ESPN
Miguel Kwiiiiin
It sounds like a high schooler parodying serial
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